Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First day winter

Some day this was. I’ve thought I had started earlier something to write about? Well seeing as I don’t remember I’m not going to worry about either resurrecting it a simply wreaking havoc over it.
Regardless the preceding absentmindedness, I had a great day. I picked up the freight in Clio; from TSC the cats’ll eat for another month, I picked up those in and ordered one more needed quadrabike part, and looked for a wrench they didn’t have. I want a six point box end wrench, nobody knows what I’m either talking about or use the easiest of all excuses “Item’s unknown, “Item’s unavailable.” This summed up my morning.
The afternoon was just as full. I stretched the WD45’s use on a jumper wire to move a hay wagon a couple times. Once to take a broken hay ring away and again to bring two repaired hay rings back. Running out of parking spaces the hay wagon was reloaded again with another broken hay ring. Then it was the really big plus yanking the obstinate Greene truck out of the snow bank it had insisted upon getting me and itself into. The WD45, a clevis, the bungee tow strap Tom’s surprise coming up helped me snatch the Greene truck right up and out of where hadn’t have aught to done me so nasty.
My only short coming for the day the Cushman and I didn’t her load of wood brought into the house before we’re slathered with a predicted freezing rain. Oh well, such is the way the weather burdens us. At least if the wood gathering’s a day or so late, I’ve got it somewhat cover against the weather.
Getting on to supper time I’m first making myself comfortable.
All comfy ready for supper and bed I’m comfortably all set for a cozy long Winter’s nap…. Lets see, My going to meeting farmyard tux is in the drier. The general Shorthorn country tux is likely waiting its turn in the washing machine. Lastly. I’ve a command appearance before DOC come morning, Get good news Frieda’s supposedly all right and now something could be wrong with me. Be it good news.

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Donna said...

Fern, there's been something wrong with you ever since we met on those old message boards. Of course, it had nothing to do with your health. Ha!