Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ho Hum Day

Woke up to a kitchen serenade this morning. I think this singer is showing some real promise. Very, very good DAW. I enjoyed her song immensely. She might have been another Patsy Cline (smiles) if she hadn't taken up with a good man. (grin)
Was supposed to grind today. Humpht! It’ll more likely be Monday. Played with Ugly’s timing and got nowhere quick. Came home getting soft water rinsed along the way. Had lunch and watched two more showers really dampen things down around here. Then buried my nose in the computer for some serious research.
The Cushman the right hand jug about to burn out I looked for Cushman parts. There weren’t any to be had. Obsolescence don’t you know. Continuing to look some more I stumbled onto an aftermarket complete OMC engine rebuild kit. Wasn’t cheap/wasn’t expensive either. It’s ordered and hopefully on the way come Monday. Now, I’m like a boy child waiting for Santa Clause to deliver me my first erector set like toy. I’m so looking forward to the engine rebuild the sparkplugs are designed into these new parts placed on top the engine, in stead of underneath. I’ll like that. Another desirable feature I’m told my old 18 hp engine will be turned in a 22 hp powerful engine. Oh boy that should give the buggy some snap, a better butternut creek hill climber, the power to move heavier loads, and perhaps some greater fuel economy. And, when I’m done I should get back about 40% my moneys spent on the kit for the returned core charge.
I also looked into some HEI troubleshooting forums, nooks, and crannies discovering about eight/ten pages of material I was denied down loading. Baahhh!!!! I wanted that info in sheet form for shop use reading the voltage and ohm values suggested in the articles for varied distributor parts. For all I know I may have installed a defective from the factory part, Besides the basic housing with mechanical weight there is the drive shaft running up through the center PLUS five more electronic replaceable parts. I’ve replaced them all. One of them new parts may still be letting me (us) down.
Mundane stuff, I warmed my own meals, caught up the laundry, kept my bride company, and avidly avoided any honest work. Sheesh I must be going to pieces, no smoking nor drink all the day long.

Felt good

Good thing for I had a long day. Started out needing to know our fuel supplies for an advance chance at pre-weekend fuel re-supply. I’m also required to grind feed today and tomorrow. Jumping to trips into one I was out on the road on the Cushman with the short (low height) tilt bed small implement trailer (retired snow mobile). Checking fuels first the diesel’s eight inches from vapors memory and the gasoline not far twelve inches behind. Fuel ordered time to return home with side trip to elevator picking up supplements for two grind batches. The tool and haying supply incidentals the Cushman is one tough little bugger towing that low profiled trailer’s 700 pound load home. Yeah, the Ugly truck’s still laid up, so it was running to the tenant farm or that empty feed wagon. The morning’s grind finished quarter hour before most normal farm dinner time’s.
After dinner I was off with an 1850 Ollie with ailing baler in tow. What an oil socked mess I’ve got to deal with the rest this haying season. A leaking gear box seal is going to plague me for the entire second cutting until I’ve the time to replace gearbox seals. Air blasts water washing’s I got to my problem. Drained gearbox and found it was only a two ounces low. Looks like I better get out my emergency box of latex gloves for keeping bale tier mechanism free oil soaked sticky hay and dust plugging. Arrggghhhh!!!!! What else could go wrong.
An unemployed neighbor with a fallen tree in his yard came by the shop just as I was finishing up the total tractor and baler’s greasing and oiling’s out of the way for second cuttings use. I guess I get the tree in a week or so but not without a ride to the crossroads library for some distributor infooo from the GM big book of instructions. Whooppee! I came away with four frapping pages of useless information I had already known. Tomorrow I’m going to try advancing the timing a tooth in the distributer gear drive????
By the time I returned home the Cushman was running funny. I pulled a sparkplug and found a hole burned through the side of the sparkplug hole. EGADS! I’d found something else to have gone wrong today. Damn, damn, Damn! That Cushman repair will require the engine’s complete removal to even complicate a simple heli-coil repair. Antiseize doped up I replaced the sparkplug hogging it down tight. Now I’m hoping the Cushman holds until I get Ugly running right again….. Why me???? BGKC.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 more Memory

Speaking of Bakery’s
As far as I've traveled I've only known three outstandingly good bakeries. Two of them were in my home town and another in Ludington Mich..
The best home town bakery, Mr. Mundy's (an old world Jew) bakery died with him. Lawd his pastries and breads were so good a body tasted the very love he baked in to them. There was Mackenzie’s (Scotsman), still there, but having changed hands I can't swear to the original man's favors. And, the one in Ludington (Swedish), the baked goods so good, their scents on the air, a man gained weight while he was still approaching. Opps, there was yet another a good bakery coming in close second to the first aforementioned in Holland, Mich.. Frieda and I enjoyed our first newly wed breakfast there. Had some of the best they made with my best girl that December morning. Gosh Shari, thanks for the memory revived/revisited that was a happening just ten plus lustrums ago.
A grown boy and his toy. Well, more like borrowed. I used this Ford 5550 loader-backhoe. What a machine! Likely twice as big as our own 3400 Ford loader-hoe, this machine was an easily driven machine surprisingly agile for its bulky size. Hydrostatic driven All the sticks dual purpose it was an operator‘s dream. For all the loaders we have at our disposal this machine would come in a close second for haying. Having not unloaded a hay wagon with it the JCB continues t hold a slight edge anong the lot of them.
One thing sure this machine’s hydrostatic drive is thumbs and finger out classing tour poor old 4010 JD. I’m ashamed to say I could lust after this tractor for a FoxFire Farm replacement. (sigh)
The hay loaded and Raymond on his way home I very carefully tagged along well behind bringing the Indy Oliver and the haylage baler home slowly. Because the high positive side of the hydra shift transmission was locked out of direct drive, I was going to have my moments holding the combined machines back on down grades. For example lacking brake horse power when I crested two hills on my way home at 8mph and freewheeling coasting the down grades each the other side I was doing a swift 14mph speeds. Sure glade I didn’t have to many of these. The trickiest maneuver was keeping the contrary beast slown down for merging into a non stop cross traffic intersection. At the top of that grade before I had crested the top of this down hill grade I sort-a put my right side wheels into a shallow ditch moving no more than 4mph. I hadn’t sweated any bullets keeping the machines going my way rather than at theirs had I let them.
During my drive home I spotted a lad of about 40yrs and stopped to palaver with him over a pice of ground I had inquired about a couple years earlier. A pleasant walk down a pine shaded lane into a wood I eventually met the younger man’s father. Introducing myself and speaking with he elder gentleman My renting this piece of ground wasn’t looking good. Inquiring of his family the place complementing him upon the private haven he started coming around. Gosh I’ve got to get back there ral soon and talk over what may be expected upon our parts to make the land productive. There seems to be no problem with disposing of some shoe mach but there will have to settled the removal of some volunteered wayward trees. Enjoying our short talk, I am looking forward to seeing the old gentleman again.
Baler home needing attention, ground grain needs tomorrow and Saturday will help keep me busy, plus time to start second cuttings. Worked some on Ugly. While Ugly still isn’t running we managed to junk a distributor getting it worn out representation out of the way. The mower-conditioner needs greasing and oiling. The rotary-conditioner requires a change to taller shoes, and some end cutting replacements, and a good greasing and oiling for Sudex harvesting. Here’s when the older mower-conditioner with its closer ground cut will be used for the alfalfas’ and clover stands.
Oh gosh almighty I’m tiring quickly now just thinking about what all needs attention tomorrow. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Let me sleep in one little bit over my usual hour and the phones start ringing, all both of them. First one, “Your cattle are out!” The next call, “You’ve got cattle both sides your fences that aren’t yours!” Then another something like this, “There’s a white faced Hereford bull running loose you don’t want on the our Shorthorn cows!” And then some more, “Your cattle are running through my yard!” All this going on down the road. Raymond was over some couple hundred miles away tending to another matter.
Answering all these none stop phone call interruptions I’m wondering if I’ll ever get my bibs on, let along manage to put my feet into my shoes. Tom was called, my picking him up on the way. On the other end Chip waking up to all the commotion comes out my immediately drafting him his help to round up. Contain, and try to figure out who the rainbow coalitioned herd belonged to. They weren’t ours. But, cattle being a social animal, cattle draw cattle. And we had these four varied aliens on both sides our fences.
Calling 911, there had no report of cattle missing. Now, what were we going to do with them. A pretty young female officer came out. Took the cattle’s descriptions and a couple close by cattle owners names and addresses. My unable t find one home, and Dave calling another two they denied they were theirs. While we tried to formulate a plan for capture the lady officer was more successful in possibly locating their caretaker. They had come from Beatle Bailey pasture after a willow try having come down flattening a fence. Ah ha! Nobody knowing these bovines, we learned they were visitors to Beatle‘s pastures and his more or less responsibility for sure. Our knowing our cattle I can give with a shout and some superlative words they’ll return where they belong. Bailey figured the same thing would take place with his responsibilities. The lady officer with the pretty brown eyes to whom I had told her I’d like to take her home, it not have worked out a Frieda would have made me bring her right back had offered to bodily help us until when she might be called away.
It was decided to run the four head together from both sides the fences and drive them back down into the creek bottom and their home grounds. The lady officer ducking behind a tree when a cow ran in her general direction, I suggested she take her car up to the crest of the hill from where it my be seen from both directions the road while we started the cattle drive. Sure enough the cattle drive worked. We wound up going across the road just barely pushing the cattle along their eventually leading us to where they had gotten out. All in all We all enjoyed ourselves Bailey’s livestock taking on a cross country scenic hike going home. An interesting side note I was verbally contemplating Bailey’s payment all our assistances. I was suggesting I could go, “Steak and eggs.” When we were all done I took up Baileys suggestion coffee and pie at the Crossroads Dinner. All in all it was a heck of a fun social event even to the livestock as well as our humanoid selves.
A salad and strawberry apple sauce I was on my way for the afternoon’s shop time. Yeah yeah, I wasn’t going do nothing for Ugly today, but as the day’s morning was wiped out by critters taken us for a cross country jaunt to go right back inside the pasture where they belong right through the very hole in the fence the willow tree had flattened, I had mellowed and other plans shot I put ugly back together again. Although I didn’t attempt to start it I thought about alternative way of trying get it going come tomorrow morning. Beside as if someone had set the clock mind hitting that proverbial daily wall. I even tried sitting it out, only it wasn’t going to happen. I gave up some and picked up some, closed up the shop while I was ahead and drifted home. One of the better parts of the day where my drives upon the open Cushman enjoying the breezes in my face and hair.
Here’s pictured Ugly’s timing gears and chain, just before I started putting Ugly all back together again.. I don’t see any way of getting them any straighter than this’Photobucket
So this was my day right up until Mother Nature making it my quitting time. And an oops I should have put a light battery charger on Ugly for the night. Oh well, such is the way the mop flops. BGKC.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not my day

