Sunday, December 19, 2010

counting lucky stars

Going to show some of my ages lucky keeping busy incidentals. For instance before breakfast I take seven assorted medications. For a change of pace I take two pills shortly after lunch. Then to keep up the boring schedule I take some nine more an hour before supping. All of them come out of some lucky fifteen assorted bottles. Now I’m imagining if I had but a few more to go along with checkerboard design I could invent some sort of solitary game imagining and arranging there varied uses. Perhaps some thing like this lining up two apposing sides arranging the army’s (say) as to their impotence. I’ve got pills delivering messages to keep the heart in the campaign. There are pills held in reserve for rushing instant messages into the fight current campaign. There are two different pills having to do with the eyes likely having something to do with recon-cense. They’s operating engineers to keep smother the ways into battles for life. Motor pools rushing to and fro supplying oxygenated corporals loaded down with oxygen. A motor pool responsibilities keeping the wheels of motion moving without complaint. There are infantry platoons, artillery, Field hospitals, aid stations. There I think I’ve got a lot of the players but short on battle plans and rules of engagement. I think I’ll move onto score cards for a while I sort out the troop placements. Maybe later. Just maybe later.
Slept sound all night. Waking a about 4:30 AM the woodfire more than low, nearer out, I bare footed it out in the snow to empty the cold ashes from the last clean out into a fresh plastic bucket. Wasn’t bad out side for no wind save for the draft up and coming under my nightshirt. The ashes shoveled out it was only moments and I had a brand new roaring blaze going aided with a large cup crankcase oil for an accelerant. It weren’t but for a few minutes nobody else would know the fire had gone out. Everything was copasetic.
First thing out of the drive I was headed for the JD 4029 what had lost a tie rod end (or rather parted). I was asked to put it back together.
Thinking I had the tools enough already in the truck I added a hi-lo jack to the mix. Jacking the tractor up on frozen ground dealing with frozen ruts the jack slipped. The jack needing re-location moving I opted to find another one near like it plus a some 4x4 blocking and a 2x4 pry. My repair coming along rather well here come the heros. Whoopee, kibitzers I didn’t need. The parted end fully taken apart I saw no way to easily thread the open ends back together gain. With a chisel and a big freaking hammer I opened both tie rod parts all I dared (more like all I could). Putting the late comers to work I had one individual using a 4’ 2x4 for leverage to turn the wheel inward while I held the open ends. My holding the ends Tom manning the wooden pry he did his best easing the strain of one part in the other back together again, For bother I handed him a hammer to tap on the tie rod’s side for vibration to seat the threads together as I hogged down with the same nut and bolt supposedly originally holding the parts together in such a much better fashion than originally. (I’m hopping.)
Hay rings broken here I set about making replacement parts for the missing pieces requiring a replacement ring’s fix. There was some balking upon the welder’s part but as I explained the two broken rings situation, I won. The ring’s fixed and I’ll press it into use to more so the first two rings may be fixed again.
While I may be a week late I’ve started my all night fast all over again for tomorrows try for the missed biannual full bodied check up. Doc may not know it yet until I take up residency in his waiting room.
OMG!!! While I was sitting here writing this I’ve just received the saddest phone call I have had in a long time. I good friend of mine Has choked to death just a day or two ago. Only 47yrs old and automobile mechanic of the first order. A younger brother had preceded him about six years ago to cancer. This young man is survived by his father, one brother and sister. Talk is a party planned along about New Years when they’ve gotten his ashes back.
It’s “Rainbows: this evening for any families loss.. It is so hard to fathom this loss coming from such a viable family. I have set at their tables having a many cup of coffee and only the occasional beer.

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Paula said...

So sorry about your friend. I lost a neice this past week. Speaking of your rattlers--my problem is remembering if I took mine. I know I could put them in the little neat boxes labeled monday, tuesday, etc. but that would be too simple.