Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taking the Fifth

Nope, there has never been a need for a fifth or a reason to justify taking the fifth in the defense of an inquisition; neither a fifth for an anniversary or an adversity; but, its fun to claim such needs either way for the pure socialized laughs between these life’s entertaining exchanges other wise broadly labeled just another element in the battle of the sexes.
Chores out of the way I slipped left out of the drive to try and catch Mike. My quadracycle up in his rafters, no race car orders he said right now would be a good time to work on it. So, just as soon as my sprocket comes Mike’s shop will be where I’ll be found after-dark. Meanwhile, I might be going through my old parts inventory for those parts I’ll use putting the running gear back together again. On second thought, could be it wouldn’t be a real bad I-dear to start putting some of it back together?
It has to be the sweetheart kitty doing it. Almost every day there are more carcasses littering the driveway. Frieda’s asked me, “Ain’t nobody eating the?” I told her, “Only thing I can think of’s, when one those body’s disappears it had finally aged long enough to be tender eating?!”
Assisting in the far end’s chores, making fix the same’s fence. Here’s an interesting tidbit of an observation to me. Checking fence the digital meter read 9.2 volts translated that is 9,200 volts delivered via the 10,000 volt charger inside the barn. Why I find it so interesting was during the summer last with all the live greenery to contend with, the meter was reading only 6.4 to 7.2 volts then. Now late into the Fall the foliage or vegetation dried and gone the fence wire’s more efficiently drier without any growing influences for the current to contend with.
I tinkered with the Azzkicker for a spell. Decided to do two things differently. One a stiff breeze out of the northwest delivering a flipping artic cold I skipped the field trial. Secondly I’ve decided to put handles on the robot to make it easier handling for moving it around, liking as in from place to place don’t you know. No wood to my liking to make handles I decided to wait until I returned home to see what I might have here down in the barn. And, that was that.
Time left I turned some of my attention towards the Haulster particularly clearing away the accumulation of this Cushman’s parts in the cargo box. My motive I thinks I want to remove the cargo box’s floor to more easily get to all the varied parts and components involved in the machines changes as to up dating making it once again road-worthily safe.
Contented with my day, I was home by quarter of dark.

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