Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall out

Frieda’s her sleep was a restless one. She’s not the ball of fire she felt like yesterday. I haven’t known Her Mostess fur a lot longer back than that. Opps….!!!! She reads this I’d better already have had it moving along. ;^)) I might better hope my nine hour snooze was enough.
Now, If nobody comes up with some thing else for me to do for’em I’m looking forward to my kind of a well spent productive day. It’s like this! I pace my own day it makes for an enjoyable leisure-able gotten something done totally enjoying my surroundings. My surroundings has me enjoying the Fall color change while it lasts. It’s also been a good time of year to slow down the road speeds. Deer kills are up, the wildlife animals having only one thing on their minds.
Tom was supposed to have shot a ten point buck with a bow yesterday’s morning and the lost it. Searching on and off all day. With some help he found where the kill had lost a lot of blood. Now he’s thinking somebody stole his deer kill. Hmmm…. Sounds odd to me. He’s dressed in camouflage shooting via silent means. Who else could have been out there to have heard the arrow go off. Might be they just lost the blood trail. I might add looking for a fallen deer these early Fall days there’s still a lot of foliage out there or the foliage hasn’t fallen yet.
My busiest part of my activities today will find me mid afternoon raking hay.
I look at the political situation and shake my head. I see the RRR re-imaging themselves the TEA party. They want NO stimulus packages, they want to cut more taxes, I see them burying there heads under innuendos bowing the heads expecting prayer alone will solve all our problems. I see tax cuts as cutting more education. Our country’s salvation is going to be in the sciences, math, and engineering as the corner stone this country‘s world offering. It is in these areas this country must lead the world. Not going off half cocked starting useless wars abroad. Who’ll ever continue to trust this country if we continue sacrificing our young men and women for oil, useless real-estate, and poppies?
There’s a much easier and cheaper way to fight these terrorists around the world. Take a select group of well paid volunteers trained by the Israeli Mossad in intelligence and special operations. I’ve got to say it, the Mossad knows how to quietly get things done.
Hey, spent good share the morning tidying up some the mechanical parts of the Cushman.
Breaking for lunch, grasses dry on my shoes to walk through them, it’d soon be time I rake hay.
Thinking I aughter include some putting more them piggy bank quarters in for good measure for plain out and out mechanical screw-ups. Did a dandy this AM shortening a bolt a ¼”when it should have been lengthened a 1/2“. I got it all together though. Now, if it should give me any problems later, I’ll know what to fix (with a new home made bolt as was the original.
In the field by 1:00PM it were to be a long afternoon. I raked the hay for three hours coming up short finishing. It were time for a tea break. I also rub over to Doc’s office to pickup Frieda a prescription order. Getting back I grabbed my rattlers and headed out with the baler. A 45 minute delay for runnin out of fuel I couldn’t believe I had done that. All inclusive those 45 minutes I walked off the field got a rie home. Put three cans emergency diesel on Greene truck, fed and primed the Indy Oliver, Jumped the battery, Ollie running I parked Greenee out of the way. I baked until my sight started to fail. I’m thinking we fulfill Frieda’s prescription blood draw come morning. And when we’ve gotten back I’ll finish baling. Oh yeah, This baling must be wrapped for the 90 day curing.
Dead tired. BGKC.


Paula said...

Hi Frieda: Nice that you read your husband's journal. Now you know for sure what he did today.

Donna said...

Hate to tell you this, Fern, but most of the "RRR's" don't like the tea-partiers. In fact, the tea-partiers might be the downfall of the "RRR's".