Sunday, October 31, 2010

Month’s last day

Gosh, I’ve just been thinking, first snow may well be here in about a couple weeks.
It’s sad story herd every year. What else may I say:
There’s a lot of misery in my neighborhood, This and the other end. I’ll….err….we’ll be hearing of it over the next few days. Seams all but one of my lady’s off spring are being weaned as of yesterday. The one lady who’s just had a fall bull calf yesterday morning. Her and her’s will travel a quarter mile down the road to a barnyard with more conducive sheltering for the new lot of fall calves survival against the winter elements.
Having settled in the library for my daily constitutional The ladies gather as close to the fence aside the house continue calling their calves. I’m almost dreading stepping outside my door this AM for I know all their tones will change. I even know they’ll be waiting for me. They know where I dwell, they know my domicile. There will be one of them on watch my appearance so’s they may all state their individual cases in n uncertain terms. Oh what I must suffer going through this parting of the ways year after year.
Only 28* this morning: barnyard tux, check; gloves, check; hat to pull down over ears, check! The hat to muffle out the sounds of discontented ladies, my ears will take this moderate cold…err….chill. Oh so many voices I almost wish I could hide. But Greene is parked down by the barn for the loading today’s tools and materials to finish the gate post installations. (sigh)
On the road I finished up the closest gate first. I even surprised me self how well both changes had come out so well put together. A couple gates are swinging wide and easy today.
Called Tim about fixing his fence, the one I partially took out last weekend. On the road with the loader-backhoe by the time I got there he’d pulled the broken portion of a broken off fence post out of the ground. Latest news he told me he didn’t need me or the digger and he could handle the rest of the fence repair by himself over the next few days.
Home for lunch I slipped into a little snooze. Must of needed it. I called Handy to see if he wanted ride to store as I was going anyway. He rode along kept me company while Picked up a few things from the shop for making fix my Truckster down in the barn this time. Our Crossroads shopping completed for another day I returned Handy to his Mom. (An inside joke in here somewhere. Told him, “Tell your mother I returned you once I had had my fill of you.” Handy laughed and said “I will.” A grand lady of only about 97 pounds, she likes a good laugh. (haha) She’ll know better.
The shop‘s full Bro‘s project for who knows how long. A piece of cardboard under the machine covering the sand (dirt) floor to catch anything dropped I commenced to take an oil leak out of the machine’s engine. Wasn’t hard. It was even easier than I had expected. I don’t think it took me an hour from beginning to end. Of-course Sweetheart (cat) was right there with me the whole time that very same hour.
Another sad story as seen through my eyes:
Darn, darn, darn, lost the use of one of two my favorite 1850's halfway into Spring while making hay. So busy, so tied up in other more essential maintenance and seasonal repairs to the moment machinery needed, working fields, planting crops etc. That Oliver sat as a lone monument in an 18 acre pasture as a testament as to how important it is to have a spare tractor until Summer was darn near over.
A front mounted heavy duty hitching bar made and installed on that ailing Ollie Tom got to that tractor's furiously leaking injector pump. Our unable to see the leak there weren't nothing could be seen short of taking the pump off, which Tom did. It was found “A screw” in lower body of the pump, similarly located as the bleeder visible on the front. That one little screw was doing all the leaking, the diesel lost blown all over the whole side of the engine by the radiator fan. More specifically it were the wee little copper washer under that screw’s head was leaking profusely requiring replacement. That tractor is all right with the world now, since the seasons for its required use are all over and done.
The easy starting, best running, the best mechanically equipped with an over-under hydra-drive, such a pleasantly driven tractor, my always trying to use a non-existent turn signal usually found on an automobiles steering column.
A still sadder story:
A gentleman in my neighborhood having gone blind the last few years. He's limited to seeing shadows if the light is just right. He has an 1855 Oliver he had just had overhauled about the time he started loosing his sight. I think I could safely say from my point of view it is still a freshly overhauled 1855. He's had it for years. It's what I'd say is his favorite mechanical baby. We'd like to have it for the improved hydraulics volume over the 1850 for one of our haying implements. Meanwhile, he's not yet ready to sell.
Me, I don’t care one way or the other. I have no trouble with any 1850 making that rotary-conditioner talk. Bro’ seriously handicapped thinks it be an easier tractor for his use on that R-C.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I know its early

IT IS 1:30 AM in the morning. I know it’s early, but I had a yen for it. Its almost liking sneaking into my old man’s booze when I was living another earlier life. Only, at that time I was sneaking it out and slipping it into the kitty cat’s milk. OMG, if that weren’t a belly laughing sight to see. Maturing kittens, young cats, swaggering, staggering, if the old-man ever saw this my hide might of been tanned, and then again it might of forgotten that part of it his laughing as hard as I had..
A couple things happen this early morning, I can’t ever-ever remember taken a drink this early in the day….oops….morning. But I’m enlightened. I’m the master of my castle. I’m slipping into my second childhood. I woke wise awake, with a taste for the grape’s red pop. And then when I went to find me a chilled bottle, I had lowered myself to my knees to see into the back, of the refrigerator, to see where had my choice of liquids I wanted for a 2:00 AM tranquilizing sleep aid refreshment.
Looking back a half hour I wish I could have had that red-pop before having gone down on my knees before sampling the nectar of the grape for down there upon my knees I was so proud of my kitchen cabinets their strength I had built into them to withhold my weight my using a corner to rise, pulling, leaning on, pushing, lift myself up off my pained knees having not donned my knee padded bibs first. The lesson, don’t go looken for trouble without the newly padded knees!
It’s half past 3:00 now. Half my sampler’s choice is gone. I haul some water: and, I’ll be more than ready to catch a few more zzzzzz’s.
I re-awoke at about the right…err…usual time. Out of my house at half way into my usual time I had some checking to do. Yes the ground feed wagon was empty. Taken in tow I went by the elevator for supplements. Must have been my lucky day I was given some questionable feed rejected by a lama customer. It is okay with me my mixing some each grind into the customary grinds. I‘m all for saving a few bucks wherever I may the way I‘ve been put that stuff into circulation.
To the grind the grinder mixed had to come out. The barn cleared some I put the silage baler away for a winter’s rest. A 4010 JD I’d just made available I moved the shelled corn supply wagon on higher ground than the muddy lower drive.
By and by the machines set, Barry helped me our finally gotten around to grinding the grain. These activities filling our morning. I were time close enough to fill our bellys.
Afternoon we delivered and spotted the feed wagon. Afternoon also saw us digging rotted off gate posts making new holes for setting a couple new ones. The new post anything but light. They’re heavy enough to last the rest of our lives, these ones. Not having remembered all the materials I needed for stapling fence wires and such; the gates posts, fencing and gate hangings we will complete tomorrow. Late enough on a Saturday night, I wasn’t looking to restart my day as late as it was moving into evening. Besides we’d done a fair day’s accomplishments. I’ll sleep good tonight.
Was a fine day today. While it were chilly I wore but one extra shirt and worked up a couple of sweats watching the machines do the work.
Two things upset me today!
(1) Rearview mirrors: by hook or by crook I‘ve simply got to rig a rearview mirror on each and everyone of these tractors. This twisting in the seat any number of times driven the roads, is raising havoc with my neck. I simply can not swivel it around and around as I used to anymore.
(2) I can’t keep my shoes tied all day and then can’t get them off come evening!

Friday, October 29, 2010

It isn’t easy

Frieda had been up since 2:00 AM; then she napped all morning long after I had excused myself.
I spent my morning doing things around here with the help of the truckster. The bale wrapper has been winterized and put to bed for a winter‘s rest.
The truckster running well is still needing some more attention. It’s behavior is not to unlike a leaky Oliver. Argh! Seems I need to replace some “O”ring seals between the pushrod tubs and basic engine block. Not a difficult fix, but for the shop is tied up with another couple projects.
I spent the afternoon trying my best to replace a couple gate posts. What I had thought, I had some prearranged help with them, my helper must have gotten tied up somewhere else. I did what I could manage by myself doing a good job of tying up the loader-backhoe fastened to a gate to remove its gate post portion that had rotted off at ground level. Another gate post is as clean an area as the fist one ready for its below grade’s part to be dug up. The second gate post has already yielded me two pieces at least one more chunk to dig up.
This about the gist of my day, I’m sure to be in more trouble tomorrow when Bro’ finds out I had just purchased another truck today, a dumpy truck. Was cheap, cheap, cheap, off Craig’s list it needing a front brake caliber to put it back on the road. I want to use it to haul horse manure, lime from the sugar-beet mills, some crushed fine concrete to fill some driveway holes, some fill dirt to level out my lower driveway. When I’m done with it, I can either pass a bargain on to someone else in need or junk it for my money back. I’m easy to get along with.
Tomorrow’s another day already loaded with what wasn’t done today, plus the good news I must grind grain. Yeah! After I move grind machines out of barn I must put the silage baler way back in the barn to free it’s tractor so I may use it to move the loaded grain wagon what’s been stuck in the lower drive’s mud the last couple weeks up on higher drier ground before I may even think about the grind. I also need to back up the tractor to finish some gate posts.
It was fish for supper with raspberry shortcake for dessert. The shortcake was the best!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So little to write

Gosh we both slept like logs. This amazed me after my taken that long afternoon nap yesterday.
Weather’s still damp around here driving in and out of mystical showers all day. I picked up food stuff this morning, my required medications, and wire end terminals for the shop stores and the haulster. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and may have rounded me up a hand’s help for setting a couple gate posts tomorrow. (I hope) Moseyed down to the tenant house and cut two good sized gate posts out of some old utility poles. I probably should have cut a couple more. Ehh, I can still do it later.
We’re keeping the magical wood heating stove lazily keeping us warm one of us just remembering to feed it another piece of wood at the most timely moment.
Like I said not a whole lot to report. See a dump truck for sale needing a brake job. Having just done Greene’s brakes I’ve had some recent practice. Need to talk with Bro’ on about it. Cheap enough if purchased, brakes fixed, could be of some real use it only as long as we need it and sell it for our money back. Gosh, I think I drove one of them way back in 1978. My how time flies when the driving’s easy……

