Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-2011 wish me luck

Received phone call my neurosurgeon appointment has been moved uo to tomorrow from week ago yesterday while bringing all the requested and required most recent papers, x-rays, and MRI pictures with me. This was my task today. Unable to find me an available driver (transportation I luckily involved my doubting Thomas Brother to haul My arse around the circuits still picking up more pictures in technicolor this time plus to set in on the conferences. While I'm not laying any bets off track keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.
I only worry about myself because Herr Clink continues to need me. There is the frightening talk about opening my back to work upon my spine which I'm assuming is turning into an understandable necessary shade of yellow. I don't care about myself making room for a deserving youngster taking the space I may leave open to him. If I survive this test I've already promised myself when I'm up I'll get this fouled up puter (word processor) going again under a survivors hands. I'll do what my great grand children to know how, when, we lived and loved.
SO think of me now and then extending as many good vibrations my way my soul may hold to steady the surgeons hands if it comes to cutting if and when should it come to that If I may continue Herr Clink's irritating I haven't gotten around to just yet.

"Rainbows" and "DeColores" all my friends.


Donna said...

You'll be on my mind tomorrow Fernan, and in my prayers this evening.

Paula said...

Yes we all want you around as you say to help Frieda out but also because we've come to care for you as a person and friend. My prayers also will be offered up.