Saturday, January 29, 2011

soap box and stuff

we're not far from you. had trouble with Consumers some years ago. They sent out an engineer as we weren't the only ones experiencing stray voltage.
I've got some shop work I have and want to get to. your equipment unfamiliar with me as well as your written terms I'll have to look it up later.
Meanwhile we've had to isolate every electrical circuit on the farms. We've ground rods enough driven if melted down and the metals re-rolled we've driven would be enough ground rods to stamp out a new pickup. Three rods for every fence charger. One rod for each and very circuit breaker box , in house (one twice) barn, shed, what ever. each service must have its own set of ground rods. Electrical power, telephone, cable, and of course the fence chargers and anything I've forgotten.. no-way may utilities share a ground rod.
I can think of only two more possibilities? you need to move your feeding area. the cows urine has earth so saturated with salty urine the earth (soil) may be carrying stray voltage.
Some years ago when living in South Haven Michigan a highly humid area along the Lake Michigan shore line (ideal fruit belt and vegetable belt area under that humidity) I had seen high-line towered power lines glow in highly humid conditions.
I and my paying guests had personally witnessed my Charter boat clocked in an eerie electrical charge everything glowing under a pinkish charge. If we were going to blow there was little I could do about it. we were six miles out of port.
Personally I think you need to move the feeding area to drier ground (un-heavely urinated upon) for another important possible try.
Have seen and heard those same power-lines interfere with am radio transceivers, also causing much interference with near by TV reception.
If your charger is connected to your power's same ground rod separate. they must not share the same ground as feed-back will assuredly happen if not already.
Sorry so long winded power sources and fence chargers drove us nuts for years.
I didn’t much of anything today. To damned lazy I’d guess. Picked up, sorted around the house, through out some useless papers for fire starting kindling.
Halleluiah! I found one of my computers books and the manufacture’s numbers (I hope?) for proof positive this thing is purchased registered to me and I’m entitled to download duh product’s drivers via email. Whooppeee! Still need to find all assessorial discs. Using them often easier for my reloading than kissing manu’s azzes.
Well, I’ve got more sorting and trash heaving to do. I think I’m actually making some blind headway.
It’s getting around to rattlers time. Been doing them earlier last couple months because I get so durn famished waiting for the schooled old hours I was brought up in once upon a time. Writing this early for a break I’d better be getting busy before my last hour and a half of light is lost. Chow!

A addendum: While going through an odd lot of boxes I found an old 1956 Flint phone book, an 1941 World Atlas, An old 1958 Esquire magazine that might have come from grandpa’s barbershop, and a 2004 50th anniversary Playboy. Good gosh We can’t keep all these books. These and many more around the house I may give them to the county Library some fit for genealogy study. I think (wink) I’ll hang onto the Playboy is spite the eye strain.
Darn it, Frieda found skating on TV. Ice dancing, the women so beautifully costumed, the guys in all their muscular support, lifts and holding all those absolutely gorgeous girls to look their bests. Myself uninterested in all this icy flu-flu I go find a sort during commercials. Wow, I’ve no idea how many stray CD, DVD, CDR, I’ve found. Peeking in on some of them it seems I’ve saved some good stuff. Most of it makes me laugh. Drat it, I wish these girls (women’s skaters) would quit falling down. My butt’s beginning to hurt and I’m only watching? LOL

1-28-201 Gotta have fun

Honestly, I’ve gotta have some fun. Something I want to do, not have to do. My plans include using it. And with a couple days some TLC I can get it out of the next big project’s way. So’s a wee bit of working on this latest Cushman acquisition enough only to be able to run the roads this next summer between the farms. I’ll sort-a make it a useful primadonna out of it later in steps. If I’ve got to get it out of the shop I’d at least like to have it in running order, as in not a capably finished coast to coast head turning Dolly. The 1st Cushman, this farm’s very busy personal carrier (me) has been a vehicle of interest wherever I have taken it with me to get me around varied AG shows. Where while she hasn’t been a very pretty girl always seen in her ten yr old work clothes since hitting her first field.
By the time I ended my play time it were 3:30 PM, cold and hungry. I was hankering for lunch and wouldn’t be known all over the galaxy I napped within the house’s splendid warmth. Ho boy, did 4:30 roll around to quickly. It was chore time. Besides I’d done enough for today. May be posted a wee bit late????

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weather’s gorgeous

Daytime temperatures running average 27*. A delightful temperature one needn’t dress beyond capability to move and low enough to hold for us what little snow we’ve been blessed with. We’ve perhaps all of about 3” snow laying around what hasn’t been driveways or yards what hasn’t been traffic packed. We’ve been daily blessed with an immeasurable (if it counts) snow flurry looking something like a miniaturized lumpy frost. Winter days like these we’ve had over the last couple weeks. Mother Nature has been easier on us thus far than most east and southern USA communities.
Computer’s still nuts my having 3 more related puter problems. It needs cleaning and re-inking. Can’t find my books or down load with out numbers. My ID compromised over shadows printer as well as everything else.
If I thought it do any good I’d purchase another operating program, then re-format my hard drive and start all over again. The last I’d rather have a professional do!
Had some serious running to do to day. By the time I got back it were past 2:00 PM. Had lunch and sat a spell trying my luck at puter fix for a few minutes. Nothing solved started chores. By the time I had covered two farms it was 4:00 PM, hardly enough time to start anything new Sundown’s start only a n hour away. Tried puter fix again and finding I know more and more less about it all the time.
About time it were good and dark I made myself comfortable for supper. Ate , then realized I hadn’t even kept one my promises. Redressed and walked over to mike’s to at least settle what he’d laid out for Calico’s parts he furnished. At that I forgot to take a phone number Frieda wanted me to give Annie. Just shows I guy can’t get it right every time. Mike had gotten me another mirror what definitely has some rather interesting mounting possibilities for designing a mirror mount making it universally functional both sides a hay mowing tractor so’s to help relieve the pain making turning my head facing crop harvesting less required.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thinking Spring & Summer

