Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-01-2011 Happy New Year

First off... I'm tired!
While I some concern as to how it’d come-out, at 3:00 AM there was such s movement I dare say it could well have been worth $100.00 know it would by the end have finally have been worked out. Might say there’s no more worry about turning my blue eyes brown. The new year is indeed a happier time as I’ve figured out the cause of my physical problem Why must always be a holiday weekend day when such solutions are brought to light. It is from with in my own mine I know the problem and cure and must engage a professional care giver to write for me the medication prescription for my cure.

3:00AMGetting up off the bed is easier, although it took five kicks the leg out for a lopsided balancing to help me up. Frieda’s asked me, “Would you like an egg?” Me, “I’d like two. Perhaps they‘d be siblings and, and my eating two may be keeping the family together.” Her, “You want corn bred to go with them.” Me, “Sure, feeding on the way down will be like keepen them fed and happy together,” Her, “You’re feeling better. You’ve got your humor back!”

My movements have eased up so much my moving more easily around the house. Just a moment ago through via her selective hearing Her Mostess was denying me the remotes, so getting up to retrieve then for myself I lost my balance going down, fortunately landing on my head nothing was injured.
Being on the safe side I'm no asking if all your projected bike ridings included me my unicycle?
Probably the single greatest help alleviating the pain has been with the use of an extra long working man's sock filled with about four pound polished rice nuked on high for about three to four minutes. If I should mistakenly nuke the rice to long I can always serve it under chop suey for this evening's supper.
I'm getting my appetite back I'm thinking I may have to find another Doc suggesting I may have an inner ear infection.
(Rule one: don't ever let a doc think you may know more than about yourself than he or she does! They‘ve been known to get cranky.)
I’ve got it down to one hour awake for taking care of incidentals, eating and preparedness for the next three hour snooze routine. I’ve even decide to write that novel I have always promised I’d do one day. “Herr Clink’s married life” Starting with the first chapter the impression of a “Bridegroom on his wedding night”
The story opens some months after the initial meeting of the two lovers. Upon there meeting all she wanted/yearned for were his enormous hands all over her body purely in the flesh before him. As for him he merely wanted to unwrap her as though she were a belated birthday present, belated six months, some odd days. After they had exchanged vows and run out of the church where to him he had been institutionalized for life he’d never realized they’d ever be parted again even so soon as the were when they had been shown into the Jack London bridle suit in the snow cover Northwood’s, the bride shaking hard loose the groom’s grip upon her fingers she had chose to change in the attached two holler, leaving the for cold walls, the cold cabin, their tracks in to snow from wherever hence that had been last. A log hastily thrown on the fire raising sparks flying everywhere keeping the groom on his toes until he had found and donned his woven virgin wool pajama’s. The groom readied save for two pair wool socks sat on the edge of the bed wonder how long it took a bride to take off all those modern iron stays what made her figure a figure rather than a pot bellied stove. In his thoughts had he done right. Was this the way it was supposed to be. At last the bride come through that far flung open door the bride looking like a fur baring bear as though she were about to satisfy a hunger as groom sitting on the edge of the bed cried for his mother.

This be only the first sample chapter of the gareat American novel if you shall want to get your order in early, and as the retail price has yet to be settled upon, count the change in you your church’s poor box; match it along with additioal funds’ to send it as far away as It may be mailed. All questions upon polishing date will be happily answerer sending your payments to all my forgotten and no longer used email addresses. The management thanks you your indulgent.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fern, I hope you are feeling better soon..

Paula said...

Wishing you and Frieda a good New Year.