Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Let me sleep in one little bit over my usual hour and the phones start ringing, all both of them. First one, “Your cattle are out!” The next call, “You’ve got cattle both sides your fences that aren’t yours!” Then another something like this, “There’s a white faced Hereford bull running loose you don’t want on the our Shorthorn cows!” And then some more, “Your cattle are running through my yard!” All this going on down the road. Raymond was over some couple hundred miles away tending to another matter.
Answering all these none stop phone call interruptions I’m wondering if I’ll ever get my bibs on, let along manage to put my feet into my shoes. Tom was called, my picking him up on the way. On the other end Chip waking up to all the commotion comes out my immediately drafting him his help to round up. Contain, and try to figure out who the rainbow coalitioned herd belonged to. They weren’t ours. But, cattle being a social animal, cattle draw cattle. And we had these four varied aliens on both sides our fences.
Calling 911, there had no report of cattle missing. Now, what were we going to do with them. A pretty young female officer came out. Took the cattle’s descriptions and a couple close by cattle owners names and addresses. My unable t find one home, and Dave calling another two they denied they were theirs. While we tried to formulate a plan for capture the lady officer was more successful in possibly locating their caretaker. They had come from Beatle Bailey pasture after a willow try having come down flattening a fence. Ah ha! Nobody knowing these bovines, we learned they were visitors to Beatle‘s pastures and his more or less responsibility for sure. Our knowing our cattle I can give with a shout and some superlative words they’ll return where they belong. Bailey figured the same thing would take place with his responsibilities. The lady officer with the pretty brown eyes to whom I had told her I’d like to take her home, it not have worked out a Frieda would have made me bring her right back had offered to bodily help us until when she might be called away.
It was decided to run the four head together from both sides the fences and drive them back down into the creek bottom and their home grounds. The lady officer ducking behind a tree when a cow ran in her general direction, I suggested she take her car up to the crest of the hill from where it my be seen from both directions the road while we started the cattle drive. Sure enough the cattle drive worked. We wound up going across the road just barely pushing the cattle along their eventually leading us to where they had gotten out. All in all We all enjoyed ourselves Bailey’s livestock taking on a cross country scenic hike going home. An interesting side note I was verbally contemplating Bailey’s payment all our assistances. I was suggesting I could go, “Steak and eggs.” When we were all done I took up Baileys suggestion coffee and pie at the Crossroads Dinner. All in all it was a heck of a fun social event even to the livestock as well as our humanoid selves.
A salad and strawberry apple sauce I was on my way for the afternoon’s shop time. Yeah yeah, I wasn’t going do nothing for Ugly today, but as the day’s morning was wiped out by critters taken us for a cross country jaunt to go right back inside the pasture where they belong right through the very hole in the fence the willow tree had flattened, I had mellowed and other plans shot I put ugly back together again. Although I didn’t attempt to start it I thought about alternative way of trying get it going come tomorrow morning. Beside as if someone had set the clock mind hitting that proverbial daily wall. I even tried sitting it out, only it wasn’t going to happen. I gave up some and picked up some, closed up the shop while I was ahead and drifted home. One of the better parts of the day where my drives upon the open Cushman enjoying the breezes in my face and hair.
Here’s pictured Ugly’s timing gears and chain, just before I started putting Ugly all back together again.. I don’t see any way of getting them any straighter than this’Photobucket
So this was my day right up until Mother Nature making it my quitting time. And an oops I should have put a light battery charger on Ugly for the night. Oh well, such is the way the mop flops. BGKC.

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