We're running more than a couple 1850's. We're a decrepit lot of handycapers. The old 90 hp class Ollie's about handle every machine on the farm. We've one fixed up odd ball Leland (badly mutilated by accident) for the grinder/mixer. It's more than enough 72hp for the job a WD45 can easily handle. It's fuel consumption issue between these two tractors, a can-a-gas every WD45 grinding. a couple cans diesel almost all winter long the Leland's grindings. As for more than one 1850, if one breaks down we've another one just like replacement. Being handicappers some immediate repairs may be beyond our immediate scope. As for haying perhaps little hp's needed for a light crop. Our equipment Vermeer's 605 & 554, Hesston's 1014 & 1345, These Ollie's with their more than enough weights with pulling and braking horses handle these machines through all conditions imaginable, up'n'down hills, slow starting a bale in a heavy crop with instant hydra or over-under shifting to moving it right along without gear shifting once the bale's started. Most embarrassing easy running Ollie running the 1345 can sure find me cutting off more than either baler can chew. The WD45 1st tractor on the farm been up-graded to a more powerful/heavier hp instant starting gas utility tractor capable of getting me out of Winter and Spring troubles as well as there for the yearly Spring forestry windfall cleanups (Winters firewood supplies) about fence lines (windrows, wildlife habitat) field and woodlots edges, then towing haywagons.
Sorry my long winded view. Just can't beat an 1850 for haying!
You betch-a, I know how to crank her up, I can get her started!
Plan was to pick up few groceries after med appointments over with. Even before leaving home, Frieda tells me, “I need a new hair brush.” I come back with, “Can you use one out of the tack box?” While I LOL, she fumed grumbling in no uncertain terms. Oh boy! This’d been a good maker-up-er one 20 yrs ago.
After the grocery store, I stopped us by the drug store for Frieda a new hair brush, same brand dairy milk’s lower price, and found I could buy more paper plates for less money at drugstore. Frieda’s comment, “You can always find things cheaper at the drug store especially right after you’ve bought it all at the supper market!”
Home-made sub for lunch with green bean salad, tropical fruit cup, and milk. I gotta have my milk. Then went to toting in all kinds firewood: elm, oaks, ash, iron wood, maple, cherry, box-elder, and some drying out standing poplar. I carried about almost a whole old Topper movie played on TV before I took first break. Wood-hauler more than half unloaded. All that time my secret Sweetheart tried using all here feminine while’s to get me down in the barn with her. Numerous hugs, trying to get my attention with some patty cakin‘. Even this time of year having round baled everything last Summer there’s no loose nor smaller square baled hay or straw in that barn. She just wanted me to give her something while I fed the rest the cats as well. Hussy!
Cats taken care of moving on I caught up feeding the ladies. Then finished carrying my my fire wood. I finished filling the house about two wheelbarrow loads what I’d like to have done and was very surprised that I had brought more in than I thought I had loaded upon the hauler.
I’m still fighting with this cussed putter. I/2 my Email’s screwed up, unable to down load my camera, and look smarter than I am. I was going to say something else and lost right in the middle of the thought. BUMMER!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just another day

Just another day to wake up to Frieda having already forgotten to tell me to get the trash out after I had finally gotten the Ladies water cooler thawn out. Should of seen them last night, so many of them gathered around the site to discuss yesterday’s activity. It was a sight to see.
I’ve already had two lucky moments go my way this very AM. I’d found the misplaced servo I had had a ride to go get last night. I’d never have misplaced it while getting out Frieda’s useless vacuum cleaner hose, one. The same hose I carried outside and hadn’t even used.
The other equally important before a house exiting meeting the elements of the day, I actually figured out how to put that stubborn utility knife back together. To fully assemble it I had to put it together upside down, roll it over for inserting the only assembly screw what held it all together.
My assumption, It must have been put together by two Chinamen south of the Equator. One of them assembling it, the other one screwing it up from down under.
Now if I can get dressed correctly without mommy’s help? Then just as soon as dawn starts squeaking over the eastern horizon I’ll still be warm enough to momentarily grab the spool of twine just out side the door for the final gift wrapping touches I weekly add to/for our roadside trash pickup.
Could be I’m already looking like another fun day ahead of me. (written 7:25 AM this very same date) LOL
Holy smokem’s. As naughty as I was, out so late last night figuring I’d have to settle in for a thawing vigil over the water fountain’s survival, before I had accumulated a couple new ideas: turn up furnace, find hose, grab a folding chair, I had rolled me a smoke. All the new ideas coming to light under the night’s darkness and springing (allow me one old lie once in a-while) and spring into action I never got it lit. Viva la grand-a I had another smokeless day.
“Dirty Diapers.” I had gotten the trash out. I was ready for breaking-fast. I’d worked up an appetite. It’s spose get up around 30* temps, warned a chance of freezing rain, is this gonna be our January thaw? (written 8:10 AM this very same date) LOL
It’s 12:10 PM just walked in. have just finished putting half the new sparkplugs in the easy side of Calico’s V8 engine. 27* noticeable wind to me at least sheltered on two sides the barn yard. Just decided it a good time for lunch before something’s broken. That’s quitting for lunch while I’m ahead.
It’s almost 6:30 PM. Been in for a little while. Changing Calico’s last four sparkplugs were easier to change than the first four. Trial drive got Calico in shop and replaced actuator for the 4x4 driving. I think the part failed to fix the problem. Nuts. Starting and running easier. Put a load of firewood on hauler and backed it up to deck. Fed the ladies, all of them appearing happy seeing me. Feeling somewhat worn down I come in before sundown for a change. I even brought in all the walking canes Frieda’s asked about. Missing them its her fault insisting my taking one each time I go outside. Trying to get in her head I find knee relief with cane’s use on longer walks.
While eating my supper I sat here able to see the single smoke I hand rolled yesterday. Well I didn’t smoke it then, still haven’t smoked it to day.
Calico running we each a med appointment to keep in Otisville tomorrow morning.. She needs a few groceries, so for convinces sake we’ll shop Otisville’s supper market. Can’t justify driving an extra 12 mile trying to save a few pennies wasting the gas, Soooooo!
I need to carry in some wood. I don think there’s a whole wheel burrow’s load in the house this evening. Few arm full’s will surely carry us through morning. Besides wood toting 10 min or so at a time is much easier than 30 to 40 min all at once. Of-course I want to work on my latest Cushman if I can find it. The troops had found it more convenient to stack it a mess for me to take ca of rather than put whatever they where through with away.
Tonight’s dessert was a tasty one. For Christmas someone had gifted us a fancy box of mixed chocolates. The first half of the box was edible for a couple of gummers, but the second half loaded with nuts, peanuts mostly, I suggested putting them in the blender. It took a bit of grind/mixing longer than the usual and came out as a good ice-ream topping, something liken a dab of peanut butter thrown in.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Making observations?

I should be sorry for this one….. I noticed this evening when sun down rolls the earth around sundown is just as dark as it has always been, BUT later these prettier days. ……as silly as it may seem.
Next observation a wee bit closer to home.
This one’s on meself. Been experiencing the shakes off and on. I’m becoming used to the spells. However, they may become really bad when I’m in a rush over either a particular moment to finish putting together a set of minor parts making a whole; or’ how about when I’ve what seems like a fist full of those changeable utility knife blades trying to put one where it belongs while extra replacements that are where they belong stay there?
How about meal time eating table ware utensils: knives, forks, spoons; particularly the spoons. Trying to keep a pea on a fork long enough to move it only from plate to lips has become a center ring event. And, I happen to like the frozen variety just barely warmed so they may still explode in the between my gums when I chomp down on them. Giving up on forks I’m graduated not just to a teaspoon, I’m talking here about moving all the way up to a big mouthed table spoon so’s I may enjoy a grand big bite before half of them have bailed over spoon’s edges. Ha-ha, Not over filling the deep dished table spoon I may still enjoy those lightly steamed frozen green peas to their popping bests. (This was all last night.)
This morning started with me wanting to make T-calls. Instead started my day out with moved WD45 ‘s wood hauler backed to the wood pile. Tom was coming to grind. Aka Greene now aka Calico, well until its all green again, had refused to start through to this evening. Water fountain froze I replaced missing light socket and bulb, and hopped for the best. Got the Leland out set up to grind and it quit running. A Diesel powered engine quitting? It maters little, couldn’t get it started right a-way. Found it to be something wrong in ignition switch! Used another key. Grain ground, I celled for parts. Went by Mike’s picked them up, delivered ground grain, and it were lunch time. Lunch time out of way wasn’t enough time start making parts exchanges under hood. Made more cell for best actuator prices. Going $80.00 to #160.00 new. Junkyards half price same part the higher quoted prices, I opted for the chain store cheaply with the one yr warranty. Oh ya. Calico refusing to go, will around the corner took me to buy it. Getting back Hoping for the best didn’t do it. Packed a flashlight on my hip and went checking. Fountain still froze. I run out power cord from barn, packed Frieda’s hair drier on my other hip. All systems go with some added ingenuity water remained froze. Checked my pipes in the basement. my pipe was alright. Already using Frieda’s hair drier, what the heck I borrowed her vacuum cleaner hose. By the time got back water’s running. Lucky me I got to put it all away. Got in 7:30 just in time for the ever beloved cattleman’s favorite supper, beans. Organized I should be a real up and go-er by morning.
Thank you for the comments everybody. They’re appreciated.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some admissions

