Saturday, January 8, 2011

11-8-2011 another first

I made a modern move today, I did my banking over the net. Thought it were going to take me forever while I muddled through it. I ahcieved another crest. Golden fishhooks I used to take high waves washing over the length of the BIG FOOT TOO and bring it home between the piers without a worry in the world, if it were by divine providence.
Frieda won't handle the money, not that there isn't much of it. I remember making it, bring it home, and her divine providence to make certain it were all put back into circulation. GW should have loved her...headachy, Frieda insisted i take my nap with my all consuming hot rice eating snake wrapped about my neck. I guess I needed it. I slept easily five hours. During that time she'd said Sparky had called to bring my wood in. Thankful I had gotten it in last night.
Oh crap, now I've got yo write some checks. Will never figure it out why they give me more than the money they've supposedly got in the bank themselves????? Irregardless, I'm just a knowing there are some hoping to hear from me even bearing gifts. A silly tradition if there ever was one. Well I gave up Christmas cards with the loss of my fist fortune. Butts; I stay in contact and I write them just the same.
Later when hopefully I've really got something more impotent to say.

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