Monday, December 6, 2010


Had more than one. I had better start with my mind. Forgetting this’n’that through the course of a day bugs the H___ out of me in two cases. Of course I could do something about both if I’d just take a little extra time heading off both of them with personally written to self lists. I should open my day with what I either have to do plus want to do each (this) day. Then as the day progresses make another list be it for on the road shopping for off site needs; and/or, I should make lists for my between the current project and the customary tool and supplies gathering mode involved needs even for the usual fix. More simply to-do and what it takes to-do-it lists.
I had one puter trouble I finally curer a coupe days ago. It started a couple days even before that, at that it took me the last couple days to work out a solution. It went something like this, I got up, turned this mechanical E-net access beast on and was met with an entirely different opening page. I liked my originally E-net host. This new one literally took 80% of my E-net choices away from me. This machine or intruding new host tried running my life, doing just that for two days until I had successfully removed the intrusion of the last unasked for updates that had tried taking me over. It was liking a red big brother was trying (and succeeding telling me where I may or may not go) to tell me what topics I may or may not research. Like I wanted current headlight parts availability resources, where getting some, I was being freely denied, which really pizzed me off. The very idea!!! Anyway, involved more than that I had to get it cleaned up and thrown out.
Oh Lawd! My temple striking headaches are back or trying to cut back into my life again. Originally stemming from some recognized old tail bone injuries I’ve been sitting upon cushions with a tailbone relief (looks like wedge cut piece of cake) sites cut out of the back of my easy chair’s cushion. Currently my present cushion has become squished within an inch of its what was an original 4” spongy life’s thickness. So when it was to become daylight I had better be finding me a spare piece of foam what’s already laying somewhere within these miserably cold walls, which lead to my next problem. I come in at the end of the twilight zone.
Fence taking up all done with I need put mechanical fence winding Cushman implements parts away. I need unload no long summer fence tool and parts buckets, wire spools, replace all with traction weighting, and dig us some more hotter burning (given off more heat) firewood.
I also want to spend some early morning rolling around on the shop floor under the Haulster time when I’ve a couple hours looser, more nimble, moving it all up and down physically feasible time. (Now that was a mouth full; but, that’s the way it is, so help me the aged aging.) LOL!
All this may not be well written so it is for the moment is what it is? Maybe I’ll edit it later, maybe I wont? LOL
It was another one of them not getting much done days. Wanting to cut and/or split firewood I passed on that activity in the face of artic airs pushed 17 mph plus my way. (brrr) Dumpy required a battery charge, that on it over lunch, before it’d start. I cleaned out and weighted the truckster for getting around on snow. Yeah, I’ll see what tomorrow looks like for wood chopping. Meanwhile I checked myself into the shop. I puttered around the AzzKicker off and on for the afternoon making handles and fastening them to the robot’s lower body half. As cold as it was I stayed it another day for a better day outdoor demonstration.
My presence within the show I was drafted in assisting installing another glass in the 4020 JD’s cab. Of course I had to find all their missing parts sitting in plain sight of the engineers for the engineers. I via, I’m half blind and they tripping on their parts, they can neither see nor find them on their own. I fueled a couple petrol cans. And getting ready to put time in on my quadracycle I routed out some bicycle wheels from down in my barn and scared up some modified parts from within the shop. After supper Hopefully I’ll put in a couple hours on the quadrabike. Sure wish that ordered sprocket would get here. Could just be my luck it wont come until after New Year‘s.
I got my laundry washed and dried today. One of these day’s I’ve simply got to get the kitchen floor scrubbed and the damaged areas the floor covering replaced.
Well,, I had tried to slip up the road to mike’s and my quadracycle, It just was not going to be. Coming home, I had left Greene’s lights on. Only took a few minutes to flatten the battery. Now there’s a power cord from the house to the Greene truck hosting a busy battery charger just lazily a sitting laid back under the hood pouring its heart out into that miss treated battery. Good nite

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