So, today's written 2 part.....
This computer is still down as far as I’m concerned. I had managed to save all my writing and some pictures. Everything else is gone. I had found on “C” drive an original copy of my computer’s original systems. I managed to set that little bit of wedge on my hard drive, formatted the rest of it and now starting over. Worst part I don’t remember where I could immediately lay my hands on all the books when needed. Such is the goofy way I do things. So, because I have so many irons in the fore, so to speak, it’ll some long bunches of days before I’m a full fledged nuisance, why hadn’t he been right on lost. Dumb me I forgot to set aside all my favorite sites. I remembered most and I am peeking in, as a silent observer.
In one my yesterday’s moment’s, taken inventory one more time I found while I didn’t have all the matching parts I had wanted for my Quadracycle I found I was in better shape than I had thought. While it may take a wee bit ingenuity to put two odd pieces together, there’s the fun in this building project. WOW! When Greene’s out of the shop, I’ve still got my winter project to keep me evening wrenching. Glory be! Sometimes it only takes a couple moments to look about us to look over our blessings. What a wonderful, as it is filled may be physical and/or emotional. It’s such a wonderful gift not to waste a single day of it. For there are many corners to turn for dreams and love. Lawd, don’t waste a single one of them.
What the H___ do these guys think, I am and around the clock machine? Worked Truck all day, now sitting here reworking putter, could even go into all night? Well if it do, it do!
Frieda is trying to tell me it isn’t the secret ingredients in her tomatoes sauces sickening me. Now that’s just plain watch-dog hockey on sheer ice. She blaming my upset stomach up on the tea I’m drinking. Well I ain’t admitting to anything. But, understand just the same, I’ve cut the tea in my tea water by half. I think it one of Herr Clink’s ploys to make me leave more tea for an Englishman to drink. One thing sure this ain’t no Boston tea party. I wasn’t there. Now I’m objecting ti her messing in mine. But she’s raising my ire just the same. She’d just better be careful trying to come between me and my tea pot. grumble, grumble, growl, growl!)
3:30 PM Greene rolled out of mike’s shop and done to soon. He’s orders for three race cars. Come spring I’ll finish up the mechanical odds and ends first for comfortable riding/driving. As Summer gets on I’ll try to take on the cosmetic surgery. The least of it, it feels good having my wheels under me again.
5:00 PM Greene’s sitting down by the barn all unloaded. Truck inside and out at least swept as clean as it is going to get for awhile.

Small fire

Pickup smashed up a month ago (MAIN TRANSPORTATION). About repaired enough to drive. then its out for use, specially groceries. Normally got a tractor issue to fix. This yr supposed to be 2sd hydradrive this winter. To break the boredom have collected, started assembly quadracycle to include an engine for the hills. The way I see the roads around here they're all up hill. Overhauled my Cushman truckster last yr. So durned handy about the farm (100a) bought me another one for the road. Gonna be a real summer fuel miser for them short runs into the local villages. Got two all of 4mi away either way (E & W). Shop unheated it holds my day’s attention about 4hr a stretch at best. Neighbors shop heat about block walk his eye sight better than mine welds my quadracycle parts together for me evenings. In between chores I tote wood in for the fire. Aught to be bottling my wine. Been putting it off for if I did that I’d likely have nothing else to do. Gonna be aged 15 lustrums come June around about Fathers Day. Saving myself for about twice the number drinks doc allows me a wk. Will likely need 2 canes hold me up rather than for the usual catching party coming girls. Be durned they ain’t looking younger to me everyday. I’ll sure be glad when Summer gets back again so’s I can get some rest.
One of two parts

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What A Grand Day

Good gosh I don’t know where to begin. So straight out the door the WD45 started right up as if it were just-a waiting for me. Drove slow to shop some what into the winds cross from left to right. In shop I grabbed everything I could think of to make my straightening the Greene out, and once again useful. I filled a whole 2bu tub full of more tools, supplies for making more tools, more smaller than I already had blocking, and more forgotten absolutely needed whatever the stuff was?
I even made one side stop to check on the Loopiest Lady in the neighborhood. I know I didn’t call ahead. As the the weather was I wasn’t about to have frozen on the very spot after digging so very deep to find the cell phone I had put on first this morning. Even Scooby Doo didn’t even tell me I wasn’t gonna be welcomed in cause his mistress was resting. So I continued on right out of the out drive headed for home. While I had had a late breakfast my nose was chilling to the bone with a great bid ice cycle having formed off the end on my nose making me look ridiculous I just a knew I had to stop off at home for an early energy lunch if I weren’t so perish sitting one WD45’s backside.
Lunch consumed, WD45 and I were off and running again one gear dropped to save and/or take advantage of saving face a second time this very invigorating day. Parking spaces at a premium I parked right in the way, and I’ll bet there are some think I do everything in an unorganized manner. Walking into shop, Mike says, “Oh no, not more junk?”
I went straight to my work jacking as much of the Greene’s damaged multiple faceted rocker panel as I could handle. Taking a short break Mike stepped up to tackling my bent up problems. Working on it as if it weren't his truck he dared doings to do I had held in reserve fore myself. Besides, As bad as the damage was I figured he could do little more.
Here’s where I’ve got to hand it Mike, He’s an artist. He’d managed to straighten a totally lost rocker panel assembly. So well he did the back (3rd door) closed and latched the likes it had never done before.
Mike called to supper, Myself absolutely delighted with Greene’s many advances in repair and having hit my wall earlier I helped him call it a day.
Tomorrow were going to attempt the new doors fitting’s. I also told Mike I’d still appreciate his help making fix my 4x4 drive, and get me out of his doors and riving again. I also suggested I could handle bumping out the cargo box, applying the new cosmetic rocker panel, the new lower cabin replacement cap as the Spring weather were about to bless us with in just a few short weeks. I’ll have all summer to fill, sand, prime and repaint Greene. (I may even go so far as to repaint the whole thing my favorite year round color, Yeller!) (I’m wondering how Greene’d look with wiggly brown camouflaging strips?)
What a glorious day it has been. Good news, I haven’t lost face, still got all my fingers and toes. Bad news, neighborhood’s passing around a partition to take my driving privileges even away before I should run into a fur coated neighborhood Lady.
Anybody reading this should know the whereabouts of a Cushman Truckster 2 speed differential transmission I’ll deeply appreciate hearing about it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