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


…weather blowing all day, not me. Winds blowing so hard I had thoughts fastening my hat on. After I had ruled out screwed screws or hammered nails I elected to use string I couldn’t fine. Just pulling the hat down harder than I usually wear it from time to time kept my hands busier for those now and then free moments particularly after it had blown off a couple times.
Bugged all day being pressured to go out and cut gate posts I objected. I had it in my mind I wanted nothing to do with blowing saw dust whirling about me, maybe even getting some in my eyes. Okay if it helps any I’ll admit to being paranoid. The trees even absented their leaves blown away in just 24hrs those trees still showed me how far they could bend while whipped to and fro. I’m surprised more hadn’t been blown over today.
While it weren’t T-shirt weather for me, I continued to wear the same old raggedy red shirt-tailed garment I had just in time retrieved it out of the trash from where I had thrown it only a couple weeks ago.
I toyed with the Haulster until I had one, run out of a proper electrical wire end. For the second and endearing reason I took an early lunch to get out from under Bro’s nagging. I had had it. And My toy playing time had come to an end As implements had to be moved around and some readied for the winter rye planting.
Tomorrow’s list of involved things to do: pick up meds, purchase some wire ends, find some rope, pick up a few groceries, get back and cut gate posts. I’ll be more comfortable cutting gate posts without saw dust thrown/blown in my face/eyes.
In my travels today I took the opportunity to stop in and see one of my favorite furry buddy’s, Scooby Doo. It was so nice seeing Loopy. It’s been a month and longer since last seeing and staying out her families way making her well again. Gosh she looked good, her coloring improved, her whole being more animated and her eyes brighter than an old graying mare’s. Bottom line a bunch of good folks are much relieved and happier still her health’s improvement.
Late afternoon having done all I could manage short of openly traveling for some purchases to tidily finish what had been undone it was all to early to start anything else. I slipped into the house. Felt like cr__…never mind. I laid down for a few moments under Her Mostess’s urging and slept for all of four whole hours waking up after dark.
Oh boy, tonight's super was stuffed peppers with big healthy beet slices followed with a delicious strawberry shortcake. Yummy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

20 ways to 1

Morning’s start I carried that wood in I hadn’t done so evening last. Right turn and going right on by the shop drive I headed for the Home Dispirit. Can’t buy one side sanded finish 3/8” exterior plywood. What? I picked what I needed and about to get underway when my cell comes in. Pickup some that box barn door tract. Okay. None available at Home Depart I was on the road again driving further and further from home. A once handy lumberyard that was closer to home had been consolidated with another one on Bristol road which I think goes by Flints international airport. Then I was to find out nobody around here carries it any more. There was the time it was all a body could get. Nobody carried the better cannonball barn door tract back when. NOW, it’s the other way around. I had the choice to take it of leave it cannonball. Celled again Bro’ encouraged me to drop my search. He’ll phone around. He also told me I’d better be heading back as a storm was moving onto me any moment. Wind, rain, even higher winds. Listening to radio, an unusual pastime, weather alerts: tornado watch until 6 o‘clock. I’m headed home and watching a dark ominous black cloud following me. Coming in from the SSW. Before I reached home a tornado had been sighted the two immediate counties just west of this Genesee Co. By the time I arrived shop mist in the face I covered what I had to cover and put lumber off truck into shop. Then took a few minutes to play with the Haulster.
Note: I’m renaming the common term Cushman to rest for two very different same named machines for their independent usefulness’s. The old Cushman shall be ever more be known as my Truckster (what it was work horse built for with additional low speed uses). The new Cushman shall for evermore be called the Haulster (for it’s higher standard gears for over the common road use).
That cleared up I think I’d ungummed the started drive, put it back together, and have it started back into the haulster engine. Raining acceptionally steady and my soul hungry enough I headed for home. I promised myself I’d be back. I want to hear that machine’s engine run before dreaming up any further body repairs or appearance changes.
I did make it back to the shop and played mechanic upon the Haulster for awhile, more or less, accomplishing nothing. Tom come by to tell me I had better go home before the weather worsened. He was telling me trees were coming down under these winds. It’d be better I were home before our road could well be blocked.
Hating to waste the time I got into something I dislike even more. Office paper work taking care of bills, writing checks, addressing envelopes, licking postages, and suffering braving the sunny, breezy, elements to feed the mail box to keep our rural free deliveryman in his daily job. Speaking of the USPS I must have seen more than a dozen rural Jeep residential postal delivery trucks.
They seem to be more of them all around us lately as few and fewer mail carries are no longer driving their own cars. I’m supposing this is saving the USPS boo-co bunches of dollars. At one time the USPS used some Cushman haulster. They’d be an even more economical means of transportation with a couple simple modifications with a lift kit and bigger tired modifications for better getting around in winter snows. Personally I don’t see much advantage these new postal trucks will have for moving about in our winter snows. The one big difference built into these vehicles a difference in tread width between the front and rear wheels. This’ll result in the little light weight truck cutting two tracks through snows and muds. Thus look to a still lower priced three wheeled Cushman haulster’s making but three easier negotiable tracks through the same winter snows. There’ll be lower initial vehicle and operating costs saving the USPS still more dollars.
Now that I have managed to have managed to waste your time reading my drivel, I’ve got to think about laying it down. Supposedly nice tomorrow’s forecast I’ll likely be preparing equipment for our winter rye planting. Then I’ve got to manage some time for replacing some rotted off gate posts. The next projects will to soon be here. Good night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

10-25-2010 Wisdom learned and ignored…

Might say I wised up some rather quickly this afternoon having actually gotten some smarts the hard way, two of them in fact it took to wise me up. It all started with a couple loosened yellow pine 4”x4” posts, standing either side as a part of s HM head gate in the upper barn, having come loose of a 8”x8” fir roof support beam they had originally been nailed to.
Nailing was out of my questionable ability to have gotten the job done these advancing years. I had another strong method idea of holding all the pieces together. So, looking around in the back of the shop I found one of several all-thread rods either in ½” and 3/8” diameters. Finding a drill bits long enough for drill chucking plus the wood drilled required maybe 14” length drill bit. Had to settle for a 3/8”by over two feet in length drill to go along with a heavy duty ½“ drill motor. Not even marking the 4”x4” post had had to come up with a better idea for making my needed holes. Back down to the shop closer study I found a whole ¼” the extra long drill bit had been ruined. I was in for a long standing by a drill stand working some battered end of the poor drill bit away until it been shortened enough for a retargeted cutting a hole end. Back up to the barn the bit’s end renewed I continued to have trouble. The wood to hard for my having traction or pull enough one way or another. I took to using a ¼” inch extra long bit first. It had worked. Drilling less wood at a time was going to be easier than all of it at once. Or, though I had thought. Working the 3”x8” bit in and out of the a second time as I had the first ¼” hole. The idea, the necessity requires withdrawing the drill, a drill every inch or so to clear the flutes (spiral grove the side a drill bit) of wood chips. Failure to do so will over heat the bit and likely wedge the bit on the beam making it retrieval not about to happen.
It was while drilling the first hole the second time with the second bit, it was more difficult to with-draw the bit from the hole than pulling in. It was while I was pulling I got my face and cheek a little bit to close to the turning/whirling drill chuck it had grabbed some hair, the hair of my chinny chin-chin a little further up the side burn and pulled a whole tuft off or out by the roots, not once, but twice. Byuppin, byinimee, that hoit twice! The doubly drilled second hole I drilled it without incident. I had learned and wised up awhile doing the first one. Two all threads cut 14” were put into the holes and tighten up with nuts and washers from both sides.
I’m beginning to suspect we’re part time living in Camelot. The deck and ramp were wet again this morning and all the water puddles and the barnyard creek had been replenished with rain water during the night. As for the rest of my day? Forget it. I already have!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10-24-2010 Rains continue

Called out early to air a tire so’s Raymond could get it home I missed breakfast. While I was out and about just happening be over at the Crossroads I gassed up Greene and hit the supermarket for milk, ice-cream, and some decadent plain old fashioned high caloried donuts. Them decadents were my brunch. Into the shop I thought about looking at the Cushman Haulster, only looked mind you, for I had a flat tire waiting for me on the shop apron. A somewhat tired jack to old to hold it’s end up I armed myself with a jack stand. The idea is these days once anything’s high enough, put a jack stand under it for safety causes first and foremost important to our continued stand up health. Lug bolts easily coming of the rim stayed rusted to the trailer’s hub. I tried taking if with a sledge. Ha, it didn’t move. I tried it again a number of time, even to oiling it under rust busting penetrants. All to no avail. Along came Bro’ bringing out a short short-hydraulic-jack. We fooled with it along with some blocking. Failure to work I bowed out for a few moments to retrieve Barry as he had volunteered to give me a hand. Darned if I didn’t pass him with Tom already on their way. Back at the shop tom went into assisting Bro’ with the stubborn wheel. Barry and I grabbed a couple shovels. A corner of the feed room where a ground hog had pilled some subterranean sands around and about some barrels was going to be a real chore cleaning up as there was mixed in papers (litter) and halters, tools, water and feed bowls. I stayed with him for a while eventually leaving him doing what he could do better than I. My back at the shop the flat tire and rim laid on the shop’s floor. The air already let out I had to move a heavy 1850 Ollie up on Bro’s garage apron for a weight. Using a handyman jack I broke that tire down. Removing the chain link was only one problem while blowing away the tires dirt a screw was also found. Whoopee! It took awhile but I got the tire plugged and patched simultaneous both holes. That is one hard luck tire. The only tire on the whole trailer to go flat and it’s already a three time patched upper.
I sneakily managed to have made the haulster partially air-born today so I could get under it to clean both sparkplugs. How it happen is beyond me. I got caught up a last minute round up for a few select head to go here and there about the farms. I about the time I was read y to call it enough for a wanted to load and bring in more fire wood into my house. About then
I was delegated to fix the hot wires inside the bull pens.
Hunger overtaking all my senses, Greene loaded and backed up to the deck with a last chance tarp on the load for should I fail to carry it all in.
Writing things helps me remember them even if the scribblings misses the paper. Take for instance I need to go the library and see what can be had for how to take ‘98 truck door apart. The inside plastic door handle having broken I’ll make it a HM steel replacement to last.
Oh Lawd, I must be made of the right stuff. After supper I got up walked to door forcing my back to straighten along the way. Rain forecast for tonight I wanted be bring in as much of that loaded firewood off of Greene’s back as I could or right uo until I’d had enough. Would I believe it? I had brought it all in. The foyer’s wood space is half or over fire wood filled for the inevitable cooler weather a coming.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