Started day moving last tractor out of my equipment yard way. Included all night battery charge, airing up flat tire (driver). Once moved blocked up axle to sort of hold tractor up on an even keel. Then it was Ugly shop time.
1980 Chevy HEI v8 refuses to run smooth...
...pops, cracks, backfires, lops, wide range misfiring.
Have replaced plugs and wires, dist cap, rotor, modal, coil, pick -up coil. No oil in the water, no water in the oil. Compression check 135# to 140# across all cylinders, 10# fuel pump pressure. Keeping engine running as best can, sprayed ether over carburetor, there was no indication leaking manifold gaskets. Tappet covers removed to check okay valve action. Installed new timing gears and chain. Have replaced distributor with one off running engine. Got juice from ignition switch to distributor. Sparks plus replaced three times with new. Have just open fronted timing cover, found NO mistake, gear alignment is as it should be.
What have I missed?
I beeen a naauuughty boy eating a good dose of cholesterol (2 hard boiled eggs). Oh Boy, salt and peppered, they were oh so good. I guess I’ll be eating oatmeal the next few days to off set today’s lunch. The devil made me eat them, for man does not live on toasted oatmeal bread alone.
Before noon I had the Cushman loaded down with, 2gal emergency gasoline, three 5gal cans diesel fuel, 1gal motor oil, 4bale twine, tool box, jumper cables, fuel funnels (my own and 1 to return), and patience for a not so fast a fur piece drive.
What’s the math? 12½ miles covered in 20 minutes including a 2 minute traffic light stop. What was my Cushman’s average moving speed?
Lets see, what else? Oh yeah I put the spring toothed drag away freeing the 4010 JD for combine use with second cuttings mower-conditioner. The first cutting rotary-conditioner requires its skid plates replaced for an off the ground eight>ten inch Sudex cutting.
Last year it was that damnable kennel man hungry wiener dog what messed up my replacing these two front doors. This Summer itlooks like Ugly’s doing it to me this season……(grrrrr)
Glory be, I’ve finally finished the first cutting and baling hay. I also noticed today an oil leak from somewhere inside the baler. (oh happy day) This baling took me twice as long as it did cutting it, as I knew it would. I’m glad this step is done. Now if I can just get Ugly running for hauling. Anybody got a 1957 older fashioned points and condenser distributor?
Home about 6:00 PM, I had taken my medicine and set a spell. So disgusted with Ugly I’m thinking I ain’t gonna touch it until day after tomorrow. Meanwhile I must get outback to see what the ladies are grumbling about. (wimmin) Oh bless there grass nibbling hearts they must have stayed up all the last to nights just to hide all the growth from me, that there had been out there. So, I moved or allowed them into the next pasture. And, they even complained about that. A whole lot of thanks I got out them this afternoon.
All of a sudden my evening energy has abandoned me. Looks like sleepy time for me. BGKC.

Monday, July 26, 2010

7-27-2010 we're Okay

That's right! We are okay and in as reasonably good health as may be expected. As for the rest of it.................I don't want to talk about.Well maybe a dew...err....six words. Disappointment's running ramp-id through my veins! BGKC.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Ugly

This morning’s dissertation starts out with a quote, “I've resorted to buying a spool of copper cored plug wire and ends from NAPA and making up my own plug wires.”
. The gentleman’s suggestion from Pennsylvania’s poverty patch is likely closer than I imagined.
Summing Ugly's problems It's been going through Plug wires and I've lately been carrying two extra sets spark plugs. Time to bite the bullet. Ugly isn't the belle of the ball any more. Next problem, finding copper plug wires even in kit form. Whatever kit we might have once had is spread around on a couple three gas tractors. Know you can tell how long it's been since I've bought a full fledged made for immediate use copper spark plug wires and had to fuss over a set of copper wires in KIT form.
I've just had another thought. Some eight years ago When I had first gotten the Cushman running, refusing to give up on it, besides I had put a lot of time into putting it together, I was replacing the damnable spark plugs every other time I brought it out of the barn. So often in fact the Cushman has its own customized tool box carried on board at all times. Upon recommendation the Sixguys I purchase an expensive quart "Lucus Oil" and gave Cushman a whole cup full drink. Maybe Ugly needs such a drink? The Cushman now goes a season on a pair cleaned spark plugs. Been six years since last pair purchased plugs. I might had best buy another quart “Lucus Oil” Before I’m finished Ugly will get an oil change and the Cushman can also use an oil change as well.
Morning started with fence mending and the Ladies pasture changed.
PhotobucketAnd when everything was readied they had already taken to standing around the far end of the barnyard exit into a yonder pasture. I called and they insisted stubbornness.
PhotobucketMy leaving them behind to figure it out, as I had approached the barn the Ladies had strung out.
No real time to hang around coaxing the ladies into the freshened pasture I had to keep moving. With a meteorologist’s promised three day window of dry weather I had hay to mow, leaving home to do it. Ugly remaining laid up, the Cushman took me the six and a half miles to the hayfield awaiting my attention. I enjoyed the breezy ride. Three hours and three small fields mown, I headed home.
Upon my arrival home Frieda explained the ladies bad mouthed me for near an hour after I had left their long faces watch me drive away. My lunch belated, I warmed it and enjoyed it with a tall cold milk. Once I got to the shop I started working on Ugly kind-a of slow and easy like. I continuity checked the ignition wires testing good. On top the engine/underneath a couple/three times I set the crank dampener to Top Dead Center (TDC).. A plank and piece of plywood laid over the fenders and the engine underneath I rotated the oil pump shaft until it positioned to allow me to drop the distributor into the engine by the book. All this activity wasn’t easy. Getting up and down under the truck wasn’t easy and about the time I finally had the distributor set I had developed what felt like a noggin hammered headache. From on the floor sitting up, ten standing up, hanging onto the fender tipping my head forward and back my head felt like it had received another blow. I wasn’t about to try and figure more of this engines proper assembly I called it quits. Resting a bit I drove home. 1500mg Tylenol drowned and a nap I had gotten over the headaches. What caused them I could only guess maybe some heat stroke. Anyway, I feel as though I’ve made some headway regardless having to give it up for today.
How about this almost all orange scene with Ugly’s absence.
Fun Stuff
There was a once upon a time, I used to brag about my meager five foot height, or rather more lacking 5'17 1/4"; but, alas by the hairs on my fuzzy chin-chin I have undoubtedly settled down to an acceptable 5'16" in height I can not do anything about. I think it high time all of us who fall into this easily 5’ cuddling size, stand up and declare ourselves just as big in heart and manner as those thinking they may tower over us. As I’ve always said, “Think tall!” BGKC.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well! Since all the wizards with the so called mechanical know how’s had taken Ugly’s repairs out of my hands before; and, their unable to get Ugly going have once again left to me once more to figure it out on my own.
Lunch time a good time to quit Ugly. The tappet covers removed I’ve checked the cam lobs and they’re working just fine. The belts are on. I’ve managed to fasten the battery ground cable to the engine block. Where it had been originally attached I had no idea.
Keith had told me yesterday I may have to grind this weekend. So he calls just as I was about to give Ugly a rest and inform me I needed to grind today. He could have told me that last night in stead of waiting to tell me the last minute. (grrr)
I like all this help I’m blessed with. I feel so reassured? (grin) And, such nice weather we’re having. Skies clouded threatening rain with sprinkles to add interest. Whooppee, Seeing as how I’d got to use the AC tractor in addition to the Cushman I thought I’d had a better than even chance of getting wet before the day was done.
I think I definitely need more friends (help).
Peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch washed down with a glass of milk was all I wanted. Looking out the windows about the only way I was going to get wet with an impending rain coming on I just got up climbed aboard the AC tractor to meet the rain head on. I did to just before I crossed over the creek for the long climb out of the bottom. And when I got back home I figured it Tea time while I waited for the shower to pass.
The rain stopped clouds looking like they’s ready to hang on, I got with it anyway, it had to be done. As it was to turn out it’d been just to hot and humid for anything more today. Getting things set up, the trailer load supplements out and set, the grinder mixer, the eventual empty wagon, and the grind done it was a sweaty Tea Time again. And I enjoyed it. By and by, I delivered the goods, the 4H mob patiently waiting my arrival to deliver and park it. Then came home and called it a day. It’s also a good time to let me think about what I haven’t done to Ugly. Lets see, the tappet covers may go back on. I’ll pull and reset the distributor to my liking this my time. I think I’ll check each and every spark plug wire for continuity and strength as I put them back on the engine. There must be at least three different brands on Ugly presently. I think they bare testing to be sure. I know it is likely some stupid little thing bothering the Ugly’s ability to run right.
In for the evening, I was looking forward to a simple supper. Then I could sure go for a cold giant economy sized soda. And while I had an hour’s light I had might better work on some sketches. At least get them ready for inking some fine Winter days when I’ve a steadier hand. BGKC.

