Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning after

Contrary to my written plans for the evening’s last closure. We stayed home. Everything I did for my bride was acceptable until I got to the requested foot massage, then I were the same o, same o. Frieda laughed her ass off. Got to repeat it….the pizza, cherry wine, and the hot fudge sundae couldn’t have been enjoyed any more another toothless old couple.
Oh Lawd. Come 4:00 AM waking up to a couple responsibilities, hauling water, and stoking the fire, my neck was in dreadful pain. To even rise I had to hold my head erect just so with both hands to stave of the severest discomforts. Wasn’t as easy as the usual easily a free hand to push the body off the reclined position. Lawd, once I was up, the water haul was first thing. The fire I let go, the winds outside subsided, the house was reasonably warm. The situation was developing to make it an easy morning task to clean the ashes out of the stove. I did instead able to hold my head erect on its own, I searched out my Tylenol, and a Valium tablet, lastly locating the resident heat pad and an extension cord to plug it in.
Some four hours, three of them late I a-woke feeling some better. I didn’t have to two fistedly hold my head on my aching neck to move this time. Movements looking left and right remain as limited as yesterday. One blessing out of all this middle of these night festivities, experiencing all this unholy pain it remains I’m hurting this morning tells me I’m still alive for another wonderfully given day……….I’ve been blessed.
Down in the barn where the splitter is kept knowing where it was, it was buried. Didn’t take long to get that way just dropping whatever happens to be in my hands I want to get rid of in passing. I consolidated some tools. I consolidated some fence wire winding spools. I consolidated trash in three packaging’s and readily took them across the road to share with my neighbors Friday pick up. I had even surprised myself how easily I had uncover the splitter. The splitter tagged onto the Cushman, oil checked and gassed to go, I didn’t have enough oomph to give the starting rope a snappy pull let alone whip it all the way out. So, with the splitter in tow on the Cushman I hit the neighborhood looking for a someone either a sprier whipper
-snapper to start the cold thing for me. A quarter mile to the corner nobody home, nuts. Just short a half mile turning south I headed for the Sixguy’s farm I found all manner of help in their farm shop. One coming out whipped that rope three times and had my splitter running. The hardest part of the day taken care of after some proper BS-ing, Enough that gobbly gook, I headed for home and my wood pile. Gladly it didn’t take me long to split a third what I had already cut before lunch.
A couple more hours I had the rest of my immediately in my way cut up wood split and just sort-a lazily laying around un-pilled. So I put the wood splitter away and came back with an emptied Truckster. I heaped it as high as could without any falling off, backed it to the deck and had it all carrier inside in some thing like 20/25 minutes. Time for rattlers I made me a cup of tea I immediately neglected to even take a first sip. I was out with about as much bounce as lively in step as I could flat footedly toss a 2400 pound bull over a coral fence. Loading the Truckster as full as I could see what I was doing, the lights turned on, I parked it down in the barn. The remaining wood loosely laying on the side yard I covered with a portion of a split tarp under a couple pallets.
I’m thinking I did alright for myself today, for an old coot. Again, I’ve been surely blessed when a neighbor who’d taken the time to start my engine for me.
Latest news via the grapevine I have to grind grain tomorrow. It continues to amaze me all these ya-who’s around here who seem to think I should be a mind reader. They’ve been out of ground corn or two days. I telling it like it is hoping it takes the edge off my disappointment.
Supper scalped potatoes wit ham and mixed fresh frozen
Our last who-rah’s this even I drove over to mike‘s to start some Quadracycle mock up assembly. Frieda joined me to give Annette a new blanket she had knit for her. I know I had a good time as Frieda did also. While I flirted with design problems I also made a mental parts list to facilitate the latest up coming design modifications.
A full day well lived, I’ve simply got to lay it down In hopes I might do it again tomorrow.

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