Saturday, July 31, 2010

Felt good

Good thing for I had a long day. Started out needing to know our fuel supplies for an advance chance at pre-weekend fuel re-supply. I’m also required to grind feed today and tomorrow. Jumping to trips into one I was out on the road on the Cushman with the short (low height) tilt bed small implement trailer (retired snow mobile). Checking fuels first the diesel’s eight inches from vapors memory and the gasoline not far twelve inches behind. Fuel ordered time to return home with side trip to elevator picking up supplements for two grind batches. The tool and haying supply incidentals the Cushman is one tough little bugger towing that low profiled trailer’s 700 pound load home. Yeah, the Ugly truck’s still laid up, so it was running to the tenant farm or that empty feed wagon. The morning’s grind finished quarter hour before most normal farm dinner time’s.
After dinner I was off with an 1850 Ollie with ailing baler in tow. What an oil socked mess I’ve got to deal with the rest this haying season. A leaking gear box seal is going to plague me for the entire second cutting until I’ve the time to replace gearbox seals. Air blasts water washing’s I got to my problem. Drained gearbox and found it was only a two ounces low. Looks like I better get out my emergency box of latex gloves for keeping bale tier mechanism free oil soaked sticky hay and dust plugging. Arrggghhhh!!!!! What else could go wrong.
An unemployed neighbor with a fallen tree in his yard came by the shop just as I was finishing up the total tractor and baler’s greasing and oiling’s out of the way for second cuttings use. I guess I get the tree in a week or so but not without a ride to the crossroads library for some distributor infooo from the GM big book of instructions. Whooppee! I came away with four frapping pages of useless information I had already known. Tomorrow I’m going to try advancing the timing a tooth in the distributer gear drive????
By the time I returned home the Cushman was running funny. I pulled a sparkplug and found a hole burned through the side of the sparkplug hole. EGADS! I’d found something else to have gone wrong today. Damn, damn, Damn! That Cushman repair will require the engine’s complete removal to even complicate a simple heli-coil repair. Antiseize doped up I replaced the sparkplug hogging it down tight. Now I’m hoping the Cushman holds until I get Ugly running right again….. Why me???? BGKC.

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Donna said...

Hey Fern, I sent you the link to the video of me singing "Willie". I'm going to make it private again soon, since I don't want the whole world making fun of me singing in my nightgown. So listen while you can.