10-23-2010 Call it what is

Frieda said it first, “I slept all night.” ME, I told her, “So did I. Even has even let the fire go out.” I had already should have taken my medications by the time I was a half hour late for that by 6:30 the AM. Wrapped up my blanket as warm as a bug in a cocoon, I didn’t want to move, but the inevitable sooner or later catches up. Greetings gone around I checked my drinks for pill washes, fixed me a cup of tea. Already had setting by my chair a half glass unfinished juice.
When I had it all together I sat it in my chair first a-wondering from where all that H20 had come from a-watering my eyes were coming from. I’ve a feeling I hadn’t gotten to my chair any to soon enough with a couple fluids? Knowing I’d better be chucking down some replacement fluids before I dehydrate to become to dangerously light and be blown away by the next breeze to come along.
Pills sorted I swilled them down with some unsweetened grape juice. Uuuugh! That’s one sour drink second only to a sugar free lemonade if I may juice what I been drinken all my years. But I’m still gonna tell it like it is I just happen to have one of them sugared red pops in the frig for taping just prior to going to bed. Sometimes the barreled grape juice with hose off it into a jug of water for spell, it helps to satisfying my sleeping’s need.
Gosh, I don’t know what to write on this early in the morning? So, might just better look to feeding may face a dressing to meeting the day head on. One things sure, I’ve got me some unsolicited fixing ahead of me? Shucks!
My working on the RC has put on hold. The cussed grapevine as rabid as Hell everybody and his brother wanting to look at the damage before the fixing. I hope they all choke on their gasped air’s.
Looked at the Cushman figuring out how to remove that part of the body the seat cushion set on and left it that way. I turned trying to take a much better configure toilet bowel’s water closet apart. The tank made of plastic I lost to it, all the originally installed hardware badly rusted and/or corroded there was no way I could remove the tank’s mounting bolts. I’ve about given up on it, only short of already having thrown away.
Trying my best to come up with one total accomplish I turned to mixing salts. As it has been some time busy-busy in other areas for the farming enterprise I seemed to have a bit of time on my hands for a change. Raining return’s I put lids on the finished mixings. I’ll require boots to deliver two of these finished thirty seven pound mixes later in the day selfishly saving me more foot wear changes than I want to get in and out of, that delivery will be later in the day.
It has been miserable low pressured wet weather day. I have eventually owned up to headache. Sorting more boxes I found some orange cleaner supposedly advertised hard on greasy items. The bottle slit down one side I’m careful handling it. Just to see if the stuff was anywhere as near good as it has been hawked I tried some in each of three the grungiest five gallon buckets. To a good healthy squirt form the bottle in each pail I added about a gallon and a half water and let them set. Checking on them after an all night’s sitting outside I found one the buckets, the worst of the lot fairly clean, I mean almost clean. Some whipping out with some newsprint for rags those pails shall clean up quite nicely for feeding, tool, and parts buckets. It astonishes me all the pails good people throw out that had once had drywall joint compound in them, them go spend $4.00 dollars apiece for new ones from the hardware store. The latest favorites when I see one I walk the brakes for those square kitty litter, laundry soap, and cat food. These are elegant fines. Being square I can set a many a more of them in a row against a wall or under a work bench. These also make swell containers to holding automotive and machinery parts. Bulk oil buckets purchased with an assortment of lubricant’s in them I recycle-recycle them. Once emptied their contents the lids never loosened their spouts in tack; red pails are naturally for gasoline, yellow buckets are color suited to diesel fuel use. The white buckets make water pails, lids in tack sprayed with instant colors fill in for the red or yellow shortages. The spouts the weakest part of the pails use longevity when they’ve failed the lids come off for cleaning use as I’ve described before. Occasionally a drain gear case will be save and set aside for a number of years to settle out. It is inparitive to label these large buckets their contents as to product, original purpose, dated, origin. Once these oils have had sufficient time to separate I’ll draw the top four-fifths the contents off and filter for reuse. These saving’s may account for a $20.00 savings.
For some of the afternoon’s entertainment I got into the new Cushman. I removed the starter and lubricated the bendix as well as I could manage without disassembling for a first trial run. Sparkplug wires in deplorable shape I got out those ignition wire savings. They came in handy again. When I was all done the Cushman’s new copper wires plus two more useless wires for their assort wire ends contributions.
Headachy and at a loss as to what to do next I called it. Frieda needed some scripts picked up and I could at the same time deliver our November ballots in the TWP clerks mail box.
Want to join me for a spelling bee?
At the loss for a simple spelling my first typing come up “nesk,” close but no cigar (candy), then I tried “nest.” Nope defiantly wrong-o. Seriously thinking about it, I do believe a had gotten it correct with some assorted letters having come out and down as “next.” “Next!” Yup! That was the word I was after. Whew! I thought these silly twists finding the correct spelling entertaining, even if it was only for me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I got her ire up again

Let me explain. Her Mostess taking to heart; all she sees in books, on TV, around our corner of Payton Place; love stories gone wrong. In disgust after finishing one of her book readings, she looks up and muses, “To many people don’t know what love is!”
Hearing her (for a change) I piped up, “I’d like an explanation?”
In an instant transformation without so much as a phone booth Herr Clink, said, “You would.” she steamed, “Love is thinking of someone else before yourself.”
And as usual I must have had one of my usual stupid looks spread across my face. Looking at me, while turning around, she added, “You would!” as she more or less stomped off muttering something or other under her breath. If I didn’t know better lunch will be a cold one.
(sigh) When will I ever learn?
Gosh, we both slept well last night. I got up to reset the fire under the last log Frieda had laid on the fire last night. While I was at I stepped outside crossed the deck for an ash bucket. The underside of my feet liking slipping and sliding across a surface so smooooth I thought had been waxed.
The Sun shinning bright, when I left my headache gone and my senses clear I figured whatever could go wrong with a day like this one for a start. For my endeavors start, I headed down to the barn to unload last night’s Greene load of horses where I had left them standing for the night, saw horses. TV reporting lows of 28* temps, the barnyard creek had froze over, I walked up stream to cross where it were drier. Such a pretty day I wasn’t taking any chances anything going wrong. I wasn’t about to walk on that ice. Had I fallen in there was nobody else about to throw me a line and pull me out. On getting to the shop I took up sorting, condensing, separating savings and trashings. I even picked up a broom making like sweeping and doing a bad non professional job of that at that. Walking about with hands full of things to stow in their proper places I felt a rumble deep down inside me. Oh oh! I suddenly knew I’d never make it home so immediately headed for Bro’s house. I didn’t make it either for I experienced a 102% fallout. Shyit! Well but not else to do I went in and finished what had started. Clean out my shorts, packed them with a wad of toilet tissue and went back out to the shop. Nobody else around my bibs filled with tissue papers no body to offend I was going to get something done one way or another. I lasted for awhile, thinking I was no more odorous than that of a skunk what had passed rather closely by the shop doors during the night. I managed to load the truck filled with tires and a custom made cab from tractor removal only box for the over the hill shed. One odor following to closely the other I could move away from, living with the skunk’s after burning was better than just staying ahead of my own. Able to unload Greene later I gave in to going home for a shower and a renewed start on the day.
Yup, it was just as I predicted. It were a cold lunch. A tossed salad fixed for today’s dinner fare.
Seeing Terry Home I got him to drive me down and around the corner twice I could bring two tractors with implements home. I be damned if I didn’t let the Rotary conditioner get away from me taking out maybe forty-eight feet of a plank fence. Just what I needed, two more things to fix. And, thought I use that mower today. Can’t happen now without a fix. (oh crap) Guess what I’ll be working on tomorrow. Other things to do, one of them move the new Cushman out of the way for parking RM in its place.
On my second approach to the shop I stopped by the lower shed unloading Greene truck. Into the shop I but shoved a few things out of the way that the Greene truck’ll transport down to my barn later. Bring in out the Polaris Ranger I backed it into the shop. Using its front winch with some finagling I pulled that second Cushman into the shop. The first tug of the cushy buggy was via it’s own hitch. The machine in the door, the second pull was off the new machine’s front end. This allowed me to pull it in some more doing it off-sides or along side the Ranger. Once the machine was on a level floor it was just a matter of a couple leanings on it to park it where I wanted it. The Greene loaded it were time to get my dragging assed butt home and finally move some wood into the house. I’d be dark before it was either me or the day done.
The shop press will see some serious use tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Minor Ill Time

