Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinken BP

Been thinking of sending British Petroleum a bill for all my unsold beef to all those unemployed Gulf Coast fishermen. (harty har har har!) Yeah I know it ain’t funny, but we have to find some humor in the worst of times to get through then.
Started out my day quite alone. Nobody was about to come out and play with me in the heat. Undaunted I went it alone. Laid in the shade under Ugly putting up my latest attempt at starter fix. All secured turning ignition key not much happened. Took batter down to the barn for a heavy charge. Got a cell phone call and while I was talking I ordered a new rebuilt starter.
Still nobody interested in moving hay with me, myself not quite in the mood to go sweat out finishing up the shop part of the robot’s finishing making closure hardware, I went it alone. The old wagons on the JD loader tractor I headed out. Hauling up my second load I must have been heard for here come those who’d refused me earlier. It didn’t take the three of us long to put away my hay.
Then it was lunch. Here comes my Bother insistent making new hay hauling arrangements. So we did that for awhile, right up until the JD burned up a battery cable’s terminal end. I pointed out the nee for my Ugly. We had words, we went our own ways, myself so mad I refused a his ride. Let him reflect the inconvenience my temporary loss of Wheels (Ugly’s help). Ugly’s not just transportation around here. It’s a tool crib, a fuel tanker, workhorse, draft vehicle, lub and grease carrier. Like I’ve implied, Ugly’s a very important vehicle around here.
The battery well charged I took it out to Ugly truck and installed it. Tried my last attempted starter fix and it failed miserably (period). So I exchanged the new starter for the non working one and walla, it worked. Know its just a matter of getting the timing correct for starts and running. With a little bit of help when somebody gets his head out………….
Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe what hay’s that haven’t been mown today I’ll get mowed tomorrow. This’s been it for another grand day in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

PS: Keith is one son's bro-in-law.
2nd PS: Pictures another night.

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