Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I don’t know who all reading me may be on this rat poison stuff. It kind-a had me wondering what was the need of the person was who had verbally pointed out I had been diagnosed heart problem annd prescribed this sending my on my way rat poison. What am I some kind of a rat. All my unnaturally lived life nobody ever called me a a rat, then all of a sudden I are one. What is this? I hear this analogy from a smart arse. The one who should know me best ain’t ever said anything like, “You’re a rat!” to me. So now my reader is wondering what’s wrong with this a-hole writing crap like this. Now, all of a sudden so am I?
My first thought this waking morning come to me my hand massaging the back of my neck all the little swellings having gone down. No, not the one big swelling liken a buck in rut. They’s was all them little swellings like what a little kid gets along with a sun burned neck.
What it all boils down to is my favorite hat’s failure. I explain with a big “X!” Ever since I been prescribed his terrible life saving drug given for a rat shortly into the first days my taken it my ears bled, The tops of my ears. What was this? The coumadin it turns out is a blood thinner. Perhaps making it even less wholesome for the lady vampire’s diet of tastes. Regardless I was finally informed I must protect myself from the sun. my first order of the period of the days ahead I had to have wide brimmed hats. One of the first two, narrowing my first choices down to two, one of them a cotton polyester 40-60% mix I picked up during a spring sale at my pharmacist’s. That poor hat under the sun’s continuous use on my head the last three summers has been more use that it could take. The nice wide brim that had protected my ears and neck from the ravages of the sun’s beating on these exposed skins. Only three years use the brim is coming apart where the brim attaches to the crown. The treads and materials have done rotted off my head. Not any easier tying my shoes either with the extra shoe string hanging to dumb low hats lacing’s trying to become involved with my shoelace tyings. Sadly it has come time I must give up an old friend, my Australian styled hat. (sniff)
My work day world was a couple quick whirls. Okay as the usual I fed my ladies. More importantly I took care bundling/packaging my brother’s mounting trash for tomorrow’s pickup. By the time I had finished the fancy trash wrapping my fingers so cold they felt as if they were ready to fall off. I bowed out any further down the road activities until I had some normal feeling back in my hands. My second break of the day I kept the lady of my house company for a spell. When my hands were feeling mucho bunches of better feelings I returned back down the road. A bit of either shot down an 1850’s air intake, what had it is water-jacket heated plugged in for a couple hours easily started for me. Wondervar. The tractor started right up. While the engine warmed I wound up my modified power-cord reel. Must take a picture of that modification one these days. Engine warmed up, oil pressure good I backed the 1850 up to the 605 baler. For hook up. Hen when all was readied I took it up the hill and down the other side for the winter’s storage shed. Opening the doors, darn there set a pallet load of varied machinery parts in my way. Shucks. Well I needed the walks exercise up over the hill for the JD loader taken shelter in the shop. Bringing it out Bro’ tried heading me off. (hehehe) I out flanked him. I was going to finish my task first. He’d had all afternoon to have been first. (ha) I was finishing mine first. The pallet, sticking his nose in, Bro’ pushed it further into the shed to comfortably rest under the coming or going the Baler, and that’s just what I done parking it so over that loaded pallet. The baler inside I bid Bro’ farewell as he took away the loader to hay his ladies. It weren’t long and both our needs contended to, I was parking the equipment used and on my way home by quarter of dark.


Donna said...

I've known lots of people who took coumadin. It's a touchy drug, has to be closely monitored. But hey, if it gives you some extra years to make Clink's life miserable, it's worth it, right?

Paula said...

Wish I could find those funny sunglasses to send you but we just can't find them any longer. John or I take that medicine but we take enough other ones.