3:30AM I’m awakened with or more likely by a pain in the neck. I’ve had it with varied levels of annoyance over the last three days. A half hour or so ago a awakened for the usual middle of the night haul of the water away I found myself blessed with this time with my day time pain in the neck. Its been an on again off agin nuisance when I should want to look to my left, ouch. No problem the most usual twisted to the right seated upon a tractor seat keeping an eye on watch a working implement in tow. This time coming back to bed it wasn’t going to easily let me go back to sleep. I rose again taking an ice pack from the freezer wrapping it in a towel. Everything below my neck comfortably blanketed, I packed the ice pack over the left side of my neck. I then tried to emptying my mind on purpose like I have no difficulty doing with any effort each daylight day somewhere between 3:30 and five o’clock daily.
A wee bit of a side tip here the kitten is testing me how far she may go bugging me over/around this keyboard on my lap. Between the pawing be it with one foot or all four plus some teeth nibbling on the side on my thumb, she’s a delightful part time distraction just short a many the total attributes of a new young bride, with no relief insight. Argh! What a nuisance! But, fur her in her way. (hehehe)
Me thinks its time to retry the ice pack again laying my neck on it this time. Bye…..zzzzzzzzz
8:30AM Wakey. Wacky. Three hours sleep later and doing it laying my neck on the cold pack, I’m still alive to see another day. Ho boy, I got to eat something while trying to get it all together. First thing this morning I have to assist Raymond running the girls through the chute. I believe he plans on delivering them to the sale site today. I’ll be staying home this trip. I just don't have it in me the hustle’s stamina for these things anymore. And a great big besides I want to/have to stick close to Frieda.
I’ve certainly have got plenty to do: See to it the batteries are replaced in the 2150 Ollie, and work up some ground, pickup rocks, half way down the road for winter rye planting; for the predicted Sunday rain. Then of course get back see to it I move the new Cushman inside the shop.
Thinking ahead of myself evening last I put a log on the fire to last all night. Well, it certainly did. It was still there this morning almost unscathed proudly holding its space. Frieda cleaning off her table-desk through a bunch of loose papers into the stove what re-livened the coals. My passing the cussed lazy good for no this morning’s heat I felt it barely warm, looked, saw some flame maybe enough, retrieved one of my bottled fire starters, reached in a pour some on that stubborn log, and turned away to make me another cup tea. On my way back the stove door I had left a mite-ajar, I looked in, I commented to Frieda. “Well, at least the ashes are burning.” What kind a stubborn chunk of wood had I put in there? It was supposedly dry?
A heavy low pressure system hanging over our heads delivering rain showers over night as well as throughout the day, didn't slack any providing me with an all day headache. Most of my day’s time I spent it in the shop. Greene’s loaded with three pair saw horses to go into the lower barn’s storage. Making the day more interesting I was called away from the shop to assist here in putting the girls through the chutes and loaded for travel on truck to sale site. Bro’ gone most the day I got a lot done. The shop wont look like it, for I’ve gone much deeper into this cleaning room for the new Cushman activity. Interestingly enough I come across some misplaced tools. I consolidated still more parts, packed groups of parts by like kind, vehicle, or project. For sit down rest periods I sorted and/or dismantled unneeded items many of them their separated parts junk saved and trash packed. I repaired several livestock halters and leads to get rid of them, the lot belonging up in the barn. If they’re not taken away soon I may just reacquisition a couple for myself. I emptied a half dozen two bushel tubs, through six 55 gallon and more barrels across the shop drive, and have the beginning’s a Greene’s truck load stuff to go down over the hill.
One these days I’d like to clean the apron off before we’re covered in snows. There’s got to be a near load of scrap steel laying on it dropped, thrown and forgotten laying out there. Between my cleaning barns and yards it is no wonder I never get to house cleaning. So tired……its zzzzzzzzzz Time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Given Back

I think I’ve written about our combination refrigerator-freezer loss last week? That very day I had finally realized the ice box had died. Frieda had been suggesting the fact for maybe three days but as thick headed stubborn single mindedness I had chosen not to hear her. The very day and hour I realized I should have listened closer, as usual the critical moment to swing into action I had hit the road. Walking into the only appliance store I shop I had picked out the only refrigerator on floor display. While cringing over adding more on the mounting plastic card debt I had made arrangements for a later in the day delivery as I had a couple more stops to make on my way back home.
Regardless the delivery arrangements I didn’t make it home in an at all timely manner. The new refrigerator on the way, the old one still loaded, thinking self this clean out has to be quick. I brought in one two bushel plastic tub and commenced to fill it without regard for man nor beast. Filled to the rim It were all I good do to even drag it out of the house to wind up sitting on the deck ever since then. Cold nights, cool days, lower temperatures, and a maple trees shade the chemical content of that tub didn’t generate any rising odors to offend the nose.
Yesterday, an ill picked time to come visiting, a neighbor not knowing what he was about to get into stopped by. I put him to work helping me load that could have been a most offensive tub onto the Greene truck’s tailgate.
Nothing else pressing the immediate early moment, this morning a bit cooler than the most recent past, I braved the elements and the expected smell taking that tub’s mess out back. Parking the Greene down wind, myself up wind what was about to greet me on my tailgate I commenced to hand take each item one at a time out of that tub. Giving back to the earth I opened and emptied every package, garbage thrown going to the earth and remaining wrappers, cans and glass into a trash bag. I was sorry to see four small packages venison go to waste. Opening a package of chicken was the stinkiest. I saved a couple apples to wash for my personal eating. Then when all said and done I got to wondering if the frozen peas, corn, string beans, rice, northern beans, noodles, macaroni, and other seedy tid-bits will germinate and grow me a right harvestable ready to eat Shorthorn country stew or goulash?
Afternoon had turned into the last two days same-o, same-o. I manage to put together seven or eight heavy bags trash as I moved things about the shop. For one thing I emptied a number of cans drain oil into two quart clear or opaque bottles mostly fire accelerant for starting woodstove fires. Some of the oil having set around for some time having settled out pouring clear, I saved some bottles this stuff for external machinery lubricants.
About the most exciting thing happening to me was Tom’s, bringing in a couple new heavy duty batteries for the 2150 Ollie, his disrupting my established bottle filling routine. Tom’s timing just at that moment my brain often ceases to function, while I had stepped outside to check on the numbers of five gallon buckets I was cleaning. When I got back Tom had left. Tom had turned my trash bag holders over to plank the batteries on. It was what had done to deserve this. I sure was glad he’d made his delivery simple. Me in the meantime, having had my line of concentration interrupted I was T-ed off. Break time, my rhythm broken I had to figure out what had gone wrong. Stupid as it reads I finally figured out what to do with the new batteries so I could have the use of my trash bag holders back and in time reestablish my predetermined cadence.
It wasn’t to bad a day. It had been better if people when passing through would just leave me and my optimal operation alone. The weather was nice. I was warm within the shops walls blocking the winds.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


For an opener in the last 70yrs/80yrs yeah and as far back as the civil war which wasn’t at all civil. What am I talking about? it certainly isn’t there! I’m trying to get into medications and their effect upon our lives, more specifically Frieda and myself.
There are the anesthesia’s, antidepressants, Sulphadrugs, penicillin’s, and steroids. All these drugs in their many forms and combination's have lengthened and made our lives more comfortable.
I don’t know why I should even talk about this?
This very morning Her Mostess is telling me, “I’m going to take that last medication half in the morning and half at night.” (An anti inflammatory)
“Your supposed to cut that drug’s use in half, period!” I exploded, “Not a half the same pill twice a day. That‘s half for the whole day, period.”
Head strong she’s contrary to take her medications contrary to her lung physicians recommendations. “I trust Doctor George (primary care provider) not he other A__hole. (lung specialist).”
Your specialist hasn’t asked you to quit the drug. He’s recommended a compromise.
She’s on two drugs. The one Doctor George prescribed is control inflammation in her knees so she may walk pain free. It also retains more water in her body. The second drug her Lung Doctor prescribed has to ease her lungs so she may breath easier. The drug cut is supposedly to help her loose weight so she may carry less weight again breathing easier. There are times I don’t understand her thinking.
If none of this makes any sense….pucker up.
Bottom line one drug retains water while the second drug’s supposed to help her loose water. Cutting the retaining drug is supposed to help her loose weight. Sheesh!
I did my watery eyed best. At least for now. I wanted to get my idea for this story down on paper before it’d become another forgotten niche in the lives of an aged old couple. ROFLMAO And so goes the continued battle of the sees. Life is wonderful even if a bit batty in a husband‘s eyes. What the heck it’s the October month for Halloween.
On another front Iced TEA may be served in any way, shape, manorr, or form and be refreshing on any hot Summer day. However cool weather for now will be changing to colder weather. Oddly enough, in my mind hot tea tastes its very best if served and sipped from a fine china cup. And, We don’t have a single one in the house. I’m thinking its been some time since we’ve had a house filled with disruptive/destructive little savages either keeping or making anything unsafe particularly including a tea cup. Now, I’ve found for myself another quest! Tea service including saucers and tea pot.
Lunch time and it has already been a great day. Timed my way the Cushman’s running. Whooppee! Hot Dog! Halleluiah! Ka Zam! Holy completion Bat Man! Gosh, I wish I could find the words to express myself!!!!
The afternoon was back to ho hums shop and machinery yard moving tractors around and stuff. Yard doings involved reconfiguring the 4010JD for moving the 554 baler up the road either today or tomorrow. The day wearing on managed a ride back to shop for my taking overhauled Cushman home. I picked up, put away this’n’that, plus tool boxing tools. Hardly denting my mess Bro’ called it a day. That was alright with me. I already had a tentative appointment with the lady from whom I had purchased the second Cushman from. I was to take delivery the machine this evening. Finding Logan we went after said machine. He had the trailer made for it including an electric winch. Now that’s the way to load rolling stock. The following’s a dusk snap shot, slightly modified a lot so’s we may see the vehicles’ good side. What you see is all I got. I’ve already got an idea as to how I’ll customize the front.
It is so refreshing having another something different to bitch about it’s worked on (played with) when its thing’a’ling isn’t going right.
Cushman’s down in the barn. Supper was onion soup with corn bread a-long side plus a whole can apricots all to myself for desert. Life is good.

