Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A day lost!

It could easily be two?
My neck so dammed sore I lost the whole damned day. Doc’s earlier talk the last week about the forming a blood clot in the neck that let may go and move into the brain has worried me with continued added stiffness inmy nech worried me a little more than a little bit. Waking up AM last Picking my head up of the pillow was some excruciating painful. I had a neck so uncooperative could be so bloody heavy. It wasn’t easy getting up, taking both my hands to lift my head I could have used a third hand just to help me push my body vertical. OMG, I was so painful in an accumulated effort trying to look either up or down, either left or right. And sudden movement up or down has had it blood rushing weight like shifting weight also. A bit frightened if not concerned for a cold be problem I called a friend close around the corner took me to the ER for a checkup.
All my signs normal, sympathetic to pain believing me, I was sent home to get into my stash. Since I’ve been home I’ve been into some heavy medication my neck wrapped in nuked rice neck wrapping an near continuous sleeping since home’s arrival. Seems the sleeping the most beneficial escape the pain and unsteady walking my skull finally deprived the heavily active iron ball beat it insides out my skull bone.
Only good thing I cab relate to this malady, I‘ve still got to be alive to feel this top heavier pain..…. ER advice…..see my personal physician the first of the week. Yeah sure! Easy for them to say. My Doc’s on a
well deserved weeks vacation until after New Year’s.
Meaner, meaner, Doc ain’t left me his home phone number? Supposing he can’t but take only so much of me meee!
I a-woke late this morning. Not remembering what I had for supper last, regardless either I did or didn’t I was famished this AM. Doing natures calling and seeing a big double portioned piece apple pie I absconded with it taking it with me back to my lair. Pie, my rattlers taken, proposing to make a change for a longer daddy longlegs rice filled sock, I resettled into patch-worked diagonally spread across my pallet for cocoon use. All my bones positioned as well as they’ll ever be that quilt tucked in all cozy like about me I again added my pre-heated rice-bag to my neck, pulled up the last flap of my quilt’s corner and with in minutes I was fast asleep in deep slumber, beyond my pains reach. I’m supposing these few moments made up me a short brunch.
Sleeping another six hours I a-wakened to a quiet house. Reminiscent of thirty five years earlier should Have waken them the little people mob was either in or up to something. I blinked, my eyelids were free of pain. I tried turning my head to the right/to the left. Hey, the movement was about as good as I could imagined at this time. Throwing the blanket back form my top, the kitten on my chest to young to offer any consoling was more likely ready to play with a fresh playmate. I wasn’t that fresh yet. Raising my head a bit, it didn’t feel like it were about to fall off. I turned it a bit to the right in Her Mostess’s direction, then away to watch the blades of the fan some, the neck’s swing had improved some. Getting on late into the afternoon I needed to take my rattlers. I figured those I had take last night. Remerging I had them bottled in my pock for my ER time I had better find’em and get back int into the regular routine. Wasn’t easy finding them, to my even asking in what pocket had the old lady let me put them in. Reorganizing again, pills at hand, a sip that awful stuff elixir, Put my sock of rice in to the microwave fuddled with the dials program choices all of them playing the same old tune. every time its station going off the air. Dumb Radio!
It’s evening under full darkness for real. Had a piece of one them glued together fried fish patty‘s. Ghastly stuff after eating all the Great Lakes species still wiggling when their sides are lain over the coal’s there‘s no comparison sure. Now that was some good old fishing days cooking and eating
Well now, sitting here, putting in a bit more quality time with Frieda a TV commercial suggested popcorn. It sounded good to me. I had mentioned popcorn would make a delicious closing before going to bed.
Then for a drink I suggested maybe she could mix some grape juice together with some Canada dry ginger ail. There was some conversation between us. She got stuck in her head grape juice and my trying to get her mind to see it my way I felt like I was talking to a chopping block. Six bottle grape juice good enough to put some extra iron in our physical systems was a much better trade off than fluidly spend the Cherry juice when small cherry additions to the apple cider physical benefits it served me (US) better used as directed. It took me three rounds of explanations before I had gotten through that sometimes Herr Clink head of her‘s.
While awake long enough, long enough to witness two TV flicks We talk about the difference’s between quiet these days and those day’s of fifty years ago. We also spoke of the blessed early to bed needs for our babies (children) during those very heavily blessed evening when our children required their 6:30 PM bed times assuring their parents a many a quality evenings speaking of dreams, enjoyment the delicate times, and those filled with pleasurable pursuits.
Then by golly I had no idea I still had some of that old zing for capping the delightfully reminiscent evening I dizzied her where she had set…

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Paula said...

Yeah those doctors just go on vacation and don't think to give us their home phone number. lol Hope you get to see him soon and feel better.