Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A day I’ll never forget

We be married 52 yrs 7:00PM this evening.
Would I (we) do it again. You betcha! Would we have changed anything? We talked about it; and, had we gone another way with our lives we'd have missed all we've had. It has been a terrific adventure.
Was it for love at first sight? I’d have to say it was remarkably so. For me she had been an unexplainable image in my mind a seven year quest. For her on that very day we met, her life was already taking a turn in another direction and I just happened to walk right in her way.
When I found her that the day, I didn’t know I needed he until three days later. Before that third had closed I knew I could not have really lived this life without her.
I’ve got some explaining to do. When I started closing my journal with “Rainbows” I put the word in parentheses as I was quoting a very nice lady a lot of us have read, known, and revered across varied beards and forums. Take a gander downloading the following….
Truthfully, I wish someone knowing the grand lady and her addy would contact her and tell her she’s sorely missed.
My day, I attacked that troublesome slow flowing fountain just as if I knew what I was doing! Yeah right? I literally took it apart as far as I personally dared this cold-cold day. Taking it apart any further required the total removal the fountain’s cabinet from the concrete bass for my taking the water supply line apart any further. There’s no freaking way I’m about to get into a project of this nature in this kind f weather. For lunch I took my time and enjoyed a TV movie we both enjoyed. Then celled Brother insisted I had something to do with some missing vehicle glass mounting weather strips. I assisted him his chores. As far as his missing weather strip is concerned he says he try to us some old odd pieces. Personally with some new materials on hand that’d be what I’d use. Oh well, whatever makes him happy?
At long last back home chainsaw loaded on back the Cushman I enlisted Terry’s help to start it for me. Once it were warmed up its use was a snap. I managed to cut what was on the wood hauler so I could move it away which I did parking on the other side the driveway between the Dump truck and a 4010 JD. Only ten minutes twilight left I was in for some of the night. Upon reflection the area way clear beside the house I may at last use the Truckster to move the wood splitter beside the house
More quadracycle parts loaded on Greene, after supper, Frieda’s going with over to mike’s. She’s made a blanket for Mike’s Mrs.‘s. This way Frieda may deliver it in person.
Supper will consist of a a fresh baked pizza, a bottle of Michigan cherry wine, and my request Frieda rub my feet when we return home later.


Donna said...

Your link didn't work, but I think I know the lady you're talking about. A bunch of hateful people ran her off because she seemed to be having too much fun to suit them. If she's the one I'm thinking of, she and her husband live in Arkansas... I think. My goodness it's been a long time!

Paula said...

Happy anniversary to you and the Mrs. Wishing you many many more.