Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some truths don’t hurt

“Fern, there's been something wrong with you ever since we met on those old message boards. Of course, it had nothing to do with your health. Ha!” LMAO
If I may say so there’s been something wrong with me with every girl I have ever net. My Frieda was the only woman to see through me and had set her cap for me even before there were words of greetings between us.
It was upon the close our first date I found her beauty wasfar more than ski deep, she was well put together mentally and emotionally, she was encouragement and supportive during our very first date. as difficult as it maybe to write, it was upon that very same day I had outgrown my blessed mother.
When I had delivered her into her parents home, upon my leaving, driving away I felt the meaning of loneliness for the first time in my life. Over the next few hours I knew for whom I had been born and I had to have her by my side for all the days of our afternoons to live on. That date was the beginning of one of a most sun filled of a great many each in its very own way.

Awoke late again this habit under late belated winter sun rises. This hasn’t been me all my life. Not that it matters this late sun rising mornings having waited my hour its time I slip into the kitchen and fill old dobbin’s feed bag with oats and put it on. (chomp chomp chomp) And that bag is water proof for slipping some the kittens chocolate milk from it as well. Grain and hay put away it’ll time my heading out for Doc’s Office.
Been thinking if Doc’s about to time my end he could have told Herr Clink my limited hours. Especially after Frieda had taken a message yesterday some one had said something about not liking my looks? With that time line I could chance wearing my remaining time out find a good observation corner at the mall to watch the Winter’s scanty clad girls pass by until I my remaining good eye should needed a prescription lense. Regardless these thoughts I had be betteren going to Doc’s office for my limits news.
My stepping up to the window to sign in one of the four girls wanted to know I was there for this time. I explained one of hadn’t liked my looks and doc wanted to see me. Right away that phone call was blamed upon the one girl not working this day. After waiting Doc finally makes an appearance. When he gets to me he wound he had read my blood report I little off center (note: the word wrong hasn’t been used). Okay, so far so good, here I brought up impressions of my looks, and asked him for a second opinion. The office manager appearing to be shaking could not turn away from the windos the far side of the office to even look at me nor add her $.02 opinion. Sheesh, darn near a whole morning shot over a miss red vampires report…. As long as I was in Otisville I marketed for a Christmas Day sliced ham and some the tantalizers what go with it. From there I slipped up the road again for the junk yard. Who knows I might have gotten lucky. I did find a sprocket of sorts, something close to fill my want’s until something better should come along. Proud I was driving home I had gotten everything I had set out to get with maybe the exception some yarn Frieda had asked for. I’ll have you know I remembered her yarn right after the very last turn my headed home. And when I had come Frieda asked if I had asked about chimes in my ears? Uh, I forgotten the caroline also.
Home I inadvertently had gotten a nap in. Had also brought the Cushman out and hauled more wood into house. We’re alset if were to be hit hit with some freezing rain. Getting onto sundown a-whip decides to come alive. This pizzes me off my liking to be in before dark He tells me he’s stuck, also needing a hay bale via my delivery. Just frapping ducky I’ve got my chores to do and the sun’s already setting beyond the tree lines. Okay, an already broken hay ring on the wagon there’s room enough for one, at most two hay bales. I go to do my part. My finally coming home an hour for supper’s start. Now it’s looking like a simple a delayed updated interest still alive my wanting t show mike my quadracycle acquisitioned collected parts continue progress progressing since the last time I had seen him I hadn’t wanted him to think I might have lost interest to my off the wall project! .
Being time it should have all been packed in and locked up I took thr Cushman what needed putting away anyway all my new found quadra-bike parte up the road to Mike’s garage’ He was delighted to see them sharing in my excitement in my finds and acquisitions. Just a couple more parts and we may put the jack shaft together. The jackshaft is the most important driveline component. The rest of the bike is durned near built around that jack shaft may better caller a drive shaft. While we hadn’t made any physical advancement on the machine I was still making some blind head way towards the day it all weld together in one massive peace.
It was a full day even having to do some getting it ll done in over time.

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