Friday, December 24, 2010

12-23-2010 need 98 4x4 info

Finding out Greene’s 4x4 drive’s failing to work yesterday, I tried researching same topic on I-net. No GM manufacturer assistance what so ever. Manage to down load some 48 pages shade tree mechanic information enlightenment. Reading the whole pice I’ve got some good sound leads to look in to. Meanwhile, wanting to make a handy take on the job manual, printer refuses to do anything except make me out the idiot I have never denied I am.
Darn it, it seems I may purchase a new printer cheaper than replacing the ink cartridges in the original piece of junk I had tried to re-ink. Plus those refilled ink cartridges want to leak all over everything. Can you imagine the bumbling mess this I‘d make had Herr clink let me work upon it on her bedspread. I simply cant win for loosing.
It was a beauty of a day to move out in. I enjoyed it all day. With the flat rake setting in the drive the JBC and myself loaded eighteen six foot bale onto that wagons 12’ bed. (harty har har) Greene could not even start the loaded wagon’s load. Balderdash. “It’s been my favorite Winter tractor to me, the upgraded WD45. Over powered, overtired, over loaded, that mechanical wonder beast has either saved or gotten my butt out of more unimaginable trouble around here for it’s physical size. Today it simultaneously pulled Greene and the over loaded hay wagon up a grade, over the crest and parked it where even making a another mistake the Greene couldn’t but roll it all, truck and wagon on down the road.
To late, to tired to fight this frigging printer I’m taking a few moments to see if some old fashioned rear view mirrors are available anywhere?

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