the day

Worked some on pulling truck back into its somewhat original shape. Need more blocking. Must go to shop tomorrow. I know its going to be another cold ride for sure.
Got two bus mirrors at prices I like, $free. That’s at least four down and at least another dozen to go. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to bring me some more.
Snow depths general remain the same. The weather is astonishingly balmy with out and one slicing wind chills.
Most hours ever put into truck. Need to find and make a couple new tools. Blocking needs I require ia4’s and 2x4’s cut into true short working for blocking in 4”, 5”,6” ,7”, 8” lengths or in the working neighborhoods there of.
Been no word on neck scans, pictures, whatever. Laying under truck good part of day I’ve got one of them kinks back.
Using cane more steadily these days particularly for longer walks. Helps left calf and connecting calf.
Well I’d guess a few words are better than one.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another mixed day

Morning started before 7:00 AM here to be on time for my 1st of three med-appointments all finished by 12:00 Noon.
I managed to find me a rear door. the transfer-case has been washed, sanded, ground, and JB welded.
I looked at the truck body for a spell trying t figure out how to go at it. Maybe I can hammer out some kind of a cab corner. I’ve got more than enough steel to go through a sheet metal break to make my kind of proper rocker panels. Tomorrow I’ve got round up a box of assorted micro lengthed jacks and see what I get from there. Shocks this isn’t a new virgin truck. It’s an eleven year old obsolete model by most measured thoughts. just so it looks reasonably good and fit enough to do its job around here. meanwhile I’ll dream about a 1909 vintage Ross-Royce in the garage Ive just haven’t had tome to build for it. for those putting on the dog weekends what just happen to come up every five or six years or so. meanwhile I’ve even managed to just gotten in by 9:30 PM under a full moon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

going down time

If I get anything said here it will be a mirical of sorts.
Thie computr so virus infected thare all most a continioue time my even getting on here to say we'll be down for a while.
Geene is in neighbors shop rying out for a miride pile of repairs. inside and dry thats where it is going to remain untill fully repaired.
Our medical appointments continue going on. Cycling recycling transportation is a very time consuming afair some days. a snap others.
Sitting inthe middle of s possible sleet storm getting out for five stops that could go undone could br thr sum of this day. Med appointments to morrow morning, on way home have one more Greene truck to posssibly bring home requiring a rebuilb even for its reuse. Wish I could get on and share written and rad (red) adventures the length and bradthour grand country and will be sorrily missed.
Any one knowing my othere couplr hsng out ou plresepass this glad news along. I can just emagine all the joyious parties celebrating my absence. bu with the grace of all the Gogs, Moter Suprior, and mother nature, I shall return. (hehe) LOL
Even as I write this I'm being warned i'm bad and xhould be closed.

I love all the ladies who've loooked in and Frieda's onna have to do with more the loco hugs and we''ve got thr loco'd around here to prove them.
Bye for now. will be back when all conditions permit
May the all be blessed under many "Rainbows."

Monday, January 17, 2011

True confessions

I sort-a written two confessions and when I got down to the bottom line last night I didn’t post either post then. Might say they were even a little to racy for me, and via true confessions and that’s no exaggeration.
LOL, truthfully I had more or less written more than one story as I usually (or separate entries) as I often do. This cussed computer still acting up in sort-a driving me nuts. It’s coming along as long a a board don’t crack and let the whole machine down.
I really put more effort into fixing this thing than I already have if it weren’t for two other what I considered important issues these days. 1st, the more important one is our aging healths, I I’ve either two or three appointments starting a 7:30 AAM this wed morning. 2nd, problem neding immediate attention is any one of our modes of transportation workable for out very seasonable weather. Greene’s parked at Mike’s so I’m not collecting more wheel thrown snow up in the wheel wells.
Regardless the either the displacement or loss of my journals last offering the computer’s healing possesses are coming along very nicely.
one more thing I hope my written efforts haven’t made a written liar out of me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ever have……

….one the days if it could go wrong it did.
First it snowed. An appointment mike made for a wood cutting project was postponed countless times during the day for imagined snow plowing.
I had stayed to myself until half the troops had abandoned the grinding mixing. Going out the one I could other wise call mouty had left leaving Tom alalone with grinder repairs. It was a good idea I had gone out. With out Tom and I both working on I Tom was ready to give up on it. Together shaing know how, knowledge as to ag parts unusual workings, between us we got it working good enough to finish today’s grind.
Tom put machinery in barn ass backwards. His plan’s to rework troublesome parts all over again one day this week. I bet I get dragged into it one way or another.
Was supposed to meet with Mike for making fix the Greene. Between his unkept appointments we didn’t get much done to the Greene. Tim in his rounds picked up a bushel basket full of Greene engine parts, unasked. How may friends do that for you? I set in Greene turned key and the OD Greene started for just as if there hadn‘t been anything wrong with it for over a week. Have you ever wanted to go out with you 45 magnum and to put a a contrary motor vehicle out of your misery.
Biggest disappointment to day Greene Still sitting outside. Have no idea when I’ll get to work on Greene body reformation again. Drat!
Despite disappointments at least it wasn’t a blizzardy day to have had all that outside good time fresh air fun.

Friday, January 14, 2011

1-14-2010 gemeniritors

I know’s 4 thing about’em.
1. Keep dry with fresh gas handy by.
2. Don’t plug nutten in until warmed up.
3. Unplug everthing fore shutting engine off.
[Warning on machines says so 2&3.[
$. Anybody know where I left mine????

I’m pizzed off.
Flipping Doctors want to see ya in morning. Your well rested. Ya ain’t done nothing all day then ask if ya hurt here or there, anywhere? Stupid question it there ever was one when a body isn’t doing nothing!
Well of course not. Ain’t don’t nothing what hurts. I ain’t put in a day’s work at varied farm jobs yet. Then when I do some those same pains are the same, some different. Ain’t had to do something different either?
Ask the medical wizards on a day off to just follow me around for a farmer’s day‘s work. This ain’t no problem….we got seven of them a week. They renege. Saying you just getting old. Okay I know there’s no known new cures for old aged bones wearing out! Advice, take it easy, when bulldogging a calf gets any easir, when mdwifing a calf’s birth any easier, when fixing fence and keeping them in at the same time ever gotten easier, when a machine’s got to be fixed to beat a storm gotten easier. When hooking up a supposedly easy implement gotten easier to put together on ever bigger and bigger as the machines get larger.
I come in on my last legs anymore carrying a cell phone should I get into trouble (heart) Often pack a walker along with as well as carry a cane should my left calf or left knee go out.
I can’t got down to either basement evenings for freezer or laundry because I’ve become uneasy the uneasy hours (after hours my wife calls them.)
I’ve managed to make pads for ultra sore knees because replacements won’t let me down for machine repairs or unplugging. I wear aa almost to foot long preheated rice pack about my neck to relieve what pains it will. I’ve made my own sitting chair cushion to relieve several tailbone injuries over my years plainly growing up. Then only treatment found via specialist is a step laddered pat on the head as though I were a child. It’s no long all that easy being a new or strange child’s fantasy thinking me Santa Clause because it is so rifling painful getting back up again.
I’ve set in my Doc’s office late afternoons tears running down my cheeks in pain while wising crack jokes to ease my pain. It is not funny MaGee when I feel short changed upon what I may still do for my community while trying to stay robust in the only ways I know how I may contribute to my community.
I love my wife most of all, the kids, te open air, critters, working the fields for plantings and harvests. I don’t appreciate being treated as a morning child.
Fernan Gruber

