Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun or relief (2nd entry)

Yesterdays events were loaded with relief’s. Everything’s normal for Frieda’s age and all her per-standard aging processes considering her varied medications making her (or is that comfortable). Worst part about all the eye opening dissuasions over Frieda’s health issues sounded more like mine than hers, If that were to make any sense? Sheesh, when all was said and we were done it all sounded as if she were in better health than myself. Our walking out I should have been an invalid with four candy strippers in short skirts wheeling me along and tending to my every need….. Well, I can fantasize might I not.
Sue having driven us was a diabetic mess by the time we returned to the lobby. She needed food. Fortunately the facilities lobby was a celebration scene complete with a help yourself luncheon table. Seeing the food disappearing fast and as we were just in time I grabbed a couple plates and commenced to load them down, all the time Frieda’s worrying about grabbing coffee. Unobservant in her manner the food had to be gotten first if it were to be gotten at all, as we were near to being to late. The way I seen it the coffee would last. Then when I did get to the coffee it just wasn’t as good as it used to be. Cigarettes had gone with coffee for so many my years, the Columbian brew no longer tastes good without the nicotine additive. Gosh now I see myself needing to stock up on some those tinned Danish butter cookies, Scottish short breads, English crumpets, Irish short breads. Regardless whether I‘ve or I‘ve not got my baking’s mixed up I think I‘ve expressed the general idea. Oh, Lawd, have I turned English? Stiff upper lip and all that bloody rot?
In all out travels yesterday we finally had our minds eased. Frieda's unbalanced blood test signs are all normal for her age, her ostieo-aurthertiteass, blood tests including her unbalance red and white blood cell counts.
Bottom line, no signs of cancer in any forms.
Whew. Everything's getting back to normal, my selective hearing , the whole works, and her inherent crab azzing.
Son of a dumb ice bound old duck!
Greene is up and running. It was the cussed 4yr old battery. Had enough juice to light the lights, ti tickle the starter solenoid, near flat after that. Slipped the 1yr old Ugly battery in. while it didn’t exactly start easy after sitting 5days it started. Gonna get it gassed up now reduce chances condensation accumulation in fuel tank. And boss lady wants Ice-cream, and milk re-supplied.
The goofiest things are going on with the old Cushman truckster I’ve just recently over hauled the engine, for those who don’t know. This cold weather hasn’t phased it at all as far as starting is concerned. It Starts. I mean it starts. Before over haul there were times no amount of priming would it cough, sputter or even try to run. Now with the renewed engine it gives me some miner trouble running this cold weather. Must be right on the ball balancing the choke and throttle for optimum running. Neatest cleanest grandest surprise is this machines new will to take that hill out of the Butter Nut Creek bottom as if that deep ravine weren’t even there. Such zip, such fortitude, such power. These roads are presently a bit iffy as to their safe running over what with this renewed engine wants to go. I’m guessing the goofy machine if I weren’t to my holding it back could very well clock over 50mph this coming Summer. These speeds if I’m not care full could jeopardized its slow moving unlicensed vehicle standing.
Inter net problems this entry’s a day late. So, I hope I’ve been barred with.

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Paula said...

So glad Frieda had a good report since our Golden years have seemed to turn Rusty at times.