7-23-2010 Good Luck’s

About my comment about the unavailability of finding and using Iodine on farm animals do to it’s popular ingredient in meth-labs:
Good luck anyone even finding people iodine. I ask for iodine in any and/or all forms everywhere I manage to go. Can’t even buy it in aerosol form. I'm afraid even if I found a gallon and bought it in desperation for on-hand future use I'd have the DEA, FDA, FBI, CIA, AMA, FFA plus the Sate Police, county Sheriff, and loco twp Constable down all over me.
As long as I’m on the subject; rising related business’s costs for insurance every time a criminal breaks a padlock on an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer (Liquid Nitrogen) tank, it must be reported to the State Police. Anhydrous ammonia is another important element in meth-labing. Then every time a law enforcement report is made an insurance company raises it insurance rates.
Ve va the crack criminal elements for making everything so much more convenient for the farmer.
Nearing noon, my back feeling near to giving out bent over the front Ugly’s grill, Keith having called I may have to grind again this weekend. And more impotently, just when this body needed a smart “A” there wasn’t one to be seen to tell me I was flubbing up. Remarkably I caught my error before a first bolt had been tightened. My conclusion, it were break time: escape heat on Cushman‘s breezy ride, go to elevator, eat lunch with feet up for a well deserved half hour. Well, a half hour anyway.
Getting back to Ugly, some shade finally, I picked-up where I had left off tightening the fan bolts before adding another part the radiator.
By 5:00 PM I was ready to start Ugly. The battery so dead it was incapable to even engage the starter. Oh well, I was ready to call it quits at that hour anyway. Battery charger on Ugly, picking up, sorting, putting unneeded tools and fluids away before taking off for home I finally made to my rattlers by 6:00. Those taken I’m feeling water logged inside and out. In spite of the hour and a half, half-hour lunch the humidity added to the heat pushed the heat index way up there here. Some weather reporters are saying today’s been the hottest day thus far this summer. I don’t know? I’m thinking we had had some hotter days a few days ago. Might be so, the humidity a key factor in the heat felt, thus index.
Home I don’t want nothing. I’ve had more than my share of water drinkened today. Still feeling thirsty the only treat I want is a fattening tall soda with lots of ice-cream in it. And, I know it is a misnomer an ice-cream treat will cool me off. The opposite is so, ice-cream generating energy and heat in the body. BUT, I don’t care. I know what I want.
Still a time to go before my supper, the sky is clouding over making some threats of some serious weather. I hate these situations of uncertainty. If its going to thunder and lightening with some healthy rain thrown in, get with it or get passed over us. I hate the waiting for what? I don’t think I’d want to live in the Sahara. We’ve more than to many hot days in row as the weather’s been lately. BGKC.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exasperating It Is

All I wanted to do was share a moment with Scooby Doo and got laced down but good. Oh well, I guess I had better heed what’s been talked about so often recently, “You have to be careful what you put to print on the internet.” Warning noted and well taken. This’ll sure cramp all the things Herr Clink does to me these golden days.
Moving on, I put the reclaimed donor parts from the donor engine onto Ugly and found them not much better than the junk I had originally removed. I’ve been assured a new set of gears and chain will be here first thing tomorrow morning. This taking them gears off, I’ve had plenty of practice. The crank gear particularly with the help of a new home made tool.
So, I tried putting some tools and excessive excreta away around the shop. Shop work space at such a premium, I didn’t even look into finishing the azzkicker. Give me the shade of the shop rather than the blanketing hot Sun weighing heat heavily on me from overhead outside, forget it.
Bro’ aka. Raymond, wanted to go after a gravity box load shelled corn my riding shotgun. He said it’d be right after dinner. Yeah sure? Going nuts waiting for him seeing the hours wasted away I went down to the barn to bring out the lawn tractor. Ornery thing required I prime it twice. The lawn so heavy my having ignored it was some tough cutting causing the Crapsman to over heat and quit on me. Oh well, I had a fuel filter to install between fuel tank and fuel pump. I did that. The tractor cooled enough I took it easier on the machine and finished I had wanted to do. Still no Raymond I fired up the little Fort tractor and did a bit of brush-hogging some mixed gasses and weed out to the stock tank and old hen house. AND, waited some more. My brother has to be the all time winner in the category labeled time wasting. My day starts ticking away the moment I get up. The earlier in the day I start the more I get done before I hit my wall (physical and mental strengths). Seems many more times lately if I should hit that wall to hard I have to simply give it up.
Learned today. if I want to order shipped in a gallon of alcohol (say) I’d not only have to pay the $9.00 price for it but also a $25.00 hazardous chemical fee on it, as well as the $8.00 slow motion shipping charge. One loophole, if I order that gallon alcohol in quart sizes the hazard chemical fee is waved. What?
Iodine is no longer available for any use let alone our farm use. We used to use Iodine for the medical treatment of cattle’s’ ringworm. Production has been stopped because it is a prime chemical used in sick (illegal) criminally run meth-labs. Scarlet oil is also no longer available. What the?????? BGKC.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy morning