I’ve had all manner of thoughts for the quack I saw yesterday…and I mean I had some difficulty cleaning that single term up. Between my sacrumiliac’s pain and my neck’s pain in every direction I usually accepted even limited turning as unimpeded I hurt. The GD ^&$%%(&*%* Motrin Didn’t do a thing for me. I had to get back into my heavy duty acetaminophens. Such pain I had lost all interest in supper for I doubted I could keep it down. Best I think I could safely handle was drinking a whole bottle of Chardonnay for a chaser.
Was going to be a simple day. I take today to refill the house with wood would leave my next few days free for other pursuits. One of them the Greene. Mike’s loaning me garage space for trade determined later. One tire low on the wood-hauler I carried what air I had all the way up from the barn. Tire inflated, the WD45 started without hesitation. Warmed I moved the trailer into wood filling position started filling it with one Sweetheart’s loving interruption and had just short filled it to the brims. I only had so much room in the house. Dark only an hour away (speaking nothing a nap’s interference) I had the load carried in in 40 minutes. Determined to finish I was a feared if I sat only for a moment I’d never gotten it unloaded until next week. My hope is taking Greene apart to find just how bad the damage is and go from there. I think the drs repairable, mike wants replacements. While I think I can skin them I’ve got the steel. This project is supposed to start tomorrow morning. (If I’m sober?)
When I walk over to mike’s tonight I’ll likely stagger than swagger. I’ll let my notes know when I get back
Saw mike just gtting back. E reports he’s fount me a real front door for not to bad a price. His picng me up tomorrow we’re going looking some more. He knows where he can wheel and deal as hes got a few indebted customers out there just a waiting a square dealing. Also mentioned rotor, cap, and plugs for Greene. I’m gonna be fully broke by this time tomorrow if he has his way. (LOL)
Truck’s going in shop sure. I also mentioned a we bit rouble with 4X4 non working. Didn’t phase him a bit. Why is it I know my debt is already mounting and we’re only still talking. (LOL) it’ll be good having Greene moving again whatever it costs.
He als nows where I can get better price breaks on everything I need. Those breaks could make a difference.
I’ve unusually drinkened my mad on with the Quack out my mind. That be a Hell of a way oing through life in a constant stupor.
Wish me Luck

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1-13-2011 I tryied

….And darn it Frieda’s no help. I’ve another day lost!!!!
After I had gotten home yesterday afternoon, had lunch, set here for a while knowing I’m fully on my own, I went outside preparing the Greens for movement. Mike building no cars righ now. He keeps his shop heated. It’s an ideal time for me to get Greene in If I can talk Mike into an IOU lucky if h should eve collect deal. The original old grainer with an inside sliding door was jammed near shut. I had to squeeze my big body thru a nine inch hole. Something I hadn’t impressionably done fore at least 53 years. Oe inside I had found rodents had gotten inot a left ove bundle Rockwool insulation and bad built for them selves a rather sturdy nest behind the dorr in it door pocket. As saft as I was equipped I kept my gloves on to dig the varmints abode out. I select a piece of plywood for a left Greene side template piece only to find later it’d be to small. Figures! With JD I prepare to push Green down the road with hay bail without tail end damage.
Be my luck Tom will feed out the bale so I can start all over again….That is if I can even get an even break from the brains of this outfit, Herr Clink! No, I’m noy mad. Just well pizzed!!!
Hell, only a few more weeks it’ll be spring and I wont have time.
The way they’s squashing cars for that $0.11/# a used part’s impossible to fin. I figure if I can get my side doors off I’ll be able to straighten and refit them. I’ve done it before, I ought to be able to do it again. The door frames straightened and refit the reskininng will be easy. I should have all repairs done in two weeks, including fixing distributor, spark plugs, and srvo or relay replaced on front axle.
So the old bad feeds me, As there’s no point my going to see Mike until he comesw home from his day job. Whats the old bag do to me?????? He leaves me sitting sleeping until 9:00 PM. Well rested for an all night MM dreaming.
I swear…dealing with women a man can’t win for losing!!!!!

1-12-2011 I’m Back

Doc tells me "You've an old neck." Humongous fungus, I had ready knew that.

Nothing can be done with the eye the back of the eye having ruptured and bled several tines has distroyed the retina.

First thing next Wed morn I'm slated for two more tests: An intervenous something'r'other, then a bone density test, followed by a cat-scan. Hello, I got a cat I can throw at'em.

What I like these Dotors want to see ya fresh out of bed when nothen'ens been done nothing.

It'd be different if he were here when I've get some mirrors????????

Showed him a couple mt innovations, he asks, "Why would you get down on your knees?" I tells him to either fix or unplug a machine." and got back a small "Oh."

I don't think these guys have ever lived in the real world looking at me as if I don't know what bothers me?

I guess I'll see what happens this nexk month?. UM hospital is only 75 miles away.

My problem? "You've got an old neck!"
As if I didn’t already know, Dick Tracy.. Then these Doctors want to sss a body bright, fresh, right ut of bed, and ask, “Where do you hurt.?”
I hurl anywhere from about the middle of the day on into the evening often time the pain causing me to call it quits!

I’m not at all happy…..thinking about it I had better spout off next time if I’m going to put an ened to these steplaffered pats on my head. I pizzed. Now, regardless what I say…

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-2011 wish me luck

Received phone call my neurosurgeon appointment has been moved uo to tomorrow from week ago yesterday while bringing all the requested and required most recent papers, x-rays, and MRI pictures with me. This was my task today. Unable to find me an available driver (transportation I luckily involved my doubting Thomas Brother to haul My arse around the circuits still picking up more pictures in technicolor this time plus to set in on the conferences. While I'm not laying any bets off track keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.
I only worry about myself because Herr Clink continues to need me. There is the frightening talk about opening my back to work upon my spine which I'm assuming is turning into an understandable necessary shade of yellow. I don't care about myself making room for a deserving youngster taking the space I may leave open to him. If I survive this test I've already promised myself when I'm up I'll get this fouled up puter (word processor) going again under a survivors hands. I'll do what my great grand children to know how, when, we lived and loved.
SO think of me now and then extending as many good vibrations my way my soul may hold to steady the surgeons hands if it comes to cutting if and when should it come to that If I may continue Herr Clink's irritating I haven't gotten around to just yet.

