Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Greene still remains silent to no make start.
Have arranged transportation for two over lapping appointments tomorrow. Going to be close keeping them with the roads so treacherously unsafe slippery. One’s country, second one city maybe three blocks off E-way. I think I can handle it.
Inventorying my Greene’s getting me behinder, I’ve plenty to do tomorrow. All the a-hole troops leave it all up to me to make all their conveniences easy. Need replace grain wagon cover. Need to haul six bales hay. Need to replace a broken hay ring with one what doesn’t exist.. Shop remains tied up the Brother’s lagging JD project. He’s setting the world on fire with this pet project again. Meanwhile my two day need continues to set out in the cold leaving me without transportation again. Somehow, I evidently miss seeing the big picture. (disgusted) And I’m supposed to do all the afore mentioned chores without wheels! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We’re staying home, staying in, I’m eating my appetites full filling the belly out. I’ve caught up on my meds real and imagined (home remedies) Desperate to get out of yard even before all the commands had come in, Mikes heated garage is full. Checking with Terry he’s cleaning out his shed for Greene. I need to supply a torpedo heater and fuel. May yet make some headway some where doing something on what I need? I could have even used Dumpy truck had situation been hard pressed but some literally dummy’s see no importance in brakes what work on my vehicles.
Thoroughly pissed right now, ths very evening, I hope your day was better than mine.

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