Friday, July 16, 2010

Check ups and puzzles

Well! I was out all night under a clear sky without a moon chasing ladies. Then I thought I’d up to belly up to Ugly's tailgate, all the exhausts pointed in the same direction. and put Ugly's Carburetor back together again. That’s was my rising plan.
1:30 AM I get a pone call, “Your cows are out and they’re in my front yard.” I dress, go outside to a clear star filled sky absent a moon. This was just freaking wonderful. I’m near as blind as a bat once the sun has gone down. Well, they aren’t to far away and if they’ve stayed together I might just get lucky. I drive Cushman out of the barn up the drive and out towards where the cows are supposed to be. I see the wire gate was gone. Checking it closely I found the wire gate down had a broken gate latch. I check the fences electrical strength and satisfied this was likely the only break. It was time to head on down the road.
A short distance covered I pass three cows on my way to the area of he reported sighting. I was looking for to find and with a bit o yelling escort them ALL home in one swell mob. I see no more cows thinking the worst, They’ve already scattered all over the countryside. This wasn’t going to be easy. I settled to gather up those I could to by morning’s light be used to coax all those what may be out home. Yes, the three cows were near where I had passed them earlier. I can’t tell what all I hollered at them some the words forbidden even on my grandparents lips. But I kind of liked there color and sounded stronger in use than what my mother would have found acceptable. The walked right up the road, turned in the low drive, meandered up the drive’s turned grade and took up vacuuming the ground around-about the gravity box containing shelled corn. Once more I demonstrated my impressive repartee two get them moving away, one clearly determined to stay out, yet the last two headed down towards the barn. Then, as true to form the earlier stubborn cow, not to be left behind joined us as we all entered the barn’s front yard, m closing the gate behind them. And I breathed a long sigh……
Questioning my mind, for the absence of many more tracks than I had seen, I drove the Cushman up from the barn and out to the pasture to where the ladies were all supposed to be. The buggies lights nor my flashlight nowhere strong enough to catch any animal color, I choose to drive the pasture by checking fences. I hadn’t quite gone half the distance the longest of the pastures when the glow on my lights picked up some color of white hair. Wheeling wide making a couple/three distanced donut turns the whole most of the mob was resting. Ah ha! The three who had gotten out going site seeing (so to speak) where all the same age and long time buddy‘s in there own private little clic. I just may have lucked out more than I had imagined? Only the three had gone for a walk-about and I had re-walked them back home.
Under closer morning’s daylight examination I saw these three vagabonds had gone about a half mile down the road more than twice the distance as to where I had first seen and caught up with during the night. They had also hear walked into everyone’s driveway along their way to check them all for easy pickens including one where they had taken the liberty to lick up a couple pickup trucks.
Gate latch fixed, I spent the whole afternoon working on my carburetor upon a tailgate cleaning and reassembling it. Three hours getting it right, leaving no parts out nor leftovers, I hit my wall along about 4:00/4:30 PM. My mind slipping into a stupor it were time to quit while I was ahead. I merely set the carburetor on the engine and went about taking an hour to pick up my tools, cleaners, surplus kit parts pans and rags. Then took some minutes looking around, “Had I forgotten anything?” Then closed up shop and come home. BGKC.
Oh! An extra. Stopping to see Sparky, to check upon his surgeries progress, He gave me a connector to put Frieda’s oxygen tubes together. Checking upon her five hours later she said, her limbs feeling better, she was feeling better.

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