Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Up and at it SS skipping the Shave I had to see to it being ready for ride to Frieda’s medical appointment. I had to check upon the ladies. Change them over to new pasture even. Of all the mornings they weren’t up here to make known their ideas their wants they were scattered out over their present pature way outback.
Our ride here it was just as I had suspected. An hour and a half ride (I didn’t drive) on getting there it was all but for paperwork. Lots of pages to fill out, fill in. Watched a couple movies and Frieda’s set to go back tomorrow afternoon for her upper GI. Likely a couple hours front to back time.
Amassments, astonishments, surprises, and fandango-ed new ways.
Our ride was a one ton extended cab dually pickup truck fitted out with a Cummins’s diesel engine smoothly shifted through a five speed automatic transmission. I’m thinking this was some kind of a one of a kind truck? Nice ride for a heavy duty pickup truck.
A quick Super new grocery store stop for a few things was scarcely a treat. I had wished I had a motor scooter. Walking in I run smack dab into a delicatessen bigger than some resturante’s around here. Behind it was produce, meat counters just behind, staples (I’ll call all the shelved products) were to the back of the joint, and dairy products were beyond the knickknacks at the whole other end of the store beyond yet clothing departments for men, women, boys, and girls.
My buying tobacco, humans aren’t allowed to touch tobacco products, only store associates. (?????)
All of a sudden its afternoon and I’ve the ladies to attend finally. Now I’ve got the time to check fences and drive the girls home. Then I got to go find Ugly’s donor engine for parts.
It’s late the same day. Sheesh! It was after 3:00 PM my getting out of here. Couple things I wanted to do was check on Tom; only, nobody was home. Next I wanted to check on Sparky and he was home where he was supposed to be convalescing and supposedly wiggling his fingers. I had an ice water with him and headed on down the road.
At the shop I got a couple rims out of the official scrap yard. Climbed aboard the JBC skidsteer and picked an engine block by myself. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle setting it down. My first thought was to set the oil pan in a rim and let the rim also support the exhaust manifolds to keep the iron from tipping over. Well, I had a plan. I picked up the block hanging on one chain. Myself save inside the JCB I had no one to worry about dropping it on. As I approached the rims, both laid out for two options, I didn’t use either one. The engine spinning in air one way then the other. Just at a moment when it was cmoing around it be facing the shop I dropped it. Thud! Sitting it’s pan on bare ground I scrounged up some blocking and put sutorts under where it was sitting while still hanging on the chain. A moment later pushing the safety switch with my left hand, my right hand moved the lever forward easing the loader boom down. The engine set where it was had made a perfect un-planed landing.
Running an air hose out and grabbing two air wrenches, two sets of impact sockets, a brass hammer and a big-s screw driver for a pry. It didn’t take my long to open the timing cover having had practice on Ugly. The time flying faster than my arthritic fingers the clock had passed me. I had to pickup my tools, get down the road for rattlers, and drive Cushman into Otisville for Frieda’s script. I’d like to have the crank sprockets off both engines before I need worry about wash and dress for getting Frieda to this Upper GI doctor on time. Thinking about it I might better take a book along to pass the time.
Having not worn myself out neither physically or mentally I unloaded the wood-hauler finished just a few minutes before this evening’s official sundown.
While I hadn’t gotten as much as I might have liked to done today, I (we’ve) still made some headway no matter how slight. I still feel good about the day’s medical animal husbandry, and Ugly’s repair. BGKC.