I’d removed the last two gears off the engine blocks this very AM. The used replacement parts appear to be in much better condition then Ugly’s removed one. Everything apart and soaking this evening or come morning I want to lay the assembled parts one on the other and assure myself I’m at least close to doing or getting it right before engine reassembly.
On my way home from mornings workshop efforts I had stopped off to Loopy Acres. Had a nice hands on chat with Scooby Doo his master and mistress paying absolutely no attention to his announcing visiting presence. Wanted to thank, Sparky, for the air manifold loaded with gauges consideration of only what seems like a few days ago. We had found uses for a couple them gauges just during the last few days. I suspect the humanoids will never know I had stopped. My knowing, Scooby, he can be so closed mouthed such goings-ons.
Before I made it home I had stopped for a Tom update. Was nothing new other than I needed to hay the young ladies gathered in about his yard. Wondering where the girls were, I finally saw all loafing save in the loafing shed. Sheesh, some of us sure got it hard.
At home going to bring the 4020JD up from the hay yard I spied what looked like three head of cattle about a quarter mile away. The girls fed I hopped on the Cushman to investigate. Of-course the closer I got the more I was sure I was seeing things. Yet so close I went all the way to even drive into that property owners drive to see for myself a closer look. (hahahohohehe) They was a firewood pile the sun’s light was just right enough, the images to play tricks on my old eyes. I’m still chuckling at myself. Any one want a wooden cow firewood kit?
An other thought, sure glad it isn’t November already, I might have even seen antlers on them wooden animals. (grin)
The afternoon was a long one. Frieda’s procedural treatment was so easy she didn’t feel a thing nor knew what was going on. Easy to sleep easy waking up. The Doctor was a honey. He expanded her esophagus and she’s suffering a coming and going hiatus hernia ( her stomach slipping up and down in (through) her diaphragm). We returned home at 6:00 PM. I heated up a supper for Frieda. I had to wait an hour after downing my rattlers. Frieda’s next wonderful journey adventure is scheduled for late August. Two suggestions: no laying down for four hours after eating and she take Prilosec the rest of her life.
Getting sleepy my dozing on and off in the clinic waiting room I’m totally worn out. BGKC.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Up and at it SS skipping the Shave I had to see to it being ready for ride to Frieda’s medical appointment. I had to check upon the ladies. Change them over to new pasture even. Of all the mornings they weren’t up here to make known their ideas their wants they were scattered out over their present pature way outback.
Our ride here it was just as I had suspected. An hour and a half ride (I didn’t drive) on getting there it was all but for paperwork. Lots of pages to fill out, fill in. Watched a couple movies and Frieda’s set to go back tomorrow afternoon for her upper GI. Likely a couple hours front to back time.
Amassments, astonishments, surprises, and fandango-ed new ways.
Our ride was a one ton extended cab dually pickup truck fitted out with a Cummins’s diesel engine smoothly shifted through a five speed automatic transmission. I’m thinking this was some kind of a one of a kind truck? Nice ride for a heavy duty pickup truck.
A quick Super new grocery store stop for a few things was scarcely a treat. I had wished I had a motor scooter. Walking in I run smack dab into a delicatessen bigger than some resturante’s around here. Behind it was produce, meat counters just behind, staples (I’ll call all the shelved products) were to the back of the joint, and dairy products were beyond the knickknacks at the whole other end of the store beyond yet clothing departments for men, women, boys, and girls.
My buying tobacco, humans aren’t allowed to touch tobacco products, only store associates. (?????)
All of a sudden its afternoon and I’ve the ladies to attend finally. Now I’ve got the time to check fences and drive the girls home. Then I got to go find Ugly’s donor engine for parts.
It’s late the same day. Sheesh! It was after 3:00 PM my getting out of here. Couple things I wanted to do was check on Tom; only, nobody was home. Next I wanted to check on Sparky and he was home where he was supposed to be convalescing and supposedly wiggling his fingers. I had an ice water with him and headed on down the road.
At the shop I got a couple rims out of the official scrap yard. Climbed aboard the JBC skidsteer and picked an engine block by myself. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle setting it down. My first thought was to set the oil pan in a rim and let the rim also support the exhaust manifolds to keep the iron from tipping over. Well, I had a plan. I picked up the block hanging on one chain. Myself save inside the JCB I had no one to worry about dropping it on. As I approached the rims, both laid out for two options, I didn’t use either one. The engine spinning in air one way then the other. Just at a moment when it was cmoing around it be facing the shop I dropped it. Thud! Sitting it’s pan on bare ground I scrounged up some blocking and put sutorts under where it was sitting while still hanging on the chain. A moment later pushing the safety switch with my left hand, my right hand moved the lever forward easing the loader boom down. The engine set where it was had made a perfect un-planed landing.
Running an air hose out and grabbing two air wrenches, two sets of impact sockets, a brass hammer and a big-s screw driver for a pry. It didn’t take my long to open the timing cover having had practice on Ugly. The time flying faster than my arthritic fingers the clock had passed me. I had to pickup my tools, get down the road for rattlers, and drive Cushman into Otisville for Frieda’s script. I’d like to have the crank sprockets off both engines before I need worry about wash and dress for getting Frieda to this Upper GI doctor on time. Thinking about it I might better take a book along to pass the time.
Having not worn myself out neither physically or mentally I unloaded the wood-hauler finished just a few minutes before this evening’s official sundown.
While I hadn’t gotten as much as I might have liked to done today, I (we’ve) still made some headway no matter how slight. I still feel good about the day’s medical animal husbandry, and Ugly’s repair. BGKC.

Monday, July 19, 2010

And the preps go on.

I made up the title tis morning for saving some material I had written for a Home board. Now I’ve got to write something worthwhile, truthful, maybe even entertaining. Heaven forbid. Straight out of the chute I went to the shop much earlier than usual. Tom’s latest evening’s last he had told me he had Ugly running rather well and couldn’t make any fine touches because the carburetor as either dump, leaking, or flooding the engine. I want that carburetor all to myself along without somebody looking over my shoulder. Yup, I took it apart and immediately found the trouble, corrected the problem and put the metering device back together again. As I was finishing the carburetor Tom showed up. Between us I was he jinx. When I started the engine the cussed thing galloped from side to side like a galloping goose. There was no evening the engine out.
Distributor okay. Carburetor okay. With engine running, misting ether over the carburetor, engine didn’t rev up; Intake manifold gaskets okay. Tappet covers off, no valve clatter engine running the valve movements okay, Putting a gauge on the fuel pump pressure was 10 pounds strong okay, breaker bar on the crankshaft nut we had roughly 15* crank movement before the distributor turned wasn’t good. We spent most the rest of the day taking the front of the engine room and block front apart.
Myself wanting lunch somewhere around the noon hour I wanted to go home. My suggesting Tom to do the same he refused. I know my limits and needs and act accordingly. Even to the point of doing something with three loads laundry. From now on, I told Her Mostess, “Leave me and the laundry alone from now on!“ Well, Tom did well until it come to pulling the damper-pulley off and when it didn’t budge he finally went home. An hour and a half lunch, rested, I headed back to the shop. A quarter mile west Vassar Road half of the Cushman’s exhaust system fell off. Oh boy, that OMC engine has a pretty good bark. Ear numbing loud to boot. One and tree quarter mile west my home I pass an ambulance lights and siren blazing away. I’d learn it was for Tom. He’d just had another heart attack. I didn’t know a thing about it until sometime later this evening. At this moment Tom’s resting quietly in McClaren Hospital with two more stints in him. No visitors tomorrow and they’re keeping him two days.
Looks like I’ll have to put Ugly back together again all by myself. Poor Ugly’s welfare continues to be in jeopardy in real trouble now. BGKC.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Day

For openner’s……..
Today’s like any other Shorthorn country day I've mechanicin' to do on Ugly. I got the heavier chore grinding grain today for an additional outdoor chore. And for cool relief I've got laundry to check on off and on in the dungeons today.
Shore glad First Day is a day of rest.
Or looking at it another way……….
If I could just find a wee lil' finger fiddle I'd play it for some real complainers. My day is going to start with my opening the timing cover front of Ugly's motor block. And then after I find out if parts are available today? Then when I've used up the cool of the morning on Ugly I get to take the AC tractor, my today’s transportation going and coming, my hair blowing freely in the driven breezes, for today's grain grinding drives. Arrggghhhh!!!!! Plus catch up on the laundry somebody else had said she was taking that chore back over. Well, she had tried. Ain’t to bad a chore my fitting it in here and there throughout my day.
Oh yeah, Am I feeling oh so sorry for all the complainers well beyond Shorthorn country borders.
The threat of rain moistening my face upon walking out this morning. I choose in stead to grind grain first. Bummer, I was faced with a missing AC tractor? What the Hell? I looked everywhere, was about to call all I knew to see if one of them had taken it without mentioning it. The next thing to enter my mind was a number, “911.”
Having to go back into the house for a couple matters I found that slippery, no good, down right sneaky, tractor hiding behind the house away from the drive way, the wood hauler hooked onto it, right where I had left it. (groan)
Arriving at the shop Tom was already there looking as though he were enjoying himself tinkering on Ugly. He was analytically going over all of Ugly’s systems. The grinding needing doing I had to leave him to his devices. Gosh it seemed to take forever to grind although I had done it in good time by myself, a mite over two hours by myself. Hot and humid it was a job for moving slow this AM. The most difficult part of the whole job was the picking up the first grinder-mixer elevator for it’s self storage upon its host machine. Darn it, have got to get that cylinder fixed to take that weighty things lifting out of my hands.
The ground grain delivered, I stopped by the shop. Tom was gone but I looked in just the same. He’d been busy. Looking into the engine compartment he must have gone through all the buckets of laid saved sparkplug wires. Ugly had a calico colored set of ignition wires. Well, it’s going to be whatever it takes to make it work. The sum of the ignition wires on Ugly were new not more than eight months old. I came straight home not knowing where Toms was at with Ugly’s reconditioning.
Seams these days we take our chances upon where replacements parts are made anymore including their standards for quality.
Supper’s late this even Fried insisting I do my own cooking. A chunk of fried chick with cheese sprinkled on top, mashed potatoes (spelled with an “E”) and green beans. Shore wish them beans were fresh snappers. BGKC. Fernan

Saturday, July 17, 2010


While Doc hadn't done it, I did. I put Frieda on oxygen 24/7 just to try it out. What a difference the extra oxygen is doing for her. The pains in her feet and limbs have drastically subsided yesterday, The swelling as gone down in her ankles, she’s getting around to doing a couple things in the house.
Seems I'm (we) are going to be seeing doc rather soon over this latest development. Could be she may need some portable oxygen if we're going to get her out of the house, even to her yard swing. She hasn't made that walk the last couple days her house bound not quite out running that green snake following right on her heals.
Ugly all back together and still can’t get it to run, let alone decently. Called upon mechanic friend to see what he’d have to say. My suspicions have been confirmed. I think the timing gears or chain have jumped time. I’ll know more come morning after I’ve taken timing gear/chain cover off Ugly‘s engine. CRAP! Excuse my lip. I’m very disappointed. BGKC.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Check ups and puzzles

