Sunday, July 11, 2010

Never fails

First things first I finished up the wood chopping with the splitter this am along with loading it all on the wood-hauler which made a generous red oak firewood load. That’ll be at least another rick.
)*&%^*^)_(&&%$$* Raccoons are trying too take over my barn. We’ve got four live traps and It’s hard telling where any one of them is when I need one. Regardless, Desperate to see if any of them have shown up at Demetrius’ and hounds, my most dependable raccoon dispatchers, They were two of them. Figuring somebody had to have been slightly out of their minds to bring them back I soon realized they were in such easy and handy reach for a change. Yup, a second closer look my eyes having no trouble seeing why, they needed repair. Why me? Why can’t somebody else fix them? Why? Okay I tote them home and set up shop under the big old maple tree shading our front yard. Making me an iced tea and asking Her Mostess if she cared to join me while I knitted a trap into usable shape once more, she did. While she rattled on about this’n’that my selective ear hearing half what she was saying. If its quality time she wants with me, she learned to take what she can get when she gets it. (hehehe)
The traps set using peanut butter bread this time I’ll see how many cats I get until the traps become raccoon useful curiosities. Lunch time sneaking up on me I had a pork burger for lunch. I‘ve heard the Europeans’ like them and Frieda made up a couple. Hey, they‘s alright, especially with a great big slab of raw sweet-onion on it/in it. Then it was time to head out with the loader JD for some hay baling and hauling.

By looking at the shadows they’s telling on me I didn’t quite finish my wood chopping last night.

Another rick oak firewood this morning.

Just before noon, one of the live traps needing repair. Those raccoons can be tough buggers. Look at what one of them buggers did to this steel trap!
Tell ya what. Anybody kissing one of them can take it home.
On hay making site, my looking into the Oliver’s fuel tank I could see the bottom. Being the area was small only an acre and a half or so I risked it and baled what little there was and made it unscathed. Besides I was with Tom upon his insistence and I’d have let him prime it if I hadn’t made it. Meanwhile, the Indy Ollie needs fueling before the tractor’s next running.
As it turned out I can and now myself use the on site loader for picking up our hay. So as it was we brought home two half dozen loads. A low tire aired up the bonafide hay wagon it’ll haul eight rounds from then on.
4:30 in the afternoon heat and humidity up there I think I’d already put in a good day. I see it time to taper off. Do something quieter maybe just as rewarding in another light. If I don’t fall asleep?

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