PS: Just as I was closing my day’s journal entry here come PIA kitten I had brought home three day ago. She is such a delight. So small, she can be hidden in just one of my hands, yet very intelligent. Already knows the word “N0!” and she’s using a potty box. She’s apt to staying out from under foot, after a couple close calls. She just might be a keeper.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I didn’t finish nothin’

‘Twas a beautiful day all day to day, although it couldn’t make up its mine whether it were marginally warm or cold. Managed to bring shelled corn load home without incident. Tried making Cushman go, to no avail. My timing remains to be right on. Found two fuel problems. One a leaky gasoline line perhaps sucking air instead of gas. Also found fuel perhaps to low having used what was in the tank on so many false starts. Engine failing to fire although spark is plenty hot. When I broke for lunch I slipped over to Ottsville for a couple new dry sparkplugs to play with tomorrow. My thought is, “Tomorrow will be the charm.” During an extra long dinner break I took advantage the ladies being a half mile and more from home. I threaded another bale feeder ring out of the holding pen into the barn’s backside barnyard. I spirited away the ring I’d been sing for a welded repair later this week. I fed them gals another bale hay and transported two more sitting them in the barn’s front barnyard for emergency feeding under shorthanded conditions.
{Now, here’s where a rub comes in. should I falter or fail to make my appointed rounds, your can bet your sweet bibpity some kind hearted volunteer (including Bro’) will take away and feed my
I used most of my day cleaning the 1014 mower-conditioner and 554 hay baler. What had happened, in bringing the loaded gravity wagon home Greene couldn’t manage the lower drive, the whole rig becoming stuck in my Shorthorn country mud. The hitch pin pulled I at least had wheels. My mind’s thought was I take 4010 JD to shop, clean MC and park it for the winter to free the JD. What the heck, might just as well clean off the 554 baler so I can take it along for it’s lower barn inside winter storage. The afternoon’s hours near slipped by unnoticed, right up until I hit my wall along about 5:00 0’clock. Having to figure my moves it was time to tidy things up for the evening. All what had started today will still be right where I had left it come another morning’s sunrise.
Worst part of my day? Slipping inside Greene, ignition turned, I got hit with a double barreled headache. A-bought roughly four minutes drive I’d be home able to hit my Tylenol bottle. In retrospect, it was a good day. I made a couple headways. And celebrated a couple disappointments. Yup, a one fine day!

PS: What I see through my windshield traversing up and down my two miles between farms.
A picture driving east.
North side my gravel road quarter mile west my home.
Driving north, half way between elevator behind me intersection, my road just ahead.
Some the scenery across the fields from our backyard.
So much color to have to put up with day after day for a couple/three weeks. A squaw winter with one good rain and snow mix leaned on by some spirited winds and it’d all be gone.
This has been another passing Fall day in Shorthorn country. Hope you’ve enjoyed the short tour.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What’s today…….

….Going to Bring?
Most serious USA crisis? Gotten away UFO helium filled party balloons sighted over Manhattan Island, NY, NY.
Our biggest own home’s consumer goods welfare discovery, with the loss of the old refrigerator, we didn’t loose a any eggs or pound of butter, nor did I loose a single California Chardonnay.
Misty rains over night in local area here. Second fall calf born on the other end. My personally checking the gravity feed wagon I definitely have to grind grain today. Would like a couple final hours to finish Cushman’s first getting its best running tune-up. Weather hopefully breaking, must start 2150 Oliver, as hooked up disc harrow needs a welded fix and balanced adjustment so‘s to immediately work ground for Fall’s winter rye planting. NOW? What’ll I either get to or done and finished today?
LAST….; but, far from least, I asked Her Mostess, “You got anything unbenounced going on.…TODAY?
Okay! Now to get back to the ordinary everyday Shorthorn country daily surprises. Whew! I thimk?
Morning skies clearing I spent my morning kneeling beside the Cushman, checking and re-checking the engine timing. Cussed thing continues to tease me basely running, not running, starting and fading away. By gum. If I live long enough I’ll figure it out. Sadly so close yet so far to go I had to give it up for farming.
After lunch I ground grain and delivered it the other end. Still having an hour to make it to the elevator for a weight slip It’d be a good time to re-supply the shelled corn. When I got there the over head was empty. It was a simple act what come next, simply take some corn from a big ben elevated up-up and almost beyond, and dropped into the over-head ben I had parked under. It was some two hours later coaxing shelled corn down a hole in a an augured feed. Today that hole was to small and troubled with some unbelievably fungied corn. ((I’ll explain it if anyone’s interested as how not to let it happen to them)) The loading we finished an hour after the second elevator’s closing. My last option, I parked my loaded wagon to one side for the night. (ho ho) I know one of one thing I’ll be doing in the morning. Picking up my wagon to seek a weigh slip.
Lastly on a late arrival home I fed my ladies even managing to slip an extra hay bale past them. Those extra special hay bakes are sitting to one side the lower front barnyard. They’re there should my need to feed the ladies and I’ve no one to handle the gates. These bales handily placed I can slip in and out amongst this backyard’s feminine mob without any misunderstandings.
Super was late again. Seems to be just my speed recently. It’s no a brainer why my evenings are so short.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More the same

What can I say. By what grace of any God should I get a break today. First words off the lip of Her Mostess’s number on need, “My mask roke last night. Wonderful just flipping wonderful! The near next additional first words coming out over Her Mostess’s missing tonsils were, “The refrigerator has quit working.” Crapola! Just what I needed. I had spent a wad on last night’s purchase another Cushman. This day I suddenly needed those funds for keeping my grub fresh and my beer cold. Balderdash! Her announcement liking needing a new mask, (…I’m thinking, “For breathing or Halloween?“…) The Refig’ shot for openers, Her Mostess’s next move she’s calling “H”care for a new mask. An appoinmtment is made for 1:30 PM, then compounding her need she’s making a doctor’s appointment. Now on top all this I been told I need grind grain TODAY!
Turning left out of driveway, I deliver her to Doc’s office where the to on them can cut up riding Her Mostess of her Horny moles. Shed of the Old Lady I head for the empty gravity box what’s supposedly in need of a new grind. Getting there I find if still has grain inside it. I ain’t moving it (dribbling rain both ways two miles up and down the road. I left it. Another left turn I’m headed for the near burb’s appliance rebuild were in I purchased a like new refrigerator for mere pennies on the dollar over a new one. That near settled all I need do is call the store for delivery once we make it home.
I’m cell called failing in a desertion attempt getting rid of the Old Lady. The mentioning of where from my next meal was coming from had me abandoning a dreamed no good idea for a more meaningful satisfying full belly. (sigh)
Frieda beside me, our headed cross country for a distance way all the way around Flint to approach “H”care from the SW we headed in the general direction of where we had to be at 1:30. Only I was going to take advantage another stop at Harbor Freight for wagon covering tarps and heavy rubber hold-downs. I also picked up a couple other trinkets for my tool box’s stored use. Time to be at H-care less than a block away we were taken care of my Frieda’s tricked out fixes all her C-pak machine needs. (I was still thinking Halloween. };^))__)
On arriving home I needed lunch. We ate and I commenced to clear old refrigerator out filling a two bushel tub with spoils making them garbage. I had just managed this part at about the same time the ne icebox arrived. I’m not looking forward to getting my hands into that tub’s mess tomorrow before the contents ripen.
My last act for the evening was taken Handy over to the crossroads for prescriptions and a few other grocery items. It felt goog retuning home for my evening’s all well and good. It was an hour past dark I had my super. What a day!

10-13-2010 For nuten to talk about

Frieda slept well enough last night having broken her mask (c-pak). Me, I slept 11 hrs and still I’m yawning. Was almost an un-accomplished day.
Up early enough, s inversely compared to yesterday, I haput in some shop time fixing that Leland tire. The inner tube had some rather odd looking scratches running lengthwise with it’s the circumference. Fortunately Bro’s last tire re-supplied fixings wisely included an elongated inner tube patch what was just the ticket for patching my tractor tire’s holey tube inner tube. And, scarcely did more thsm look at the Cushman in passing.
Skipping lunch, unable to have found a ride clear across the near side the other side of Flint for a Boss Lady’s medical appointment I drove there and back. Just underway it started raining. Our drive I missed all but about 4mile city traffic having driven out and about country roads. On way back we stopped by Thrifty Acres (all in one super store, unlike Wally World I’ve never ever taken anything back for any reason, were-as put some more capital back into circulation. The final shopping list included couple cereal bowls, yarn (knitting), anti-freeze, some groceries, some cheap tuna (for the cats), and earrings I ain‘t gonna wear.
As usual out with my Lady, she’s got to be fed so I escorted her to Long John Silver’s for a knowing what yer gonna get fishy dinner.
Next stop was in Mt Morris by the seamstresses to pickup what I could pickup and drop of another brainstormed bib’s knee pocket additions to hold pocketed knee kneeling pads. My cushioned bibs done, I’ll wear them today. My tux wasn’t quite finished yet. I’m wondering that ain’t a ploy just to keep me coming back. They are a couple lovely girls, one of them may be available if any guy‘s interested, I could ask?
It had continued to rain long even into the night. This morning’s wet every direction a body looks. The fall colors are also superb in any direction one’s eyes look. The barnyard creek is full of water, enough water I’ll be taking steps up stream for a drier foot crossing. The wet weather had also made for me a lengthened double dosed doing my chores evening after we had gotten back.
So, all the foregoing has been the jest of the wearing me either out or down for my day going and coming my Shorthorn country day. (sigh)
Backing Greene up in front the seamstress’s shop, there I had seen a lovely young bride having just finishing her last weding gown fitting. Hubba hubba. I gotta tell the truth as I see it! And the way I look at it every young man every lovely young lady manages to take out of circulation is another young man I don’t have to worry about stealing my Old Lady* away from me.
*Note: I capitalize all nouns and pronouns of important respect owed or given. (Smiles)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