Well! I was out all night under a clear sky without a moon chasing ladies. Then I thought I’d up to belly up to Ugly's tailgate, all the exhausts pointed in the same direction. and put Ugly's Carburetor back together again. That’s was my rising plan.
1:30 AM I get a pone call, “Your cows are out and they’re in my front yard.” I dress, go outside to a clear star filled sky absent a moon. This was just freaking wonderful. I’m near as blind as a bat once the sun has gone down. Well, they aren’t to far away and if they’ve stayed together I might just get lucky. I drive Cushman out of the barn up the drive and out towards where the cows are supposed to be. I see the wire gate was gone. Checking it closely I found the wire gate down had a broken gate latch. I check the fences electrical strength and satisfied this was likely the only break. It was time to head on down the road.
A short distance covered I pass three cows on my way to the area of he reported sighting. I was looking for to find and with a bit o yelling escort them ALL home in one swell mob. I see no more cows thinking the worst, They’ve already scattered all over the countryside. This wasn’t going to be easy. I settled to gather up those I could to by morning’s light be used to coax all those what may be out home. Yes, the three cows were near where I had passed them earlier. I can’t tell what all I hollered at them some the words forbidden even on my grandparents lips. But I kind of liked there color and sounded stronger in use than what my mother would have found acceptable. The walked right up the road, turned in the low drive, meandered up the drive’s turned grade and took up vacuuming the ground around-about the gravity box containing shelled corn. Once more I demonstrated my impressive repartee two get them moving away, one clearly determined to stay out, yet the last two headed down towards the barn. Then, as true to form the earlier stubborn cow, not to be left behind joined us as we all entered the barn’s front yard, m closing the gate behind them. And I breathed a long sigh……
Questioning my mind, for the absence of many more tracks than I had seen, I drove the Cushman up from the barn and out to the pasture to where the ladies were all supposed to be. The buggies lights nor my flashlight nowhere strong enough to catch any animal color, I choose to drive the pasture by checking fences. I hadn’t quite gone half the distance the longest of the pastures when the glow on my lights picked up some color of white hair. Wheeling wide making a couple/three distanced donut turns the whole most of the mob was resting. Ah ha! The three who had gotten out going site seeing (so to speak) where all the same age and long time buddy‘s in there own private little clic. I just may have lucked out more than I had imagined? Only the three had gone for a walk-about and I had re-walked them back home.
Under closer morning’s daylight examination I saw these three vagabonds had gone about a half mile down the road more than twice the distance as to where I had first seen and caught up with during the night. They had also hear walked into everyone’s driveway along their way to check them all for easy pickens including one where they had taken the liberty to lick up a couple pickup trucks.
Gate latch fixed, I spent the whole afternoon working on my carburetor upon a tailgate cleaning and reassembling it. Three hours getting it right, leaving no parts out nor leftovers, I hit my wall along about 4:00/4:30 PM. My mind slipping into a stupor it were time to quit while I was ahead. I merely set the carburetor on the engine and went about taking an hour to pick up my tools, cleaners, surplus kit parts pans and rags. Then took some minutes looking around, “Had I forgotten anything?” Then closed up shop and come home. BGKC.
Oh! An extra. Stopping to see Sparky, to check upon his surgeries progress, He gave me a connector to put Frieda’s oxygen tubes together. Checking upon her five hours later she said, her limbs feeling better, she was feeling better.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sic Sic Sic

Today just wasn’t my day. My internal system continues rolling around and causing me to continue making mad dashes for the Library. I’m tiring of this routine. Today’s the forth day.
About the most productive thing I did today was my venturing down to the shop with Ugly’s carburetor for the heavy duty soak. At that I was glad I made it back home to an open library.
I spent the rest of the day laying around; and, I slept the entire afternoon away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Late afternoon into evening we listened to a lot of furniture moving upstairs before it rained and I mean it rained. About this time I went to work on my sketches. Unhappy with my efforts I gave up on them calling it a day. And looked towards bed time and a rested up for an all night sleep. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I’ll tell what’s doings: my eyes itch, nose is running, and I’m still wearing Frieda’s diddy! So embarrassing. Butt, regardless, I got things to do! I just ain’t going to do-do anything any to fast.
The country drain commission disappearing the other day made it back today, at last finding the cave-ins, three of them today. While they did their thing I ran the wire around the last pasture piece out here and turned them loose in it.
Was about noon when Tom took me over to the motor parts store so’s I could buy my ordered carburetor rebuild kit. Phoned, number two son had said he was in the neighborhood and bringing his girl by to see us. Rather than take the Cushman off down the road I had commenced to take apart the old dried out carburetor. That was a sow process as I looked at everything twice/thrice to remember how was to go back together.
When son arrived he had brought with him a vision of loveliness. Reminded me of my more youthful days. (sigh). I managed to get her alone to myself for a ride out among the ladies and after talking with the drain fixing crew I gave her a quick tour of the backyard. Good thing too. I found I had a forgotten tree trunk and its branches to cut up out by the duck pond.
Lawd, Frieda and I enjoyed their company. They brought a home town backed blueberry pie and some of her baking, banana bread and chocolate cookies. After a while I knew something was coming and was happy for the kids when they announced they were going before the district court judge this coming Friday for their marriage vows. I wish we could have been there. Then after they had left, Dumb Asred Me, I had forgotten to take their picture…. I can‘t believe I had done or hadn‘t done that? Really?
It was after supper and getting late on into the evening when I took my carburetor over to Mike’s garage and used his punch to drive out a compressed pin. Ho boy, apart I’ll be getting that carburetor body a socking in some strong carburetor cleaner come morning. Whatever else what was done today paled to Far’s and Lily’s news. That girl looks like a keeper to me. CONGRATULATIONS KIDS!

PS: Here's hoping the newlyweds e-mail me a picture or two. We Love you Kids. Be Happy! Email addy fmgruber at gmail dot com.

P.S.: On C/PAP talking to Lady Betty.
Frieda has been on a CPAP machine for what seems like years and piped in extra oxygen the last couple years.
She got her's at a time when they were in short supply and patents were put on a waiting list for new equipment. Within days her case so severe she was notified of a returned machine and taken in for a fitting. A few months back she was notified by the supplier, not the clinic supplying the machine, she was eligible for an update.
Her machine working well for her and no indication from the licensed medical professionals she should update, she stayed with the equipment she's using.
Personally, I've thoughts she needs an oxygen supplement during the day also. She's tuned a deaf ear to me for that part. And, bad me, I've forgotten to bring my thought up with our doctor.
Well, she goes in for an upper G.I. in a few days. I guess we'll find out more about her pipes then?
Memory card? How and what'll they think of next? I've been trying to get her back on roller skates again for sometime.
Meanwhile I'm seeing and hear of more and more people using such devices, i boggle my mind.
Good luck with your C/PAP and sleep tight.
Fernan :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weak Batteries

Saturday last while Barry and I were cutting up the conveniently dropped tree trimmings in the gateway, Keith and Ray were hauling in here same cattle what had broken the gate chain up in the barn, for an earlier same morning cattle round up. Sorted once for their ride to here Keith had gotten to sort them a second time. Bringing them in two loads they were a show in themselves to watch.
The animals sorted and moved about for a number of reasons the friendships and bonds made between the animals are often broken. It’s liking each new calf crop the calves make lasting friendships and loves as calves playing and high-tailing their celebrations of life. Us humans as their masters separate the calves from their mothers for weaning as one example. And then considering the blood lines the females are sorted for breeding purposes to encourage continued changes involving genetic and strengths in the breeding. The animals are also sorted to avoid double breeding to avoid either future sterile, weak, or misfit descending generations.
These animal movements last Saturday was for putting some of the far end animals on the wider more abundant grazing space here. And, now for the setting the rest of the scene. My gang was out back grazing almost a half mile back (away). These animals dropped off some of them have/had been here before some taken away for AI-ing to a selection of long gone bulls for particular traits wanted in the next generation. I must also explain I’ve divided this property into a number o different pastures, to rest the land, to let the grass recover, to let the sun and rains to cleanse and purify the fields. As for the cattle being dropped off (called) new, those here the old, the activity went something like this:
The first load stepping off the trailer had some or all the animals who’d been here before. Cattle primarily a very social animal they tend to draw themselves together. So these getting off their ride were immediately looking for those they knew should be here. So the leaders right away start looking around the outer perimeter of the barnyard for an opening out to the bigger mob. This new bunch their behavior perhaps getting them into trouble I shouted at them, “Come Boss!” repeatedly to show them the way to those they seeked. Shown the way, the way also carpeted with this season’s second grass growth they were calmer and making headway to a happier Summer experience.
He old bunch having heard a voice new or known started moseying their way up to the barnyard. About this time another second load of cows and calves are arriving and unloading. Oh Lawd, Old meeting new, Even friends in the animal world they were soon reconnecting old friendships, companionships, clicks, and associations: bumping heads. Swinging their heads into/onto each other’s flanks, shoving and pushing each other around in two’s, three’s and even a foursome. What pandemonium, so involved in their greetings cementing old relationships I feared for my fences and my dragged in involvement. AND, of course, What does my camera say in the viewing window going blank, “Low Battery!” Wonderful, I thank Paula for such a mindful picture what sometimes goes on in the animal world. Oh yeah, and perhaps some of this shoving and pushing may also involve either establishing or reestablishing a pecking order. I’d rather think of it as making Love rather than War.
Sheesh, this reminds me, I’ve got to go push Her Mostess around.
Ugly‘s story for today:
Got Ugly started running maybe on three cylinders. Did manage to drive from here down to the other end. There Tom had to push it backwards into the shop. I was given a ride home and left alone after that. Back home I cleaned out Cushman’s cargo box keeping only the essentials (fence repair stuff). Had lunch and continued driving Ugly the rest of the day. The carburetor looking strangely liking Ugly’s I removed it and found it to be about the same. Taking carb off Ugly I took them both with me to my rural auto parts dealer. It took him some time to find the numbers and make out the repair kit. Supposed to be in the neighborhood after 9:00 AM. Ho boy, I’m not looking forward to taking this second carborator apart/ Probably at least 3o year since it has last had gasoline put through it. (groan)
While the Cushman and I were out I drove the ¼ ton truckster right on up the State Road. What the heck I had already driven over the primary county road for the parts shop. So! I led a couple parades, maybe three, up the pike. I wanted milk and ice-cream, and a couple more last stops for Frieda’s meds and again for me some tobacco.
So what’d I find? They’ve quit selling tobacco. Bummer. I was figuring if I want a smoke, then I’ll have to roll a smoke. Yeah right. Well I know of a tobacco shop between a couple suburbs, just west of here, next time I have to be going that way.
Now, I’m hoping for rain to make my holing up the shop I reasonable excuse to take apart a stubborn carb..
Nodding off I‘m calling Shorthorn country quits for a needed snooze. BGKC