"Rainbows" and "DeColores" all my friends.

Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10-2011 A difference makes

Alright, let us all face it, I've got a few details at to whats been happenning around here mixed up. Seeing as how this all comes natural to me anyway, I'm not going to chnage or rearrange a thing. I needn't be confused anymore than I already yam.
Onto my day's first adventures. I had noyiced the troops had finally gotten some grain ground. Today. The Leland plugged in for some 24 hrs should have started easily. Fried a had let me snooze through the whole operation. I think that was yesterday?
Now onto today's adventures. Bro' called early and indicated he ge along shortly to pick me up for obscuring some more shelled corn. While he was inside one of he loco hands addisited me in filling the empty grain box. The handyman having other responsibilities H left me to tie down my load. Such a grand time I locating each and every grommet of correct rubber tie down that held the canvas cover down to something or other. As it turned out all the pieces came out just right, the green canvas looks as if iy is being held up on the orange cargo vis a giant sized spider.
Regardless what it looks like there are hopefully more than enouhg rubber starps so duport the eneviable snoloads.
The whole motored four or five hour adventur, my sprnding most my time picking after the other's to even include the last ride home when I got out of Bro's Truck I had merely slid the rubber bucket under the cargo box, leaned my cavas covering tools tenpoarily against the same gargbox and head for the ram, reaching right on time. placeing my left hand upon the railing it held me while My left leg gave away letting me go down. An od sensation, no pain, just a rubber leg uninterested in doing anything. On the ramp I stiff armed walked my way up to the house. I was never so delighted to be inside anyplace as I was twsterday.
Nadly settled in wanting lunch I delay because somebody had said they'd be right along, about the time I enjoyed my last morsal the phone started ringing. My nearoglgists office called asking I move my appointment up to this Wednesday giving me roughly ten minutes for me to finish putting my Shyiyt together. William wasn't home. My Brother doubting I've a serious medical problem I called him!!! This'll serve him right. I'll use him to cart my arse around the local community to pick up my most recent x-rays, the Druggist's latest print out my present medications, and promise to run me around tomorrow's dawn for the rest of my needs getting us my to new Dr. Lopez.

I wonder if I dare ask him how long it's been since he's swum the Rio Grande?

I think I had mentioned I found a decent working bicycle for next to nothing to hang on front of tractor. Ya suppose they still make training wheels for them?

I've been hinted at it is bed time. "Nighty nighty."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1-7-2011 Finished wit

Didn't get far today. Nect is already paining me where else? In the neck.
Dug up some bills, wrote checks, licked envelopes, and stamps. Was done in nothing flat. Didn't take near the time to do this old fashion way than as compared to my uncountable hrs spent banking the other day. Really, who needs it?
Filled-in/filled-out/fill-new pages for my next physical examination. 32 of them no less. about the only thing they didn't ask was if I brushed my teeth before going to bed.
I almost feel as if I've got cramped hands. This studious hand writing. Studied Greene damage again today. I think I can make fix. I have worked on worse.
Sun shining I took a splendid walk down the road to mike's. Gave back books to Annie Frieda had borrowed. Bless her heart Annie refilled the bag. I had even taken a carrier of small sized wine bottles with. What I didn't polish off I set in his pop machine. (They're kinda like samplers if they last that long. Frieda made me take a nap. While I was out like a light, Frieda never bothered to wake me. I could have at least tried to have gotten under foot.
AND, the biggy, I added 2 new #'s on my cell ph.

1-9-2011 Ain't easy MaGee

Ain't easy MaGee
Sure ain't easy getting back home (board). First off it only took me some time within a weaks length to be learn't I can't use my own name because it already belongs to me. Personally I'm seeing all this new fuss as perhaps a ploy to cause me to give upon any comment I might have wanted to say forgotten before I forgotten what it was I wanted to say to begin with, I think?

I want to thank my parents for having had no more sense than they had misstakenly bringinging me into the world. I want to thank, uh what's her name for having entraped me in this institution where in I may call home if I've made entry with a mean skilleted kaw-whopping I most likely had coming, and of course all those short minded folk who have never had any better sense than having red me before they had realized what they've been doing.

Lastly and most importantly I wish Roberts in GA and NY as we all fearfully face the future for I also fear my own pain easied days ahead without a cippling end.

respectfully denied once more
AKA Fernan

Saturday, January 8, 2011

11-8-2011 another first

I made a modern move today, I did my banking over the net. Thought it were going to take me forever while I muddled through it. I ahcieved another crest. Golden fishhooks I used to take high waves washing over the length of the BIG FOOT TOO and bring it home between the piers without a worry in the world, if it were by divine providence.
Frieda won't handle the money, not that there isn't much of it. I remember making it, bring it home, and her divine providence to make certain it were all put back into circulation. GW should have loved her...headachy, Frieda insisted i take my nap with my all consuming hot rice eating snake wrapped about my neck. I guess I needed it. I slept easily five hours. During that time she'd said Sparky had called to bring my wood in. Thankful I had gotten it in last night.
Oh crap, now I've got yo write some checks. Will never figure it out why they give me more than the money they've supposedly got in the bank themselves????? Irregardless, I'm just a knowing there are some hoping to hear from me even bearing gifts. A silly tradition if there ever was one. Well I gave up Christmas cards with the loss of my fist fortune. Butts; I stay in contact and I write them just the same.
Later when hopefully I've really got something more impotent to say.

11-8-2011 What else

It is so very pretty here. An absolutism gorgeous winter wonderland.
I can't get a single thing here to run. The new engined Cushman started ti late just as cold weather nailed it, so I can't warm it up enough to even fine tune it. Then for what ever reason The WD45 refuses to start for me ths AM. Carburetor likely frozen. Greene truck won't start my trying every trick in the book and some dtill unwritten and it won't go. I suspect it needs a new set of spark plugs. Hard telling the last it had had a set put n it.
Being the weekend with more than enough help down at the other end I hear tell they's need none of my help to fix it. Now I'm wondering just what they meant by that?
I've been outside feeding animals and moving the charger from engine to engine and back again. The diesel's plugged in and only enough grain for a two bag mix. Oh well, such is the way Bro' does things. A two bag mix won;t last long. One sneaky thing I did I aded a quart of gas and a cup of alcohol to the diesel's fuel tank to prevent any fuel filter jelling.
Not yet noon and I'm ready for an afternoon nap. About an hour to go on the charger I'll wait until the charger's been put back inside. All for now I diffidently need to find something else to fill my winter boredom.

Friday, January 7, 2011

1-7-2011 I got it.....

...I did everything I wanted to with two exceptions

First excception my trying to put my breakfast milk away I got into a rediulasly 3-legged dog legged walk in the kitchen headed me for the woodstove in the front room when my hand had grabbed at a passing doorway opening and I hung on. Surprising even me it took some moments for me to realize what had happened.
William unable to help me keep my neurosurgeon appointment the 17th I found Annie will take me. Bless her heart! I've still have them to tell of all my troubles.
I managed to carry in all my loaded wood. Whew, glad that's done, with only one tricky knee movement. Thankfully I didn't fall out of the wood hauler trailer.
Sheesh! One of the troops chickening out opening another green hay cell bowed out to let me do it. The whole proccess went quite smoother than I could have evened imagined.
Now that the wood hauler is emtyed, if Frieda's really got to get to either the crossroads of Otisvile for some quick shopping I can slip her rocking chair in there and that'll make her a happy for camper some loco shopping. Any longer trips will require wait for Spring weather and taking some of the longer way to get there.
I'm well pooped gotta eat and want to head for bed I've earned it, I swear on seated hands.

