Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

As usual all prepared I’ve unusually been on the ball for the correct Her Mostess holiday gift for sometime leading up to this very seriously gift giving signs of deep seated love expressing the depths of my heart.
While I had been diligent in picking the just right gift she’d enjoy above any of all the rest, There has been a little might of a problem. I haven’t gotten it as of yet. Ohhhh, I’ve known for sometime what mighten the circumstance have been beyond my immediate control to have it filled by this time already. Excuses include I’ve been in the right place at the right time sitting upon an anemic wallet, I’ve missed the shop’s open door’s only a moment before the proprietors had gone out for lunch,, and the classic excuse,,,,, our store has neither ever carried this product; OR, this product line had just been discontinued. I believe its an un-American conspiracy to deny my rights to forever more purchase the usual yarn. For the one so busily crocheting blankets for all her friends this could very well eliminate a blockage for all of her unselfish activities.
So, come morning I’ll again be informed if I’ve still the happy home she’s insisted I’ve dwelled in all these years.
Fresh water, ground corn and alfalfa cubes, milk and oatmeal with raisins and chocolate chips cookie snacks set out we’ll see by morning’s light if I’ve either been naughty or nice this last year.

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Paula said...

Oh Fernan with your beard I thought you were Santa. Good Christmas tomorrow to you both.