PS: By all Library indications my body's feeling like it has returned to normal. That's all.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Woke up earlier this morning making with the some very adventurous trots wonder if I were to make it home first under the wire. I feared for my very soul I didn’t experience a hundred and two percent fall out had I not placed at all. So many heats wanting to experience the morning air out side I fashionably dressed from my skin up first in one of Frieda’s “Depends.” Of-course I was pleasantly rewarded am incident free day, although there were a couple close calls. Whew! Making it a safe and sane day I stayed close to home, venturing out to feed the cats, get PO-ed via caught raccoon eating the end off my compressor’s air hose. (grrr) Eating toast and cheeses today expecting to be right by tomorrow. I’ll fix that raccoon’s destructive wagon dropping it off for Demetrio’s hounds learning amusements, come tomorrow morning.
I laid low most the day. Went out along about noon to check on the county drain scholars fixes. Instead of staying they’d taken off doing nothing. (groan) Coming bake up to the house I had forgotten to close the barnyard gate. (curses) A couple hours later the ladies and I changed word my winning the argument which side of the fence I had expected them to stay. Myself being bigger (taller) my reasoning was slightly stronger.
By gum I finely got into doing some sketches. Beginning to look good I’m pleased with my first real efforts and ever so more mentally looking forward to picking my pencils and paper again during the next few days. Shucks, do to the light fading, my eyes tiring, (maybe even crossing(, the hour becoming late, and honestly tired it’s time I give it up for pounding my ear on the sack. BGKC.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Never fails

First things first I finished up the wood chopping with the splitter this am along with loading it all on the wood-hauler which made a generous red oak firewood load. That’ll be at least another rick.
)*&%^*^)_(&&%$$* Raccoons are trying too take over my barn. We’ve got four live traps and It’s hard telling where any one of them is when I need one. Regardless, Desperate to see if any of them have shown up at Demetrius’ and hounds, my most dependable raccoon dispatchers, They were two of them. Figuring somebody had to have been slightly out of their minds to bring them back I soon realized they were in such easy and handy reach for a change. Yup, a second closer look my eyes having no trouble seeing why, they needed repair. Why me? Why can’t somebody else fix them? Why? Okay I tote them home and set up shop under the big old maple tree shading our front yard. Making me an iced tea and asking Her Mostess if she cared to join me while I knitted a trap into usable shape once more, she did. While she rattled on about this’n’that my selective ear hearing half what she was saying. If its quality time she wants with me, she learned to take what she can get when she gets it. (hehehe)
The traps set using peanut butter bread this time I’ll see how many cats I get until the traps become raccoon useful curiosities. Lunch time sneaking up on me I had a pork burger for lunch. I‘ve heard the Europeans’ like them and Frieda made up a couple. Hey, they‘s alright, especially with a great big slab of raw sweet-onion on it/in it. Then it was time to head out with the loader JD for some hay baling and hauling.

By looking at the shadows they’s telling on me I didn’t quite finish my wood chopping last night.

Another rick oak firewood this morning.

Just before noon, one of the live traps needing repair. Those raccoons can be tough buggers. Look at what one of them buggers did to this steel trap!
Tell ya what. Anybody kissing one of them can take it home.
On hay making site, my looking into the Oliver’s fuel tank I could see the bottom. Being the area was small only an acre and a half or so I risked it and baled what little there was and made it unscathed. Besides I was with Tom upon his insistence and I’d have let him prime it if I hadn’t made it. Meanwhile, the Indy Ollie needs fueling before the tractor’s next running.
As it turned out I can and now myself use the on site loader for picking up our hay. So as it was we brought home two half dozen loads. A low tire aired up the bonafide hay wagon it’ll haul eight rounds from then on.
4:30 in the afternoon heat and humidity up there I think I’d already put in a good day. I see it time to taper off. Do something quieter maybe just as rewarding in another light. If I don’t fall asleep?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sad Day

Getting an extra early start to beat the heat I was off to the elevator for fixings. I’m formed last night I had to grind today. Mr. Roger’s with tears in his eyes informs me our friend, his top all around yard man, had died yesterday. Seams he’d cut on a tree and I came down on him.
He’ll be sorely missed, was always a lending hand to me when I had on the road agricultural tire trouble. In return whenever he had a wiring problem; be it a tractor ignition, a ag trailer wire, sorting out a pickup truck short, no matter the problem, I was there. We were that way.
He’d a terrific sense of humor capable giving in kind whatever he received and often then some. He was a one of a kind, and there’ll be no replacing him. A couple years younger than myself he’d just gotten his social security. He was looking forward to living the easier life. Now, he’s cut a tree down on himself just so’s he don’t have to share some more fun’s with me.
Myself teary eyed leaving the elevator my heart aching for the loss of a friend, on my way home I’m celled, Bro’s cows are out, one of them even in the road. And, boss man’s miles away. Slapped squarely in the ear with that news, the reality of life goes on come back to me. When I arrived the corner right going home and left going down the road I turned left for looking after the wayward critters. By the time I got the there the critters all mixed up I was allowed to bow out for my doings. Keith’d sort’em out when he got back riding shotgun with Bro’.
While it were still the cool of the morning I returned to wood cutting (that nasty mess dropped in the lane by one thoughtless individual). Starting early before the elevator and roundup break my home fires are looking to be well fed this coming Winter. Barry looking for something to do I put him to work. First I had him bring me the JD loader home for moving dead wood. From there on we took turns making saw dust. The loader was a big help sorting those heavy limbs for cutting.
The wood cut we turned to preparing to grind feed. Barry brunching this AM took AC tractor for the empty feed wagon. I had a quick lunch. On his return I’m informed there’s another need for another grind. (Nothin’ like some timely informative advanced information???) Less than a quarter hour until the elevator ends it’s a second tri of the day for more supplements.
Machinery in place to grind we completed the first one. While Barry delivered I tidied up our mess, got the wood splitter out what had been stored behind the grinder mixer, and for my physical fitness routine I had ground the second feed grind before Barry had gotten back. The day’s heat building getting onto 4:00 PM we decided to break for a couple hours. Barry had some other things to do, I wanted out of the for a couple hours. I figured I’d get back to my wood choppen later.
Good Heaven’s that couple hours I took last longer than anticipated couple hours Headachy I took a couple Tylenol and laid down, then slept better than four hours. (shucks) Well, I had to do something to maybe cheat I had done something, I put the Cushman/splitter in the barn for morning’s early use. Took the AC with wood hauler trailer out to wood chopping site and threw on all the small stuff. Additional activities included puling some “T” posts, while we had the loader. Shook out a bent and leaking old stock tank for a scrap metal receptacle, and some other stuff. “Stuff“…now there is a defining word!?!?!?!?
Now its late evening. Having taken such a long nap I know I’ll not sleep well tonight. Oh Well, While I been procrastinating I’ve avoided doing any real art work. A fan directly over an improvised studio area in front of my favorite chair, me thinks it an opportune time to at least do some sketching’s.
Meanwhile BGKC.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Well rested

A nay and an all night good sleep I should be well rested. Now all I have to do is get out and get busy and see how long the rest lasts.
Soc-la-blu, Ugly’s running. Last new part I bought was the distributor rotor, the only new part I hadn’t replaced. There was still no fire? Ready to let out, let forth, the screaming emee’s I lite up a smoke to let my disappointment cool down. Mellowed out I leaned over the engine I haven’t yet shot with the 44 caliber I removed the distributor. Brought out one that had been taking up space in one of shop wall’s pigeon holes I slipped it in. Tried it found I had spark. However, the distributor off 180* I left it simply moving the wires halfway around the cap. Started the engine, checked the timing, so close I tightened the distributor in place. At last starting, running, but still holding out excellently running good Ugly’s still got a carburetor issue. I’ll tell you what, I’ll accept a couple small accomplishments right now, for the Ugly’s heart has still been spared a bullet through the heart.
J-zooks, We had poured on us at least a whole inch of rain yesterday afternoon.
In another vane: Holy-Smokems, success, I’ve found Frieda a ride to the Doctor’s office week after next. Whew, glad that’s taken care of.
Okay, I got a late start on them but I’ve driven all the fence posts and strung enough electric fence wire to shut up all the opened mouths yapping at me all afternoon. I herd it all: “Let me in, “Let me out, “It looks ready to me, “Quit holding out, “I’m hungry, “I’m starving, “When we going to eat, What’s taking so long, “You’ve already been way out there, twice already, “What’s the hold up, “You holding it out on us?” and that was only the printable dialogue laid on me. By and by I finally let them out and didn’t receive even one, “Thank you!” In-greats the lot of them. Bah! Wimmin!!!!
I had thought of umpteen things to write about today while moseying about the fields and now I can’t remember a single one of them. Ain’t nothing like having a sharp mind is there….
Would you believe I had an earth shaken experience today?
I had hit the fence posts so hard I shook the earth. The earth shaken a chunk of this big old oak tree, from inside the wood lot, fell right across my intended electric fence line. I’m telling you as I see it.
This about all I may muster, its an early evening for me. BGKC.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don’t wanna write it