1-7-2011 Taken time.....

....that it used to do move fire wood. Wasn't difficult loading wood hauler parking it dead enter seasoned cherry. So that's what I loaded in two stints. Had to back that load up to the deck four times before I hit it just right. That deck instead of half half way around the house I think it 3/4's the way by today's calculations. Course Summer's almost here and I can pull it back around out front including the post holes. and re packing hydralically this next time.
Been toting wood for an hour now and the way its loooken I'll be lucky to have it all in before sundown tommmory night. Funny how a tea break looks so much more inviting than getting the job done for something stronger.
Well it's time go look like I think I know what I'm doing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-7-2011 It ain't funny

I got my MRI news yesterday. My drive-in privileges have been taken away. There's certain family and some outsider he-hawing at my latest predicaments lately. soooooooooo, laugh your silly asses off when youv'e had your driving proviledges taken away from you.
We're three miles from anywhere. At my ade I'm glad it isn't any further that that. Think about it three miles to nearest grocery, drug, post office, bank, hardware, etc, etc, etc. so feel good about yourselves and all the fun you may continue jeering a crippled up. All of a sudden I'm feeling real bad about unable to help a neighbor in worse shape than I am any more.
Between the cartilage worn so damned thin between my vertebra and numerous numbers of arthritic spurs grown about the edges of these vertebra i'm considered exceptionally good at managing my pain. I'm no long capable of managing my lapses in mind (active memory) my routine everyday life everyday. What it amounts to is bending over and keeping right on going. What it amounts to never knowing when I'll uncontrolably keel over backwards (thrice day before yesterday. What it anounts is an old sailor unale to manage his sea legs, What it amounts to is appearing in a drunken stuper my haben't had a dink i weeks. What it amounts to all boils down I've only so many managable hours to either do or get anything done around the farms anymore. I have to inkling my time line, and it bothers me. If it weren't for one promised responsibility.......I laugh to push my pain away when it hasn't cold cocked me. So laugh and Yuk it up, Cretins. A half hr and cold before dark evening last I still hadn't carried a stick of wood into the house. At least I've got the wood hauler backed up to the wood pile. That was all I could manage late yesterday's after noon. (After a cold arsed ride to Otisvile for one cheap little resister so's tractor could run at all.
I find out in 2wks id surgery's possible and the if there's going to be a healing period and for how long...
GD it this like getting my shoes nailed to the floor my ot able to get anywhere. May my nailed down shoes pinch somebody elses feet for awhile.
You may have the soap box back watch the wear on the top boards.
And "Rainbows" for those really worthy of them.

1-6-2011 more Today

Cheeses'n'Crackers, Only,thing I got running to day was the god old 1957 WD45 after I replaced the burned out ignition resister. Ran like a clock all the way over to otisvile and back like a well made gold pocket watch. I purchased my new supply of starting fluid and wrote all over the cans everybody else keep their grubby hands off them, Or some thing to thay effect. About time I get home, have ther tractor and wood hauler backed up to the wood pile, I was hungry needing so energy lunch.
Then the phone call come, "Can you come to doctors office right away?" Darn it I was only a mile from there about half hr 45 mins ago. I wasn't driving back today.
Called friend Will around he corner fro ride either today od tomorrow if he were available. Thanking my lucky start he was right over.
From then all news was down hill....
I've no control over my falling down, minisque black out, stiff neck, inability to turn head, my neck's worn out cartilage gone, spurs so big its a wonder it don't lock up. It's about come to should I run to look at a pretty girl, my whole life as I had once known it will be all down hill.
Have an appointment to see nearo surgeon in about 2wks. I've no choice neck requires surgery If i'm to ever come close to functioning near right again. So I guess all drivings out for me for some time to come. whoopppeee!
Somehow I got to get would into house tomorrow. ran out of time this afternoon. seems I got all day to morrow to get loaded. The way I stagger about I almost wish I had had the enjoyment and companionship of a good bottle French Brady. Oh well.

Sure wish I could see to trucks fixed. All three, opps all four of them. The '98 needing the most of it. The Cushman haulsturter If I'm relegated to the use of it at no more than a 35 MPH motor scooter for my remaining days. Who says old coots can't have their fun. Damn, If I'm gonna be slowen down by the law let it be on my 35MPH scooters!
Damn.....I could sure go for a smoke right about now.

1-6-2011 Today....

.....whatever day it is....I was been what and at them since 9:00 AM ans I can't ever remember that late hour unless it were vacatio time some years ago going along with the trades I worked at that time.
This malady is driving me nuts not that it'd take much more to get me there. Tom's taking care of the animals bless his heart.
Still no info back from MRI middle of the other night. Middle of the night??? Might it be possible they didn't want me seen either coming or going. I'll give all the young women working their horror shift they were nice to me. Still sleeping with the heated grains from my friends down in the rice patties. My medications have been changed and I'm sure they're not working as the supposed to. Neck hurting and is lowly stiffening up again. May call doc tomorrow. Frieda's decided she can't handle he laundry anymore (again). o I took On the dungeon stairs with a great amount of reserve. MADe it both ways without loosing it, 2 loads at that. What she didn't know was after she had retired early I I fell up her tomore times, uncontrolably catching myself wheeling over backwards. Thems some trips. Thank fully thee wood stove wasn't up to full blast as I managed one hand on it sio not to strick my head. Stove cool enough I managed to twist myself with some effort so I could pus myself back up. Although through that course of time that warm big old stove was the warmest thing I've had an unsolicited hug...opps... hold of in some timeI managed to cleam some house. Had both chargers in turn on greene truck's started. still don't if its salvage able it took a freezing beating four for days.
My main effort today is Ive got to get some wood into house. Even if its in short shifts. Put it on a truck, back truck to deck and carry it in spells.
Pills taken, got to at something nw, then threaten wood pile. It don't help any the shacks becoming progreeively worse. Luckily I haven't beat myself with a piece of wood and delightfully forgotten who or where I yam?
All for now maybe see ya's later upon a turn around.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

!-5-2011 Not sure what day it is

I've been outside all morning just staying upright. Frieda on my ass for falling down in the house. It's somethings have got to be done. Somebody moved my truck for me other day so they could grindawa and walked away leaving key on. Charger been on it for last 8 hrs or more starter does do a thing. Could be the bright ones left the key on and the 2yr old battery has froze.
Somebody had promised to put my trash out this week. stuff stacked to darnd high the house has never looked so beter.Got at best maybe 2mo days wood in house, if truck don't start by then its gonna be a whole lot of walking.
Doctors know no more about my head; and, my swggering is going on 5wks. Some call it drug over dose.....Could well be my end coming up. Truckster loaded with wood refused to start so its no help to me neither.Frieda's bitching....She's sitton on her __ and I'm tryng to do all the work. Kitchen cleaned some. Got to be creful some bending over don't keep me right on going.
My puter's cooked out so I'm on borroewd one. Can't rmember home site so if anybody reds this pass along all the sunshine and pretty gitls I wish I was seeing. Even if i'm down to only looking until I need a corrective len's.
Every body take care, keep your home stead warm and some tea water by the fire for me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hope I'm Forgiven

