Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Waking early as liking a sneaky kid thinking he’s gonna get an uncensored look at the rand old Elf himself the house was cozily warm, finding the fire low. It was am ideal time to clean the iron box’s ashes out. The ash bucket left sitting atop the stove to radiate its welcome warm until the newly laid fire was up to taking the first fires place.

Open water, a lil’ grain, alfalfa cubes……
May there be “Peace on earth good will to men.” has been the standard I’ve listened to for a or many a year. However, it would seem that standard has been twisted under some magical myth. Take for instance There’s a great big metallic shinny red combination toting/wrapping bags fill to the top with a crepe covering tucked all about that very over flowing edges. It’d have to be the easiest gift wrap wrapper I’ve seen.
As for the rest of the magical gifts Her Mostess traditionally wrapped in that flimsy paper stuff one them fancy high toned evening gowns for escorting your lady out upon the town. Ass for me I open the wrapping paper to one of them similarly high toned dress shirt’s missing buttons on two button holed sleeves. And I’ll guess it came with a fancy price tag just to pay for all the white stiffening paper folded into it to give a snappy look as if it could hold it’s own at one them cocktailed parties. Enough of this supposing my last unwrapped held with in it two pair heavily made wool socks for what? A suggested cure for my cold feet to take the old lady out one more time. The first honest gift I could/can actually relate to some reality use.
…..and this what we got? Some deer bring by one tricky jolly old Elf dropping off one reality puzzle.
Bah Humbug!

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