First talk of adjustments each of the last two days we’ve had sunny clear skies a body had the warmth of nature‘s sunshine. By the same token we were forecast rain each the last couple days. Right handy what with trying to hay. This morning, looking out on the desck it’s wet, we’ve misty air without so much as a whisper of air’s movement. Like all wimmin, can’t figure Mother Nature also? {;^))
Second talk of adjustments involves the Cushman’s brake. Think I was taking them up yesterday I had turn the adjuster’s the wrong way. Those wrong way adjustments didn’t help the buggy’s braking.
Third adjustment I must check on feed wagon down the road. I may have to make an adjustment in my thinking one of the kids will timely tell when it has been emptied in need more the same ol’ grind?
For the boards sharing my exuberance:
Zip pity do da… pity yea… Der Cushman's together and running. A few minor adjustments and it'll go to work under my careful directioning and super-vision. AND as equally impotent or more the haying's all done, finished, completed, all over and done come-put with as of evening last.
I got a timing light to work for me upon the Cushman. A sweet running engine it is. Be stubborn the engine is being fursnicty when I try putting it in gear wanting to drive it somewhere/anywhere. Tomorrow I’ll try my luck at a proper timing thinking maybe I’ll be able to idol that engine down so I may time it by the book. Carburetor could be worn out and its one fat chance I shall ever replace it with a new one. It worked alright before overhaul. It’ll be alright again if I have to hammer proper behavior into it.
While putting battery chargers on the Oliver 2150 there was a whole lot of meowing going on in aq handy firewood pile. So taking it home to Frieda it is a lover, loves human foods, and it is already a pain in the derriere settling in.
Good Lawd, a friend of mine come by with news of another Cushman truckster for sale in the neighborhood. Went to give a look-see and bought it. It’s never known to fail it have been an ideal parts donor for my beloved first truckater before I had spent so many serious dollars on it. Oh well, so it goes. As it sets, looks to me as if it’d not take much tinkering to put it upon the road. Could work out to be cheap transportation, as long I keep out of sight the cops, as long I keep it on our back roads… Cops! Sheesh we got three of them in the neighborhood. Now’d be a good time to paint this one up under a generous coat of invisible camel-flogged paint.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Haying is done at last. Now if I may find just a couple hours I'll have the Cushman up, out, and running. Then its cleaning, power washing, and blow drying balers and mowers before either putting under or covering over.. The old Ugly truck’s repairs supposedly next has put on hold again. The EzGo car has developed some serious breaking down where the front suspension fastens to the main frame. It's first next, seriously in store, for metallic surgery a definitely possibility.
At last haying time consuming farm importance is out of the way, a second Cushman reformation only an hour or two away, I’ve got a couple thoughts about today’s holiday.
First Columbus has been so wrongly credited with discovering the America’s, The mislabeled American Indians were already here first. They needed discovering for what?
Secondly if historians want to call the first eye opening visitors to these lands discoverers every time I see the pre-Columbus killing foot prints have been over shadowed in part via European Norsemen traversing the Atlantic first. Two more also’s: how was drawn on maps what had already had these continent’s labeled the America’s by a map maker? And, how is it the Polynesians had come and gone traversing the Pacific before the Europeans.
Every time these subjects are brought up on either the TV’s National Geographic channel, the Discovery channel, the National Public Broadcast channel, or any other commercial and/or cable programming’s all that old history is being rewritten. It’s time all the hypocrites landing on these shore who’ve destroyed these North American lands forests, brought all the damaging environments seed from the old world with them, and thoughtlessly polluted these rivers and streams. Then our people have the nerve to tell the South American peoples they mustn’t cut down their forests. Who are we to tell anybody else what they may or may not do with their lands when we haven’t shown the same kindness or respect to our own.
Oh crap, I don’t want to get started on this……….
Hey, look at this, I’m so relaxed I can set here dribbling my own brand on nonsense across my pages. Enough time wasted. I’ve got to get out of here and finish my mechanical buddy’s good fixing.
I spoke to soon about a reprieve from all what needs doing around here. Boy, am I sorry I saw the laundry pile. Had to been three loads on first sight. They was by noon when I put one in the drier and another in the washer. Aren’t these modern appliances the cat’s pajama’s. I need only spend a couple minutes here and here throughout the day doing laundry. Still, I dislike the dungeon visits it take me going down there to get it all done.
Thinking I was getting somewhere with the Cushman It had given me a time starting it. Once going sounded good to me. However I had two oil leaks. Arrggghhhh!!!!! I had miscued applying the tappet cove gasket on one side for one and throughout all my monkey-ing around with all the solid hard engine operating linkages I broke the oil pressure gauge's oil line. That one is going to be fun the conjunction in an almost inaccessible place.
The hay wagon on Greene’s back I’m going to try and do my part to finish once and for all the haying.
Oil line fixed, I had Cushman running and moved outside. Seems a little hard starting, the timing perhaps advanced to far. Sounded good when I could keep it going. Oil pressure 40#, I’ll accept that. Whole machine was running/driving tight. Now how long is it going to take to brake it in. Speaking of braking, I wonder if maybe I had either tighten the brake shoes right or wrong. Working on all the linkages it seems to have more throttle that it either hadn’t had before or couldn’t have had as it was linked the last ten years. Looks like another evening I’ll be curled up with the Cushman shop manual tonight again.
I was almost in on the end of the hay wrapping finish. I blew my cork, Raymond insisting I finish my day weight lifting so late into the day. When I did come home I see the last cell looked closed. Maybe he had Barry’s help. Looks like my brother wont get the message until I protest and entertain a few more late afternoon refusals. The bottom line I still haven’t gotten over the damnable concrete block movings of just last week. Enough again is enough!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a Pretty colorful day

Basic plan is my going a field today, man and machine, I’ll again get to watch the supple change in the fall colors. Another hay field opened with eight rounds a couple days ago, Barry raked yesterday, I get to bale it today. Once the hauling and wrapping is handed over to Bro’ I’ll be back to mowing about half or all what’s left.
No holding back, I get busy, I can slip in a couple hours buggy fixing time. {morning written}
{evening written}
Well, my intentions were honest enough. I did some of what I thought I had planned. I balled hay alright, eight rounds on that 20acre field and couldn’t make two bales. Enough is enough, that field isn’t worth the effort. Our haying for this season has come to an end. Quitting while I was ahead one bale, I took the baler back to the shop for cleaning before putting down in the barn. Two more trips the mower and hay rake will be somewhere at home.
Back to the shop I once more approached the Cushman managing to refit it’s old pipes and mufflers down under it as they had been originally made some ten years ago. Making headway I tried setting the timing, even as to using the suggested continuity light. I couldn’t make it work. Bro’ rolling by I asked him his help. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I showed him the text in the old Cushman manual. Read, he talked me through it. So simple the engine was timed my not knowinghe instant it had happened it. Son-of-a-gun! I didn’t even have a chance to bolt the darn distributor down, a cell call coming in. There was a fence problem up the road to home.
And was there ever. An over exuberant deer deep into the rutting season had caught the fence on a miscued jump and wiped out an eighth mile of wire, two posts, and three insulators. As badly entangled the wire I managed to untangle it’s length reusing it to mark the ladies boundary.
When I had finished the fence repair I called it my day as done as I was with it. There wasn’t time to really fill with any more adventure. Oh wait, I hadn’t checked on what’s for supper. “Rainbows.”

10-9-2010 Make no Assumptions

I had assumed I’d get out of working a dozen head or so through the chute. After all they was enough bodies about I figured I wasn’t needed. Besides I was taking every opportunity I could even gleam to finish putting the Cushman back together. I wanted my buggy back.
I had managed to install, hook up, and adjust the parking brake, before the cell started massaging my chest. Digging it out of the depths on my bib’s zippered pocket and found it was Bro’. “What could he want,” I thought to myself as I reluctantly but had to as these cussed cells are my wife’s insisted upon continuous communication minimally keeping each of us in touch emergencally wise like. “Hello!” says I. Says he, bring me white button tags in my garage. They’ll likely be in a bucket in the ranger or on the floor.” “Yeah. Okay.” said I. I didn’t see them in a bucket either place. Cell to the rescue again, ”Maybe they be in a box on the old work bench?” They were, I was on my way, closing up the shop, and on the road.
It wasn’t so bad neglecting the Cushman for a little while. I enjoyed the animals, especially the vet is hand in the may-lay checking all the hopefully pregnant yearling heifers going to the production sale. He’s about my age giving no sign giving into retirement. Only thing’d put him out to a pastured end’d be a broken limb limiting his getting around the big animals. He’s one crusty frosty haired old gentleman who cares for the animals.
The animals taken care of, to even invited to staying over my place until Tuesday next when they’re tails are read for their TB tests. No studying involved, just a pin prick under the tail peeked at.
Next agenda was a mixed one changing at dinner time. Barry had finally fulfilled his 8:00 AM promise to give me a hand. The earlier recharged air tank was put to use to air up a borrowed gravity wagon’s tire to take to shop for a tire fix (and remove our added gable ends last summer for stored grain cover), and return it to its rightful owner with my thanks. A next stop we latched onto the bred heifers ground feed wagon to keep this visiting gang fed. Thinks getting caught up it were time to keep moving on.
Barry wanting some tractor time, who was I to deny him. I could let him rake that hay I had cut the day before. (Hehe!) With more connived free time I could get back to my Cushman buggy. (Hehe!) That was if it were done right?
Equipment moved, transportation provided for,, I turned Barry loose. Wasn’t a bad idea until Barry had run out of gas. I had to make a fuel delivery. What the Heck. Can’t have everything we do run smoothly. Goof taken care of I tinkered with Buggy until my mind went dead my loosing it when it came to adding oil to the transmission and engine. Sitting down, no relief from my confusion I closed up/locked up the shop and pulled into my drive at quarter to sundown, ate my supper, and soon fell asleep. I’d had a full day. “Rainbows.”

