Monday, July 12, 2010


Woke up earlier this morning making with the some very adventurous trots wonder if I were to make it home first under the wire. I feared for my very soul I didn’t experience a hundred and two percent fall out had I not placed at all. So many heats wanting to experience the morning air out side I fashionably dressed from my skin up first in one of Frieda’s “Depends.” Of-course I was pleasantly rewarded am incident free day, although there were a couple close calls. Whew! Making it a safe and sane day I stayed close to home, venturing out to feed the cats, get PO-ed via caught raccoon eating the end off my compressor’s air hose. (grrr) Eating toast and cheeses today expecting to be right by tomorrow. I’ll fix that raccoon’s destructive wagon dropping it off for Demetrio’s hounds learning amusements, come tomorrow morning.
I laid low most the day. Went out along about noon to check on the county drain scholars fixes. Instead of staying they’d taken off doing nothing. (groan) Coming bake up to the house I had forgotten to close the barnyard gate. (curses) A couple hours later the ladies and I changed word my winning the argument which side of the fence I had expected them to stay. Myself being bigger (taller) my reasoning was slightly stronger.
By gum I finely got into doing some sketches. Beginning to look good I’m pleased with my first real efforts and ever so more mentally looking forward to picking my pencils and paper again during the next few days. Shucks, do to the light fading, my eyes tiring, (maybe even crossing(, the hour becoming late, and honestly tired it’s time I give it up for pounding my ear on the sack. BGKC.

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