Continued hot and humid here making life miserable and patience short. Ugly’s still not running and I’d like to shoot it with my 44 caliber putting it our of my heavily weathered misery. Tomorrow’s another day with two more non working possibilities for Ugly’s inability to serve and keep me comfortably happy these days.
Today’s heavy rains passing over this area, I’ve got three more dry hay making days to finish the first cutting.
Frieda’s breathing is difficult under this very heavy weather. And, now she decides to push herself. She tells me she’d managed the basement stairs and is taking back the laundering not liking the way I do it.
I’m at odds with myself waiting to hear some news of, Chips, knee or knees operation. Something about out patient cartilage surgery. Beats me how this’ll be done without hospitalization?
And now for some small pictures making them easier to up load.
How’s this for a fancy wagon gear dust cover. A pop bottle bottom secured with a radiator hose clamp.

The pictured caved-in tiled under ground county drain crossing the property in our bottom land. This hole was made a week and more ago when a tractor I was driving had fallen into it. The collapsed hole is deeper than the height of this front tractor tile, three feet or more in depth. This bottom land was once a swamp. On the property just to the east of us this same clay tile had drained a lake. The priorities having changed over the years wetlands may no longer be destroyed without acceptable pre-approved replacements.

A look up while laying under Ugly in a knapping position. The central object in this photo I’ve had in and out or off and on Ugly’s engine. Was fun fun fun.

In my travels up and down our road I happened upon a cash of smaller but brightly colored plastic assorted laundry product bottles for highlighting the tops of my finicky fences corner “T” posts.
Who’s said, farmers aren’t having fun recycling mans waste.
Another different useful idea. Wouldn’t some of these bottles make delightful seasonal ornaments for outdoor Christmas tree decorating?
More afternoon fun I might have been seen leaning on the Cushman’s governor staying ahead of an incoming storm. On getting back to my shade tree (the one over Ugly) I managed find I had 12v current to the distributor and to tidy Ugly’s tailgate and under-hood everything there put in a waste basket for an improvised tool box. From there I put the Cushman away and almost stayed ahead of the then falling rain.
Ready to relax settling in my recliner my relaxing was all to short. My cell rings for the cattle out. Crap! The Cushman needed a good washing anyway. We were on our way. I got soaked to the skin. The Cushman only got its skin wet. I’ve got to say the Cushman moved into (onto) the cattle and between us our assistance added to those on the scene ahead of us we’d done well adding to all getting the critters back to where they belonged.
On my return home so wet, I required Frieda’s assistance pealing my wet clothing off. I then set a spell and enjoyed a soda Frieda was about to make us before I was summoned to a need. A little bit later with a headache for my noggin’s company, I laid down and napped for a couple hours.
And, ride the rain help cool things off? Hardly as we’re now sitting in a Mother Nature’s own steam cabinet for lack of a better metaphor. BGKC.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinken BP

Been thinking of sending British Petroleum a bill for all my unsold beef to all those unemployed Gulf Coast fishermen. (harty har har har!) Yeah I know it ain’t funny, but we have to find some humor in the worst of times to get through then.
Started out my day quite alone. Nobody was about to come out and play with me in the heat. Undaunted I went it alone. Laid in the shade under Ugly putting up my latest attempt at starter fix. All secured turning ignition key not much happened. Took batter down to the barn for a heavy charge. Got a cell phone call and while I was talking I ordered a new rebuilt starter.
Still nobody interested in moving hay with me, myself not quite in the mood to go sweat out finishing up the shop part of the robot’s finishing making closure hardware, I went it alone. The old wagons on the JD loader tractor I headed out. Hauling up my second load I must have been heard for here come those who’d refused me earlier. It didn’t take the three of us long to put away my hay.
Then it was lunch. Here comes my Bother insistent making new hay hauling arrangements. So we did that for awhile, right up until the JD burned up a battery cable’s terminal end. I pointed out the nee for my Ugly. We had words, we went our own ways, myself so mad I refused a his ride. Let him reflect the inconvenience my temporary loss of Wheels (Ugly’s help). Ugly’s not just transportation around here. It’s a tool crib, a fuel tanker, workhorse, draft vehicle, lub and grease carrier. Like I’ve implied, Ugly’s a very important vehicle around here.
The battery well charged I took it out to Ugly truck and installed it. Tried my last attempted starter fix and it failed miserably (period). So I exchanged the new starter for the non working one and walla, it worked. Know its just a matter of getting the timing correct for starts and running. With a little bit of help when somebody gets his head out………….
Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe what hay’s that haven’t been mown today I’ll get mowed tomorrow. This’s been it for another grand day in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

PS: Keith is one son's bro-in-law.
2nd PS: Pictures another night.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catch up

I know what’s meant about busy and unable to keep up. Our going nowhere I still don't know whether I'm coming or going some day's. I haven’t even had the time to make fix the Ugly. What has been done has been done all wrong. (I guess there are days like that.)
Frieda's an appointment for a upper G.I. in a couple weeks. Worst part it's in same neighborhood where I destroyed the van.
It had to happen, heavily exposed to enough hay, weeds, dusts and pollens my childhood hay-fever has 100% kicked in. It just isn't getting to me when I'm a-field anymore. The hay-fever has taken up back packing with me around the clock. There’s no my running away from it. I’m feeling as if I’ve been unceremoniously tag teamed by Mother Nature and possibly a sister.
Knee has gotten so sore I’d like a couple non clutching days (tractor driving) to rest it.
Ahem, I started my day with trying to rebuild an Ugly starter. And when I tried it, it a yes and no, off and on, tried turning Ugly’s engine over. Phooey, I’ll tend to it later. I wanted to get to or into Ugly’s engine timing. I’ve been suspecting something funny has been going on? Time will tell. The Cushman my only over the local road transportation today was a fine day for driving it, shade over head, open all the way around to enjoy some cooling summer breezes It took me to the shop more than ounce. I had needed an electrical testing instrument, a timing light, some spark-plug wires to replace a couple to short or damaged.
Satisfied as far as I could go with the engine timing progress I returned to the silly starter. Reevaluating today’s starter entry I found I might had done a better job of it, I looked all my parts over, made one change plus adding an extra. Having a time putting it together when I had finished I decided to let the starter’s installation wait until morning. My hitting my everyday wall I was all worn out (sort-a) and decided to pt the starter up under the pickup truck engine. Truthfully thinking about that lying down and under one more time. In a prone position I‘d just been my luck I‘d have dropped that troublesome starter on my foot. 7:00 PM I was in the house. Then had supper. Now I’m fighting sleep. BGKC.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Still haying

Okay, I wasn’t making hay today. Some made it needed hauling in. That I what some of us did. My part in today’s operation was loader operator the old 4020 JD. Wasn’t a bad pass to be: roof over my head making shade, no windows nor doors for full blowing breezes keeping me real cool. This program lasted until my left knee complained in pain it had had enough. I spose ten continuous hours clutching for the 554 hay baler yesterday may have had something to do with my sore knee. The same knee taking some punishment the truck accident last May. What did happen for all our efforts we managed to successfully clear two field making them ready for re-fencing tomorrow.
The others complaining of the heat, my own knee paining me, and my general screwing up the once smoother operating the JD loader earlier in te day, we all agreed upon it being Miller time. Hmm boy, that golden glowing stuff sure was good!!!!!!!! And another good part of the day I enjoyed some good food one of the neighbors had brought in.
Now I think I’ll go brew me an iced tea. Life is good. BGKC.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th…..

