Monday, July 5, 2010

Still haying

Okay, I wasn’t making hay today. Some made it needed hauling in. That I what some of us did. My part in today’s operation was loader operator the old 4020 JD. Wasn’t a bad pass to be: roof over my head making shade, no windows nor doors for full blowing breezes keeping me real cool. This program lasted until my left knee complained in pain it had had enough. I spose ten continuous hours clutching for the 554 hay baler yesterday may have had something to do with my sore knee. The same knee taking some punishment the truck accident last May. What did happen for all our efforts we managed to successfully clear two field making them ready for re-fencing tomorrow.
The others complaining of the heat, my own knee paining me, and my general screwing up the once smoother operating the JD loader earlier in te day, we all agreed upon it being Miller time. Hmm boy, that golden glowing stuff sure was good!!!!!!!! And another good part of the day I enjoyed some good food one of the neighbors had brought in.
Now I think I’ll go brew me an iced tea. Life is good. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Yes life is good. We can find many things to be thankful for no matter how bad we feel or how tired we are. Good day tomorrow to you and Frieda