Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy morning

I’d removed the last two gears off the engine blocks this very AM. The used replacement parts appear to be in much better condition then Ugly’s removed one. Everything apart and soaking this evening or come morning I want to lay the assembled parts one on the other and assure myself I’m at least close to doing or getting it right before engine reassembly.
On my way home from mornings workshop efforts I had stopped off to Loopy Acres. Had a nice hands on chat with Scooby Doo his master and mistress paying absolutely no attention to his announcing visiting presence. Wanted to thank, Sparky, for the air manifold loaded with gauges consideration of only what seems like a few days ago. We had found uses for a couple them gauges just during the last few days. I suspect the humanoids will never know I had stopped. My knowing, Scooby, he can be so closed mouthed such goings-ons.
Before I made it home I had stopped for a Tom update. Was nothing new other than I needed to hay the young ladies gathered in about his yard. Wondering where the girls were, I finally saw all loafing save in the loafing shed. Sheesh, some of us sure got it hard.
At home going to bring the 4020JD up from the hay yard I spied what looked like three head of cattle about a quarter mile away. The girls fed I hopped on the Cushman to investigate. Of-course the closer I got the more I was sure I was seeing things. Yet so close I went all the way to even drive into that property owners drive to see for myself a closer look. (hahahohohehe) They was a firewood pile the sun’s light was just right enough, the images to play tricks on my old eyes. I’m still chuckling at myself. Any one want a wooden cow firewood kit?
An other thought, sure glad it isn’t November already, I might have even seen antlers on them wooden animals. (grin)
The afternoon was a long one. Frieda’s procedural treatment was so easy she didn’t feel a thing nor knew what was going on. Easy to sleep easy waking up. The Doctor was a honey. He expanded her esophagus and she’s suffering a coming and going hiatus hernia ( her stomach slipping up and down in (through) her diaphragm). We returned home at 6:00 PM. I heated up a supper for Frieda. I had to wait an hour after downing my rattlers. Frieda’s next wonderful journey adventure is scheduled for late August. Two suggestions: no laying down for four hours after eating and she take Prilosec the rest of her life.
Getting sleepy my dozing on and off in the clinic waiting room I’m totally worn out. BGKC.

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