Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exasperating It Is

All I wanted to do was share a moment with Scooby Doo and got laced down but good. Oh well, I guess I had better heed what’s been talked about so often recently, “You have to be careful what you put to print on the internet.” Warning noted and well taken. This’ll sure cramp all the things Herr Clink does to me these golden days.
Moving on, I put the reclaimed donor parts from the donor engine onto Ugly and found them not much better than the junk I had originally removed. I’ve been assured a new set of gears and chain will be here first thing tomorrow morning. This taking them gears off, I’ve had plenty of practice. The crank gear particularly with the help of a new home made tool.
So, I tried putting some tools and excessive excreta away around the shop. Shop work space at such a premium, I didn’t even look into finishing the azzkicker. Give me the shade of the shop rather than the blanketing hot Sun weighing heat heavily on me from overhead outside, forget it.
Bro’ aka. Raymond, wanted to go after a gravity box load shelled corn my riding shotgun. He said it’d be right after dinner. Yeah sure? Going nuts waiting for him seeing the hours wasted away I went down to the barn to bring out the lawn tractor. Ornery thing required I prime it twice. The lawn so heavy my having ignored it was some tough cutting causing the Crapsman to over heat and quit on me. Oh well, I had a fuel filter to install between fuel tank and fuel pump. I did that. The tractor cooled enough I took it easier on the machine and finished I had wanted to do. Still no Raymond I fired up the little Fort tractor and did a bit of brush-hogging some mixed gasses and weed out to the stock tank and old hen house. AND, waited some more. My brother has to be the all time winner in the category labeled time wasting. My day starts ticking away the moment I get up. The earlier in the day I start the more I get done before I hit my wall (physical and mental strengths). Seems many more times lately if I should hit that wall to hard I have to simply give it up.
Learned today. if I want to order shipped in a gallon of alcohol (say) I’d not only have to pay the $9.00 price for it but also a $25.00 hazardous chemical fee on it, as well as the $8.00 slow motion shipping charge. One loophole, if I order that gallon alcohol in quart sizes the hazard chemical fee is waved. What?
Iodine is no longer available for any use let alone our farm use. We used to use Iodine for the medical treatment of cattle’s’ ringworm. Production has been stopped because it is a prime chemical used in sick (illegal) criminally run meth-labs. Scarlet oil is also no longer available. What the?????? BGKC.


Paula said...

The druggies ruined everything, huh?

Donna said...

The brother-in-law's little Hereford heifer that's here for awhile has ringworm. I guess I'll go buy some "people" iodine for her.

Donna said...

Hey Fernan, I posted an entry with the words of one of my story-songs. Check it out.

Anonymous said...