Monday, December 27, 2010

Good news Bad news

Good news first, I’m alright, bad news my‘98 Chevy still drivable turned $200.00 Junk. Good news the couple whom I got in their way are good with no injuries, bad news their Chevy truck totaled. Worst part all this news, this is one terrible way for people to meet running the hard way into each other. A lovely couple, I hope we may be friends in spite the accident. We live approximately only a mile apart.
Second goof, I should have invited then over to see the cattle, particularly next spring for the children’s’ enjoyment. perhaps even seeing a new born calf’s birth.
As for the home front before all this accident business started the idled Cushman truckster has sill refused to start my having given it both a small alcohol and large dose of gasoline. While the Truckster remained firewood loaded knowing it go again, I rearranged the Greene’s cargo and forced my backing to the wood pile. Some of the six year old seasoned ash loaded, some this season’s cut up dead elm the three year old seasoned cherry firewood has once again been uncovered to satisfy my hunger nearing its wanted pleasant smell heating the house, even though the aromatic treat would follow after the holidays.
Okay backing up my presumes lack of presumed expected the hearing the animals talk on Christmas eve some lovely ladies had reminded me I speak and hear of and from the critters the whole year round. Like Donna had said, “ Oh come on now, Fernan. You know good and well the animals talk. They tell you when they're hungry and when they're horny. You can read the signs when they're telling you they have a problem. Oh yes, they talk to people like you, me, and Paula.”
How right you are Donna, bottle fee Silly Sally was an avid communicator often approaching me when I was a field on perchance I may have a treat or her. Then there was cow “524”who on the same birth of her calf would on the dame day display the orneriest behavior attacking me in a true motherly fashion, always making it a challenge my checking her new born for the records vital statistics; and, the usually the third day late come up to me with a full body massage and a kiss deep enough to move my lower lip well up past either one of my ears. Oh yes, she was a communicator. And how about Wheezy every so often from behind me she’d side up to me nuzzling her nose between my body and arm to massage the sides of my ribs. Her behavior was a clear indication she liked favored me. What it had amounted to she start her wheezing every time she had became emotionally nervous, when also at those times I stood by her in my way doing my best to calm her, Oh yes there were times I might have supposedly been late getting o my evening chores. An as far fetched as it may seem I have had one o my grand ladies come to me thanking me my taking care of them. Yes, the animals talk, by voice (dozens of them), body language (many attitudes), and by the flagging of their ears liking semaphore signals, I‘ve never intermitted all those.
The way I see the animals, caring for and protecting their young, teaching them what hey needed to know I do believe a many ans animal species has a souls. May they all be blessed.

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