10-8-2010 Was a long day

Right off the get go, I took Frieda to town for her seeing and drafting vampire Bob to do the required draw for her prescription requested analyzing study. Leaving her at the blood sucker’s clinic, to save time I abandoned her where she sat. Up the street a couple blocks and right around the corner were a couple of my favorite lady acquaintances to check on my new remodeled bibs. No, she hadn’t done it. She had only started the modification wanting my thought and approval on the supposed knee padding. Her workmanship looked good to me and I urged her on. Next week I plan on having her sew me on a couple pockets over the knees into which I may slip in a couple sponge rubber pads.
On the way home I stopped us by the Sam’s Coney Island for an embarrassing breakfast. Seated at a table by the window our coffee poured, it only dawned on me then I had but one buck in my pocket. Oh No! The pretty girl standing over us ready to take our order, I asked her to first ask Sam if I could put this meal on a tab. His word was, “Sure, no problem.” We ordered the Crossroads omelet loaded with every thing, hash browns side, whole-wheat toast with strawberry jam. Was good as Sam’s a splendid cooker.
Back in Shorthorn country by e-lemon, I was back on the road to finish the haying I hadn’t finished evening last night. I was home finished an hour and a quarter later. Tea time I made myself a double. Myself unneeded I removed myself to the shop. Once more I tried installing a stubborn spring in my throttle linkage. I don’t know what it is supposed to do, but by this very evening I had it installed through unadulterated stubbornness upon my part.
Backing the Cushman up I was celled. Requests of me included check a couple satellite hay fields some miles away, also retrieve some forgotten machinery keys in my travels. While the hay was wrapped I was on my way to open another hayfield making eight rounds the whole acreage thing. Now that’ll keep me busy tomorrow afternoon raking and baling more wrap able-hay.
I pressured bulk-oil into quart bottles. I had also gotten that stubborn Cushman spring installed. My Greene was requested driveway blocker or clearer said a gosh awfully big driveway gate. By the time I walked in here at sundown my mind and body had had it. It was a good productive day. Oh yeah, the fall colors are heating up in every direction one looks. I got to lay it down, period. Night. BGKC.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall out

Frieda’s her sleep was a restless one. She’s not the ball of fire she felt like yesterday. I haven’t known Her Mostess fur a lot longer back than that. Opps….!!!! She reads this I’d better already have had it moving along. ;^)) I might better hope my nine hour snooze was enough.
Now, If nobody comes up with some thing else for me to do for’em I’m looking forward to my kind of a well spent productive day. It’s like this! I pace my own day it makes for an enjoyable leisure-able gotten something done totally enjoying my surroundings. My surroundings has me enjoying the Fall color change while it lasts. It’s also been a good time of year to slow down the road speeds. Deer kills are up, the wildlife animals having only one thing on their minds.
Tom was supposed to have shot a ten point buck with a bow yesterday’s morning and the lost it. Searching on and off all day. With some help he found where the kill had lost a lot of blood. Now he’s thinking somebody stole his deer kill. Hmmm…. Sounds odd to me. He’s dressed in camouflage shooting via silent means. Who else could have been out there to have heard the arrow go off. Might be they just lost the blood trail. I might add looking for a fallen deer these early Fall days there’s still a lot of foliage out there or the foliage hasn’t fallen yet.
My busiest part of my activities today will find me mid afternoon raking hay.
I look at the political situation and shake my head. I see the RRR re-imaging themselves the TEA party. They want NO stimulus packages, they want to cut more taxes, I see them burying there heads under innuendos bowing the heads expecting prayer alone will solve all our problems. I see tax cuts as cutting more education. Our country’s salvation is going to be in the sciences, math, and engineering as the corner stone this country‘s world offering. It is in these areas this country must lead the world. Not going off half cocked starting useless wars abroad. Who’ll ever continue to trust this country if we continue sacrificing our young men and women for oil, useless real-estate, and poppies?
There’s a much easier and cheaper way to fight these terrorists around the world. Take a select group of well paid volunteers trained by the Israeli Mossad in intelligence and special operations. I’ve got to say it, the Mossad knows how to quietly get things done.
Hey, spent good share the morning tidying up some the mechanical parts of the Cushman.
Breaking for lunch, grasses dry on my shoes to walk through them, it’d soon be time I rake hay.
Thinking I aughter include some putting more them piggy bank quarters in for good measure for plain out and out mechanical screw-ups. Did a dandy this AM shortening a bolt a ¼”when it should have been lengthened a 1/2“. I got it all together though. Now, if it should give me any problems later, I’ll know what to fix (with a new home made bolt as was the original.
In the field by 1:00PM it were to be a long afternoon. I raked the hay for three hours coming up short finishing. It were time for a tea break. I also rub over to Doc’s office to pickup Frieda a prescription order. Getting back I grabbed my rattlers and headed out with the baler. A 45 minute delay for runnin out of fuel I couldn’t believe I had done that. All inclusive those 45 minutes I walked off the field got a rie home. Put three cans emergency diesel on Greene truck, fed and primed the Indy Oliver, Jumped the battery, Ollie running I parked Greenee out of the way. I baked until my sight started to fail. I’m thinking we fulfill Frieda’s prescription blood draw come morning. And when we’ve gotten back I’ll finish baling. Oh yeah, This baling must be wrapped for the 90 day curing.
Dead tired. BGKC.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last six days caught up

Okay, I've tried catching up last six days. I had a good day today getting everything done I hadn't and had planned. Twas one of them rare "Down On The Farm" days it went gloriously right. Wow. Been such a long time I've forgotten the celebration routine. Hmm, I'd have a beer if I had one. I think I'll go look for a vino. BGKC.

10-6-2010 Dissension…

…in the ranks. There they are yonder bunching up just in the right place where I might see them out beyond the morning‘s grain grinding equipment. Their pasture they’ve eatened short, with a dislike feeding on dry pasturing, they’re displaying their unhappiness what’s offered. Well they ate it all off. Not me! Fall has come around and they certainly aren’t accepting the inevitable easily. It’ll be this way with the lot of them until we get our first snow. So there ladies!
Frieda and I both woke refreshed after a good night’s sleep, as if that were going to keep us on an even keel. Yeah sure. Scarcely daylight she’s wanting a trash bag. And because I had taken them out of the front foyer, putting them down in the back cloak and boot entry, for the winter firewood, she got her back up. As true to form, as agreed upon our original marriage contract negotiations during those days of spooning she ranted her piece, calmed down and forgot it. Good Girl!
Glory be, she’d packed up three more boxes good clean clothes for the church. I gladly dropped them off at the same time I picked up the supplements. This is probably the first time in weeks I’ve gotten a multitasking correct. (grin)
Okay I did my grind as needed. Now I GOT TO REMEMBER to fix that darn tractor tire for sure before it becomes unfixable when I‘m pressed needing it. When I left it (tractor) I had left it jacked up. Hay to mow this afternoon. Maybe fix tire tomorrow. Bah-humbug!
Holy smokem’s Bert. I finally figure out the Cushman throttle linkage. Now all I got to do is figure out how I’ll make it (the parts) to work properly. Found the solution in one more pee-poor pictures off the internet. So, sitting here having eaten my dinner, I’m thinking out load, “I know how to fix. All I got to do is take what throttle linkage apart again without loosing another nut?” Frieda pipes-up, “You’re having a tough time with your nuts.” and irrespectively laughs. …….To this day I still haven’t forgiven the existence of that basic little black cocktail dress in navy blue!!! (grrr)
I didn’t mess around. I mowed the whole gall-durned field. I’ll be busy for many hours tomorrow raking that whole field into half the windrows I’d made today. It’s going to go something like this, while it had only taken me three hours to cut it, it could well take my three times as long to rake it or better than seven hours. I’ve easy made easy for Frieda will know where I’m most tomorrow’s day. (grin)
Moving on, the mower brought home I took a tea with out a crumpet. My palate satisfied, I moved myself on down the road and delightfully tinkered with the Cushman for an hour and a half. Glory be I made some headway. Even enjoyed taking it apart and putting it back together again knowing it was finally coming along again.
Gee, I wish I had put a quarter in a piggy bank for every time I either mentioned or wrote, “I’ve got it figured out.” Why with all that accumulated money we could almost afford another day trip to somewhere and back again. (hehe) BGKC.

