Friday, January 14, 2011

1-14-2010 gemeniritors

I know’s 4 thing about’em.
1. Keep dry with fresh gas handy by.
2. Don’t plug nutten in until warmed up.
3. Unplug everthing fore shutting engine off.
[Warning on machines says so 2&3.[
$. Anybody know where I left mine????

I’m pizzed off.
Flipping Doctors want to see ya in morning. Your well rested. Ya ain’t done nothing all day then ask if ya hurt here or there, anywhere? Stupid question it there ever was one when a body isn’t doing nothing!
Well of course not. Ain’t don’t nothing what hurts. I ain’t put in a day’s work at varied farm jobs yet. Then when I do some those same pains are the same, some different. Ain’t had to do something different either?
Ask the medical wizards on a day off to just follow me around for a farmer’s day‘s work. This ain’t no problem….we got seven of them a week. They renege. Saying you just getting old. Okay I know there’s no known new cures for old aged bones wearing out! Advice, take it easy, when bulldogging a calf gets any easir, when mdwifing a calf’s birth any easier, when fixing fence and keeping them in at the same time ever gotten easier, when a machine’s got to be fixed to beat a storm gotten easier. When hooking up a supposedly easy implement gotten easier to put together on ever bigger and bigger as the machines get larger.
I come in on my last legs anymore carrying a cell phone should I get into trouble (heart) Often pack a walker along with as well as carry a cane should my left calf or left knee go out.
I can’t got down to either basement evenings for freezer or laundry because I’ve become uneasy the uneasy hours (after hours my wife calls them.)
I’ve managed to make pads for ultra sore knees because replacements won’t let me down for machine repairs or unplugging. I wear aa almost to foot long preheated rice pack about my neck to relieve what pains it will. I’ve made my own sitting chair cushion to relieve several tailbone injuries over my years plainly growing up. Then only treatment found via specialist is a step laddered pat on the head as though I were a child. It’s no long all that easy being a new or strange child’s fantasy thinking me Santa Clause because it is so rifling painful getting back up again.
I’ve set in my Doc’s office late afternoons tears running down my cheeks in pain while wising crack jokes to ease my pain. It is not funny MaGee when I feel short changed upon what I may still do for my community while trying to stay robust in the only ways I know how I may contribute to my community.
I love my wife most of all, the kids, te open air, critters, working the fields for plantings and harvests. I don’t appreciate being treated as a morning child.
Fernan Gruber

I’ve had all manner of thoughts for the quack I saw yesterday…and I mean I had some difficulty cleaning that single term up. Between my sacrumiliac’s pain and my neck’s pain in every direction I usually accepted even limited turning as unimpeded I hurt. The GD ^&$%%(&*%* Motrin Didn’t do a thing for me. I had to get back into my heavy duty acetaminophens. Such pain I had lost all interest in supper for I doubted I could keep it down. Best I think I could safely handle was drinking a whole bottle of Chardonnay for a chaser.
Was going to be a simple day. I take today to refill the house with wood would leave my next few days free for other pursuits. One of them the Greene. Mike’s loaning me garage space for trade determined later. One tire low on the wood-hauler I carried what air I had all the way up from the barn. Tire inflated, the WD45 started without hesitation. Warmed I moved the trailer into wood filling position started filling it with one Sweetheart’s loving interruption and had just short filled it to the brims. I only had so much room in the house. Dark only an hour away (speaking nothing a nap’s interference) I had the load carried in in 40 minutes. Determined to finish I was a feared if I sat only for a moment I’d never gotten it unloaded until next week. My hope is taking Greene apart to find just how bad the damage is and go from there. I think the drs repairable, mike wants replacements. While I think I can skin them I’ve got the steel. This project is supposed to start tomorrow morning. (If I’m sober?)
When I walk over to mike’s tonight I’ll likely stagger than swagger. I’ll let my notes know when I get back
Saw mike just gtting back. E reports he’s fount me a real front door for not to bad a price. His picng me up tomorrow we’re going looking some more. He knows where he can wheel and deal as hes got a few indebted customers out there just a waiting a square dealing. Also mentioned rotor, cap, and plugs for Greene. I’m gonna be fully broke by this time tomorrow if he has his way. (LOL)
Truck’s going in shop sure. I also mentioned a we bit rouble with 4X4 non working. Didn’t phase him a bit. Why is it I know my debt is already mounting and we’re only still talking. (LOL) it’ll be good having Greene moving again whatever it costs.
He als nows where I can get better price breaks on everything I need. Those breaks could make a difference.
I’ve unusually drinkened my mad on with the Quack out my mind. That be a Hell of a way oing through life in a constant stupor.
Wish me Luck

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Donna said...

They're all quacks, and we're at their mercy. God help us.