Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Day

For openner’s……..
Today’s like any other Shorthorn country day I've mechanicin' to do on Ugly. I got the heavier chore grinding grain today for an additional outdoor chore. And for cool relief I've got laundry to check on off and on in the dungeons today.
Shore glad First Day is a day of rest.
Or looking at it another way……….
If I could just find a wee lil' finger fiddle I'd play it for some real complainers. My day is going to start with my opening the timing cover front of Ugly's motor block. And then after I find out if parts are available today? Then when I've used up the cool of the morning on Ugly I get to take the AC tractor, my today’s transportation going and coming, my hair blowing freely in the driven breezes, for today's grain grinding drives. Arrggghhhh!!!!! Plus catch up on the laundry somebody else had said she was taking that chore back over. Well, she had tried. Ain’t to bad a chore my fitting it in here and there throughout my day.
Oh yeah, Am I feeling oh so sorry for all the complainers well beyond Shorthorn country borders.
The threat of rain moistening my face upon walking out this morning. I choose in stead to grind grain first. Bummer, I was faced with a missing AC tractor? What the Hell? I looked everywhere, was about to call all I knew to see if one of them had taken it without mentioning it. The next thing to enter my mind was a number, “911.”
Having to go back into the house for a couple matters I found that slippery, no good, down right sneaky, tractor hiding behind the house away from the drive way, the wood hauler hooked onto it, right where I had left it. (groan)
Arriving at the shop Tom was already there looking as though he were enjoying himself tinkering on Ugly. He was analytically going over all of Ugly’s systems. The grinding needing doing I had to leave him to his devices. Gosh it seemed to take forever to grind although I had done it in good time by myself, a mite over two hours by myself. Hot and humid it was a job for moving slow this AM. The most difficult part of the whole job was the picking up the first grinder-mixer elevator for it’s self storage upon its host machine. Darn it, have got to get that cylinder fixed to take that weighty things lifting out of my hands.
The ground grain delivered, I stopped by the shop. Tom was gone but I looked in just the same. He’d been busy. Looking into the engine compartment he must have gone through all the buckets of laid saved sparkplug wires. Ugly had a calico colored set of ignition wires. Well, it’s going to be whatever it takes to make it work. The sum of the ignition wires on Ugly were new not more than eight months old. I came straight home not knowing where Toms was at with Ugly’s reconditioning.
Seams these days we take our chances upon where replacements parts are made anymore including their standards for quality.
Supper’s late this even Fried insisting I do my own cooking. A chunk of fried chick with cheese sprinkled on top, mashed potatoes (spelled with an “E”) and green beans. Shore wish them beans were fresh snappers. BGKC. Fernan


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Better then what John had for supper. He had to make himself some Ramen Noodle soup.