9-5-2010 back to farming

Present mechanical projects must take a back seat to back to the making the last haying. So my job may involve the next two or three or four days field activity to harvest and bring in the last haying.
Now, a word from the absent minded professor, ME! Down in Raymond’s pasture, there exists an all white calf recently born. Smaller than the average new born calf’s weight it might have been born a couple/three weeks early. How this had come about two years ago we pulled the bulls in off (“Opps“) let me put that another way) or, the bulls were taken away from the ladies. The idea was to put a stop to late fall and winter calving. We wound up with more than a dozen open cows by the time that year’s calving was all over. That was a lot of feeding for a year (say) without a return or having a short crop. Alright, rethinking the two year old results, we changed our minds. After again removing the bulls a year ago, sum weeks later we put the bulls back into the game. Thus we’ve a good chance at having a fall calf harvest. Now, here’s to fall calves and their chances of surviving a winter’s blast without pre serious-weather conditioning. Sheesh, I can just see a barn filled with baby calves brought into the building’s protection from winter’s blasts of colds and wets, and pneumonia’s causes or leaving them out taking them their chances. It’s clear, a farmer needn’t buy a gambler’s lottery ticket to either win or inevitably loose. Now, I daily morning and evening checking on new bovine life out back.
It is 39* here. ‘Sposed to be nice the next six days. We’ll see? Having thought and mentioned starting last haying for today, I’m sure these words the root cause my sinus’s’ going nuts: wild sneezing itching eyes and nose running gallons. Got to be some sort of body’s self inflicting protest for whatever I know not why?
Latest mid morning development, must dig up and repair a water line before cutting hay. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
As I had written earlier, before leaving the house, the immediate preceding even that changed even more during the day. Balderdash! I never got to the hay making part. Nuts!
So today I’ll fit that hay-maken-cut in as well as my evening’s last informed needed grain grind. I might even get a look at the Cushman if I should take a walk through the shop?
The highlight of my day had to have been while I was looking for a short in the fence. There were so many shorts, had they been Hanes Brand, I needn’t have purchased a whole bag full briefs at a Dollar Store the other day. Regardless, it was as I walked along the inner barn yard lots fences, here come Grace speaking to me in those similar low loving tones she talks when she talks to her calf. This her today’s checking me out as everyday since. This all because threes days ago I gave her my banana peel. Now she’s looking for my giving her daily treat. She is something else. Drive a buggy out back into her pasture domain, you don’t want to stop anywhere to close to her. Grace is not the least bit shy about sticking her face into yours. She do likes to be scratched behind the ears. Silly Cow………
Grace BGKC.

10-4-2010 Morning and…

…..can’t call it. One thing’s sure right off the get go I felt all morning as if I had hit my wall. Accomplishing anything was an up hill drag taking a whole lot of earnestness on my blanked mind to accomplish anything. I did the sitting and looking at it 9Cushman) again as if picking up right where I had left off evening last. Remembering my preconceived idea and new parts start I loamed onto those pieces first, center punching them for a series of holes each individual piece., and drilled them When I had all the pieces, volunteering, Bro’ welded the individual pieces together for making three useful parts out my mess in the end. (grin) I even painted them before splitting for another hardware store run for more parts even before lunch.

Lets back the truckster up! We had a gosh darned extra heavy ice forming frost this morning. The Sudex Left growing till the end, the end is here. The Sudex seriously wilting on the root, I’ll cut it tomorrow. Then watching it I’ll likely rake the field putting two cut windrows together, and likely bale it the day after that.

Sheesh, hungry and tired I wont last long tonight. So tired I don’t even care enough to find a good flick to sleep through. Now, that’s bad. Don’t nobody get between me and my bed tonight. BGKC.

10-3-2010 HoKay

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy(?), and wise.”
Yeah sure if that quote were true to its words. Between yesterday and evening’s last activities including stay up an extra hour with my Cushman’s manuals I finally found it. I now know how the throttle and governor’s independent hookups are achieved.
The cussed Cushman manuals have surely left a whole lot to be desired in information. Of course its not the poor manufacture’s fault that by the time got to this broken down, busted up, near holey rusted beyond description, body metals bent beyond even useful patterns, leaving the machine even nearer recognizable condition. It were that decrepit old machine’s lucky day the day I had barely taken a look at it. It were further lucky Junior had come along suggesting he’d like to try and see if the machine’s engine could be started to see if and how well it may run. There’re times over the years I have cussed and then blessed Juniors this-machines rebuilding efforts. The engine coming to life for Junior, it seemed right the only thing to do was to inventory its needs, while chancing catching some SS Rustoleum Bucket* eye blindness for even looking at, let alone study it. Between so many broken and missing parts the challenge had an elusive daunting look about it. That was when the Yamaha electric golf cart’s contribution to the miss concept-ed challenge. The Yamaha’s contributions included the steering and seating arrangements. The wooden cargo box was my idea for rustily bent up tin‘s replacement, which has been very unexpectedly more useful than than the corrected tim may have been. The front fenders were of heavy belting from a gravel pit’s processing equipment. Plus a many other imagineered missing parts.
Unsolicited help from a passer by damaged has caused the poor machine’s carburetor fastening down the many ears the flouting accelerator linkage I had left the machine with so many years ago. Now I‘m sweating bullets. A replacement carburetor is running into the boo-coo sums of dollars bucks* these days. A big ouch if that comes to be required. The accelerator’s continued pressure applied to the carburetor these last months is the root of the bent carburetor shaft’s problem. Sometimes I wish I didn’t quite receive so much help from my neighbors. However, I can’t deny their honest efforts to be helpful. (sigh)

All this Cushman tailing has gotten me to where I am this morning, rising late, over sleeping generally worn out between frustratingly long very physical hours, evening bumper cars, and staying up with reading and looking at what’s a poorly written misleading uncompleted manuals.
Ho-Kay I started out late. I wrenched on the Cushman until I come butting heads against what with and how I was going to rig and hook up the throttle and governor cables. I fooled with this idea and that one eventually taking the bolt cutters and clipped one end off the parking brake cable assembly I had brought up from the lower shed. Tried it inside a new chunk of steel rake line. It slide to and fro easier than it had in its original cable housing. Then it was how was I going to connect the ends? Well okay I at least needed a cable house of some length. I got in Greene and drove to town (closest suburb). Along the way I thought I had better pick up some cable clamps. My thought was I cut and bare two brake cables for the Cushman’s parking brakes. Two pieces used I’ll lap them and cable clamp two of them together. These heavier babies will out last me for sure.
In all I had hit three auto parts dealers, two hardwares (one twice), and TSC. Picking up parts here and there all along my way including a half mile electric fence wire and a bag of insulators to get me by.

After lunch it were back to the shop. Bro was making dig in the new location for the buried power cables, finding them shortly after I had gotten back. No good to Raymond nor Barry I did my shop thing on the Cushman. Two/three hours I accomplished little. I made a couple parts cutting drilling parts I thought I was going to use, then decided against them. Wasted time? Naugh, I had just figured out what wasn’t going to work. One of the parts I had bought in my travels I put aside simplifying one my original ideas. Then figured out I was going to amplify one of a cables motions through a bell crank to properly work as it hadn’t worked correctly from the original rebuilding some ten years ago. This created a couple new problems. I needed pivot points and figured on using some odd pieces of pipe, bolts, and flat stock cut just so and either have them welded together or brazed by myself. This welding it has really become difficult this last year or more. Maybe I can procure Tom’s welding expertise in the morning. A for the pipes Finding one I might use in the junk pipe vessel I found it had been homesteaded by some bugs. I’ll tell it like it was. I wasn’t easy removing them no-good for nothing interloping squatters.
It was late my getting home, my spending some time looking and figuring, my time looking like nothing had
been accomplished is to the contrary. I had a good day figuring show to work out some of the Cushman’s finer points for more enjoyable use when it’s finally all put back together.
Hey, we finally found and dug up the damaged power line. That’s one end of it sticking up.
*SS is the beginning Super Sensitive description = Super Sensitive Rustloleum Bucket!
*Boo coo bucks are running up close to $400.00. That smarts. Gotta save that carb..

10-2-2010 Engines quirks

My Crapsman lawn tractor had been plaguing me with refusals to run for three years. Three years ago it were the diaphragms failure in the crankcase vacuum operated fuel pump. Them ultra thin rubber thingies weren’t cheap for no bigger than they were. Didn't use the machine all last year employing a neighborhood mothers and off-springs, changing them off and on over the growing season, my having strong a wire all around the lawned area I wanted kept short. Saved a lot of expensive gas stepping around or over odorous land-mines should caught up in the soles my shoes if transported into the house. This spring found fuel pump’s input house fitting loose. I removed it, pulling it out, cleaning both pieces with xylene (very strong caustic metal cleaner), mixed up JB Weld, using it sparingly reassembled fuel pump pieces, Let the repair set well over night (rather than the customary couple/three hours). Machine has been running fine since. Have learned one trick on my own. Gas tank so much lower than engine fee, I prime air filter with a one dash or glug of gasoline from a small spouted vessel.
E-gads! I don’t remember it taking me four whole hours to align the engine-transmission assembly in the Cushman frame 10/11yrs ago. It has been, pick it up, set it down, adding subtracting washers. Okay, so I was younger then. I had it easier rolling around under that machine them days. I also remember it was a whole lot easier getting up and down. I also also-remember my knees didn’t pain me if I should have to lean them on the ground for whatever reason just to be closer to anything that low requiring my attention, or rolling over on to them from a prone position for just plainly standing up. Well I’ve got it aligned. After dinner I may finish bolting every thing down and/or together.
My parking brake cable broken I must come up with a replacement. Wanting to hook up the throttle and governor I’ve got to find the means for doing those separately also.
The damnable buggy and I fought it all after noon. Closer examination the projected carb & gov hook up revealed a carb problem. Just what I want to do, fix carburetor. Found me more than enough cables down in the lower barn for fixen parken brake and adding governor control. Now, where’ll I put the gov. control?
Five kids the oldest 17yrs, drinking and driving, lost control car out front, hit ditch, became air-born, slid sideways into rear the 4-180, while taking out my fence. Nobody thought hurt at first. An ambulance was later ordered.
PhotobucketFirst cop on the scene from TWP other side the road.
PhotobucketTheir car coming to rest behind 4-180 it slammed into it’s rear wheels broadside. My nerves blurred the picture.
PhotobucketThey’d hit a turkey down the road before getting here. Dig them skid marks in my field.
PhotobucketBefore it was over a TWP cop, a deputy Sheriff, a county Ranger, an ambulance, and 2 state troopers were on the scene, and not to forget a retrieval truck after total darkness.
PhotobucketThey’re lucky (as far as we know) no one was seriously hurt. Ambulance took one girl with back pain to hospital.
Getting dark, my information given I was dismissed.
Some night. Sheesh! This is the first accident coming to me as I usually go out and get into them. Whew!
Neighbors up and down the road gathered with me watching the scene all most all of them concerned for Frieda and my welfare. It was almost like old home week out there standing along side the road. BGKC.