Saturday, July 17, 2010


While Doc hadn't done it, I did. I put Frieda on oxygen 24/7 just to try it out. What a difference the extra oxygen is doing for her. The pains in her feet and limbs have drastically subsided yesterday, The swelling as gone down in her ankles, she’s getting around to doing a couple things in the house.
Seems I'm (we) are going to be seeing doc rather soon over this latest development. Could be she may need some portable oxygen if we're going to get her out of the house, even to her yard swing. She hasn't made that walk the last couple days her house bound not quite out running that green snake following right on her heals.
Ugly all back together and still can’t get it to run, let alone decently. Called upon mechanic friend to see what he’d have to say. My suspicions have been confirmed. I think the timing gears or chain have jumped time. I’ll know more come morning after I’ve taken timing gear/chain cover off Ugly‘s engine. CRAP! Excuse my lip. I’m very disappointed. BGKC.


Donna said...

Meanwhile, Cliff and I dragged another Oliver home today.

Paula said...

So glad Frieda is doing better and that you are "on the ball" about being attentive and helping her.

Donna said...

OK Fern, I did an entry hopefully answering your questions about the 1855.