1-2-2011 MD or OD
Suffering for my MD DO vacationing sawr bones…….Hey, I’ve gotten a Hell of a salivation’s idea. Lets start by backing up any wreak; the one I happen to be driving at the time;……I be hanged I can wait another eight days for what I think may be an inner ear infection treatment from my family doctor, so I’ve been looking for the next closest medicinal fractional practitioner within a reasonable distance my domicile for a simple written prescription help.
OMG, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or Lawd Help Me…….I was referenced to a doc who’d done a super marvelous job of taken care of this other guys first three pregnancies??? To good to be so, I marked him off my list…….Next I was referred to a Dr Melody Nicely wasting very litle time not bothering to ask me about my symptoms nor waisting any time over family history. Well now while she may have been a looker via some circles eyes I got out if there before she got down to examining my embarrassments…… Next Doc highly recommended by his having a lavish office took a great deal of concern in how much my SSI was reinforcing my income per month, and naturally after checking out the minimum balances my Medicare minimums, I was surprised by his care in not over burdening me with excessive billings I’d have had no way of paying regardless. Particularly over confident in his many avenues waiting/digging into to many might be only not yet problems, I figured I already been delving into more than a half dozen medications without a dozen more. Maybe I had him wrong, but I’m just not to sure I may even want to go back, regardless the very handy MTA bus stops at my disposal. …… The last suggested a-MD had a walk up office with a very sturdy handrailling both sides the vertical wacky hall way with the lumpy floor (depending on the hour or day a person might be looking at it or even trying to negotiate it). This questionably almost registered MD with a DA’s close coldflaberation with the FDA, CIA, FBI, interest in his success; meanwhile, for a mere $100.00 bucks any potent patent could get an MMS card.
With any luck at all I should find me a substitute MD DO practicing physician by a week from next moondy and with a proper prescription I shall then be on the road to recovery. Meantime there are at least three competent knowledgeable farm hands doing my usually single handedly handled chores. Kept so busy doing what little I normally do not one of then have the time to even stop in to see if we need anything. Butt, I’m hanging in thus farr with Herr Clink’s backed up with a Mr. Skillet’s insistence I’m using the walker taking absolutely all the fun out of betting upon where I may literally land next.
Why do wives to often insist upon taking all the fun out of walker racing about the house? Argh!

I be damned if that ain't a godd idear! Now I'm Just wondering how the Hell I put about 200 quick pounds additional to make them dosages come out just about right.

Got another problem. Wondering if I should give sparky a call to take an empty my ashes out. I also need to get down to barn for another fire starten 2 qt bottle fire making starter erl. Getten my arse dumped in the house twice already today, don't know it be be safe for me to try and walk that ice down to the barn and back. Should I fall it'd be hard tellen when we'd get a wind switch to blow me back home. Steel got enough wood in houswe for few more days but got no place to put the ashes rat all the buckets full.

Got sweet-tator pie, some left over cottage cheese, a fresh backed cherry pie, and the last of the eggnog left over fore supper. eaten's good for tonight for supper tonight.

Damned if I wish my snow shoes weren’t two miles away they might have helped my get around better out in the yard better until I get my balance back.
Wishing ya all “Rainbows.”

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-01-2011 Happy New Year

First off... I'm tired!
While I some concern as to how it’d come-out, at 3:00 AM there was such s movement I dare say it could well have been worth $100.00 know it would by the end have finally have been worked out. Might say there’s no more worry about turning my blue eyes brown. The new year is indeed a happier time as I’ve figured out the cause of my physical problem Why must always be a holiday weekend day when such solutions are brought to light. It is from with in my own mine I know the problem and cure and must engage a professional care giver to write for me the medication prescription for my cure.

3:00AMGetting up off the bed is easier, although it took five kicks the leg out for a lopsided balancing to help me up. Frieda’s asked me, “Would you like an egg?” Me, “I’d like two. Perhaps they‘d be siblings and, and my eating two may be keeping the family together.” Her, “You want corn bred to go with them.” Me, “Sure, feeding on the way down will be like keepen them fed and happy together,” Her, “You’re feeling better. You’ve got your humor back!”

My movements have eased up so much my moving more easily around the house. Just a moment ago through via her selective hearing Her Mostess was denying me the remotes, so getting up to retrieve then for myself I lost my balance going down, fortunately landing on my head nothing was injured.
Being on the safe side I'm no asking if all your projected bike ridings included me my unicycle?
Probably the single greatest help alleviating the pain has been with the use of an extra long working man's sock filled with about four pound polished rice nuked on high for about three to four minutes. If I should mistakenly nuke the rice to long I can always serve it under chop suey for this evening's supper.
I'm getting my appetite back I'm thinking I may have to find another Doc suggesting I may have an inner ear infection.
(Rule one: don't ever let a doc think you may know more than about yourself than he or she does! They‘ve been known to get cranky.)
I’ve got it down to one hour awake for taking care of incidentals, eating and preparedness for the next three hour snooze routine. I’ve even decide to write that novel I have always promised I’d do one day. “Herr Clink’s married life” Starting with the first chapter the impression of a “Bridegroom on his wedding night”
The story opens some months after the initial meeting of the two lovers. Upon there meeting all she wanted/yearned for were his enormous hands all over her body purely in the flesh before him. As for him he merely wanted to unwrap her as though she were a belated birthday present, belated six months, some odd days. After they had exchanged vows and run out of the church where to him he had been institutionalized for life he’d never realized they’d ever be parted again even so soon as the were when they had been shown into the Jack London bridle suit in the snow cover Northwood’s, the bride shaking hard loose the groom’s grip upon her fingers she had chose to change in the attached two holler, leaving the for cold walls, the cold cabin, their tracks in to snow from wherever hence that had been last. A log hastily thrown on the fire raising sparks flying everywhere keeping the groom on his toes until he had found and donned his woven virgin wool pajama’s. The groom readied save for two pair wool socks sat on the edge of the bed wonder how long it took a bride to take off all those modern iron stays what made her figure a figure rather than a pot bellied stove. In his thoughts had he done right. Was this the way it was supposed to be. At last the bride come through that far flung open door the bride looking like a fur baring bear as though she were about to satisfy a hunger as groom sitting on the edge of the bed cried for his mother.

This be only the first sample chapter of the gareat American novel if you shall want to get your order in early, and as the retail price has yet to be settled upon, count the change in you your church’s poor box; match it along with additioal funds’ to send it as far away as It may be mailed. All questions upon polishing date will be happily answerer sending your payments to all my forgotten and no longer used email addresses. The management thanks you your indulgent.