Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-7-2011 It ain't funny

I got my MRI news yesterday. My drive-in privileges have been taken away. There's certain family and some outsider he-hawing at my latest predicaments lately. soooooooooo, laugh your silly asses off when youv'e had your driving proviledges taken away from you.
We're three miles from anywhere. At my ade I'm glad it isn't any further that that. Think about it three miles to nearest grocery, drug, post office, bank, hardware, etc, etc, etc. so feel good about yourselves and all the fun you may continue jeering a crippled up. All of a sudden I'm feeling real bad about unable to help a neighbor in worse shape than I am any more.
Between the cartilage worn so damned thin between my vertebra and numerous numbers of arthritic spurs grown about the edges of these vertebra i'm considered exceptionally good at managing my pain. I'm no long capable of managing my lapses in mind (active memory) my routine everyday life everyday. What it amounts to is bending over and keeping right on going. What it amounts to never knowing when I'll uncontrolably keel over backwards (thrice day before yesterday. What it anounts is an old sailor unale to manage his sea legs, What it amounts to is appearing in a drunken stuper my haben't had a dink i weeks. What it amounts to all boils down I've only so many managable hours to either do or get anything done around the farms anymore. I have to inkling my time line, and it bothers me. If it weren't for one promised responsibility.......I laugh to push my pain away when it hasn't cold cocked me. So laugh and Yuk it up, Cretins. A half hr and cold before dark evening last I still hadn't carried a stick of wood into the house. At least I've got the wood hauler backed up to the wood pile. That was all I could manage late yesterday's after noon. (After a cold arsed ride to Otisvile for one cheap little resister so's tractor could run at all.
I find out in 2wks id surgery's possible and the if there's going to be a healing period and for how long...
GD it this like getting my shoes nailed to the floor my ot able to get anywhere. May my nailed down shoes pinch somebody elses feet for awhile.
You may have the soap box back watch the wear on the top boards.
And "Rainbows" for those really worthy of them.

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Donna said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I find nothing funny here. Just remember, what goes around, comes around.