Thursday, December 2, 2010


Have some friends. Good friends always checking on us, looking in, having trucked me hither and yond through some my difficulties. Unable to contain myself. By gum, I stopped and got on one’s case yesterday. I told her if she needs me call. And not deciding whether she does or does not makes no difference I’ll take her to be safe rather than sorry. Hopefully two more my winning arguments included: two, I wasn’t interested in our last get together my attending her wake; three, nobody but herself has had the way she’s had throwing me out of her house when the time had come, I shan‘t want to be missing those pleasures in the future. No laughing matter, this. I was serious. I value her as a good and lasting friend. Most assuredly I want her here this side the here after for a continued spell. Bottom line, diagnosed with a heart problem and on varied medications, I’ve been there, known that. And I understand the need she be mindful what her body needs requiring an adjustment now‘n’then in her medications, dosages. This is a serious part of her life’s game plan for the present.
We’ve a measurable snow this AM. As compared to yesterday I’ve got to rethink my outside wear particularly gloves. Speaking of Gloves sitting here I was seeing my gloves laying on a woodstove trivet. Frieda walking by I asked her to check them as to whether they were done? They must have been warm as it didn’t take her long to check them out. Plop plop, biz biz, she dropped them gloves post quickly awhile verbally suggesting “They’re well done.”
Was a slow day today. Taken care of animals helped load some for a customer. We‘ve five less steers to feed. Looked to some shop time I didn’t get into. Lot a good it did me dressing warmer. Naver got to doing anything worth while. Well almost nothing.
My lower back so sore, and thinking I had slipped something day before yesterday putting a repaired three piece hay feeder together. My lower body sending messages of desperation upstairs I was stooping low enough I wanted my chiropractor. Loading my pain carcass in Greene I drove a mile north downtown Otisville to find the bone cracked had taken the day off. So’s not all was lost I was but a quarter mile from a scrap recycling yard where I had seen an agricultural pre air cleaner engine air cleaner. Knowing where I had seen it, the machine supposedly still there, it was what the H___ happened to the combine I was going to part’s rob? Oh well easily found it could just as easily be forgotten. Greene parked I got out and walked over the very ground that case combine had been sitting on. And, then there what to the wonderment my eye did I see the very part I had wanted. I picked it up sort of, gave it a yank and it came out of the pile of machinery rubble where in I had seen it.
In my hands a couple pieces of slightly bent bar stock attached to it I looked that part of the item I was most interested in and saw the plastic cup was broken. No matter the most important metal parts were still intact. I had my prize and money’s exchanged hands it was still a bargain replacement for one of the 1850 Oliver’s.
Well, in my ramblings around about the farms I had me enough exercise I needn’t bother even trying to see my bone cracker tomorrow. His loss as it turned out was my part’s gain along with a few bucks saved. (hehe) Brian will never know the bucks he didn’t make off me today!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Fern and Frieda, hope you are taking good care of yourselves! Don't work too hard.

Paula said...

It means a lot to have good friends who check on us older ones. We have some that do that for us too and we appreciate it.