….And today’s morning is just another day in Shorthorn country and still got a whole lot of cut hay to bale before it rains. Kind-a glad Tom didn’t cut anymore. No sun shinning on us yet. We’re clouded and overcast-ed.
I need to take another look at Ugly. Running badly with a rhythm I’m wondering if the firing order has go0tten mixed up. The spark plugs taken out, replaced with new or cleaned replacements and put back in, the wires could certainly have been mixed up. The carburetor problem may be seeing some light. I’ve been offered a carburetor and intake manifold off a 1976 Chevy pickup. Sure hope it has a working automatic choke. It’s been a long time since I’ve been afforded such a drivers luxury.
Woke up this morning thinking about the northern lights. Don’t ask why for I’ve no idea why? Thought was my trying to remember the last time I’ve seen them. Even living in the country and living way to close to neighbors surely hasn’t helped. Flint, eleven/twelve miles away as the crow flies is acceptionally to close. It all boils down to light pollution. Believe me I can remember when there weren’t but Mother Natures own lights what covered me on a clear night. They weren’t but the only lights to be seen or reflected into our eyes. Such a shame the earth has also been polluted with man’s demand for artificial light. Who knows how or when it started: the second and/or the third factory work shifts, the first street lights hanging over street and road intersections, barnyard lights and then the meanest of them all the working residential around the clock yard light. (sigh) such is man ever more quickly in a hurry to destroy the earth. Even me,yet lucky I am one day unable to take my mess with me I’ll leave it behind me for others to contend with, unfortunately.
On the road shortly after breakfast I think I was given a sign lunch was going to slim pickings when I sampled a couple bugs in mouth. Unable to cough them up swallowed them. They was either a post breakfast dessert or an afternoon lunch appetizer?
Five Oliver 1850’s and four of them are off their feed. One’s fuel distributor has sprung a serious spraying leak. Three more 1850’s all, everyone of them has a different hydra-drive problem. First Ollie, one never knows when the H-D drive will disengage itself requiring the machine‘s clutch disengaged until the H-D decides when it’ll re-engage? Comes in real handy during the muddy season? The second 1850’s H-D has locked itself into the high direct drive side of its H-D, plus It has a driver tire with a no good slow air leak. As for the third 1850 it’s H-D has locked itself into the H-D’s low side, has kind of a frightening thought, that’s the free wheeling gear which sort of has a troubling effect upon my mind for a road trip. AND, I’ve got three hay fields to bale today. And, one down grade into a busy intersection to contend with.
8:00 PM and it is raining. Only just finished, the cut, rolling the last bale an hour ago. 1st field weeds went smooth as silk (considering) with a few modification what might be needed for the Indy Oliver, if it’s used here again next year, fitted with nerf bars, and shocks on all four the tractor’s wheels! I had hit couple (woodchucking) bumps so hard I saw a whole foot of daylight under each the two front wheels twice. 2nd grass field I hit a couple wads of hay and shamefully plugged that poor baler from gunwale to gunwale, stem to stern, starboard to port sides. Bro’ had just driven in and assisted my unplugging it. He left and I went on with my baling. Damned if I didn’t do it again only not near as full the 2nd time. And, who should come pulling in again at just the right moment, Bro’. This time I asked if he pick me up a strawberry shake. His words, “I don’t want to go. Coming back you’ll have it plugged again.” Well he was wrong. While I sucked on my straw Bro’ rolled a couple bales. Then let me have the rig back. 3rd field clover real heavy windrows I nursed he baler into them in 3rd gear, The machine taking the clover I moved it up to 5th gear. When the windrows had mellowed out I just throttled down for the bale starts, and when things looked good I advanced the throttle. This was my whole ten hr tractor time ride baling hay. I’m covered in weed seed, grass seed, and stale sweat when I come in. My lunch was that shake. Maybe a word or two more here, after a shower.
Going on 9:00 PM. All washed up and rinsed down, I won’t broadcast any seed my walking around. As clean as I’m feeling thus. I won’t be taking any work away from the birds and breezes. I’ve go to be going horizontal soon. Maybe just maybe I can do something for the Ugly truck tomorrow. It’s sure been busy asking for attention about the whole of month past. Weather guessers been promoting rain. HA! I’ve nothing cut for wash and dry. :^)BGKC.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hay Hay Hay

That’s what I did all day. Everybody else quitting me I was the one to carry on. So, on’t know what I’ll bale Monday, nothing. I rolled up 38 5x4 1600# hay bales off five acres out back (right cheer). Next field I rolled 30 5x4 1600# hay bales on ten acre field in the next TWP. Half way back, I’ve no idea how many the same sized hay bales I rolled up that last field along my way home, but I can say for sure they was a lot of them.
So many folk looking out for my welfare they conspired to do some tree trimming. They did it alright with leaving their leaving’s behind. Looks like the first clsse day I ain’t already got something else to do I’ve got this mess to clean up. Freaking nuts they are. Them limbs weren’t no bother to me when they’s up in that tree?!?!
Guess I’ll just have to contribute this wood to my winter wood pile.
My eyes and nose itching and watering, with an assortment of varied sneezing renditions thrown in, when I finished that last field I was done. Quarter to 7:00 PM I’d had enough seat time wearing the seat my britches thin. I was finished! You read me? I's finished for today!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hell of a day…..

Maynard: Its 7:30 PM now. This AM things were going wrong from the get go. Shultz Oliver refused to start. We replaced the starter. Shultz Oliver still refused to start. We opened all both the battery compartments, found one post loose, another corroded. All put back together, the fluids and fuel taken care of earlier, it was finally time to move it all out for a distanced satellite hay field (fields). I had to go along and break some three odd shaped fields out of four peculiarly shaped. Took me near a couple hours opening them for Tom. Still have two maybe three more to open tomorrow.
Ugly was an absolute miserably running beast all the way home stalling out here west of the barn, where I left to sit all night, for all I care, the Despicable Beast! In my home yard as wide as it is today I beset myself upon the half hearted Indy Ollie and hit the road to bale some more hay. Found more ready to bale than I had thought possible. All of a sudden I’m unable to keep up. I hit my physical and mental wall somewhere along about 5:00 PM. From about then on I plugged the baler twice, operator error. Had to stop five times to refigure out machines (plural) operation’s.
If all the afore mentioned ain’t enough misery for you Maynard my back (lungs likely) got to aching something fierce in the last hayfield I didn’t finish. (Oh, am I ever going to have a busy morning?). In that same hay field the real clincher for my early quitting was likely the pain in my chest (telling me I needed rest!). So, I took it home.
Changing out of my clothes (change Hell). They’d stuck to me as if glued on, for I had sweated my arse off, causing me to accidentally rip my bibs here and there. Talk about ventilation, and in all the wrong places.
My medication taken earlier, two hours plenty time for them to settle I merely wanted an iced tea when I came in to quench a thirst. A half hour and a quart tea later I was eating a pork chop, black eyed beans, spinach, and at least a pint of chocolate pudding. It’s going on 8:30 PM and I’m dog arsed dead tired and really must lay it down (period). BGKC.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I must have had a good….err….a rather impressive productive work day. Yawn, yawn, when’ll they stop? Blip, blip, when’ll the eye lids quit sticking shut. Good gosh almighty, I slept hard. I don’t even remember having had hauling water.
Boss Lady had a slew of moles surgically removed yesterday. She didn‘t come either any lighter nor prettier. Doc‘s efforts however sure make the brail method of midnight identifying who‘s climbing back into my bed a bit more difficult.
First thing this morning her girl friend picked her up they’ve decided to make it a blood letting party day. Hmm, spose these wimmin found a good looking daylight party animal vampire? What the deal is Doc wants to know what Frieda’s red and white blood cells look like and are they carrying any admoralities. He’s also having her extract cholesterol kinds and levels checked; plus. and in depth check for an over abundance of sugar.
Up 30 minutes, eyes drying out and itching. My nose is running like an old brass faucet requiring a new washer. Any body remember those? I remember servicing those old faucets including either replacing or taping in new valve seats. Somebody borrowed those tools back in the 1970’s I don’t know whatever happened to those tools then, for I haven‘t seen them since.
Tractors a-field all in need of fuel, Ugly refused to start. Starter sounded so bad Tom replaced it three times before he found one that’d work and it needs a bendix (will change later with the good one out off the removed starter). Just enough fuel in the Shultz Oliver I took it down to the corner and broke that field in while Tom enjoyed himself wrenching. This was all before noon. Afternoon all us picking up our parts in the scheme of things some got it all wrong. Tom sposed to cut hay needed fuel first. Bro’ needed something else. It was “Fernan I need this” or “Fernan I need that” most the afternoon. How was I ever going to get any hay baled. I finally got my break along about 3:00 PM. Everybody else finished for the day I was finally at liberty to do my part baling hay. Having a lot to do I saw it as a long afternoon. And at about half way through my baling the Indy Oliver’s hydra-drive went wrong. Thankfully ir went wrong locked up in direct drive. I’ve got a notion that’s the only way the Indy Oliver’s going to work the rest this season. Well, I can at least get some work out of it although a wee bit inconvenienced. I’ll take it. Now, that hydra-drive failure makes three. One these days one of us had better take one apart.
Going on 8:00 PM getting in, my day wasn’t to bad. Biggest thing for me I got to keep working it body and mind. Getting off the tractor I remembered my knee used to hurt worse. I do believe those bone chips what had managed to find their ways into m knee joint had or are dissolving making walking less painful. Still have to be careful with wrist. How long does it take and experienced bone to heal. One thing sure, I must continue wearing the wrist brace for number of reasons The best one, built into it is a steel support which is my only way to put the Olivers PTO’s in gear. I was surprised how helpful the brace was for letting me use a heavy hammer for setting those electric fence posts.
Shucks, to tired to go on I have to call it quits and I had little bird story I wanted to rant on…. BGKC.