Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10-2-2010 Engines quirks

My Crapsman lawn tractor had been plaguing me with refusals to run for three years. Three years ago it were the diaphragms failure in the crankcase vacuum operated fuel pump. Them ultra thin rubber thingies weren’t cheap for no bigger than they were. Didn't use the machine all last year employing a neighborhood mothers and off-springs, changing them off and on over the growing season, my having strong a wire all around the lawned area I wanted kept short. Saved a lot of expensive gas stepping around or over odorous land-mines should caught up in the soles my shoes if transported into the house. This spring found fuel pump’s input house fitting loose. I removed it, pulling it out, cleaning both pieces with xylene (very strong caustic metal cleaner), mixed up JB Weld, using it sparingly reassembled fuel pump pieces, Let the repair set well over night (rather than the customary couple/three hours). Machine has been running fine since. Have learned one trick on my own. Gas tank so much lower than engine fee, I prime air filter with a one dash or glug of gasoline from a small spouted vessel.
E-gads! I don’t remember it taking me four whole hours to align the engine-transmission assembly in the Cushman frame 10/11yrs ago. It has been, pick it up, set it down, adding subtracting washers. Okay, so I was younger then. I had it easier rolling around under that machine them days. I also remember it was a whole lot easier getting up and down. I also also-remember my knees didn’t pain me if I should have to lean them on the ground for whatever reason just to be closer to anything that low requiring my attention, or rolling over on to them from a prone position for just plainly standing up. Well I’ve got it aligned. After dinner I may finish bolting every thing down and/or together.
My parking brake cable broken I must come up with a replacement. Wanting to hook up the throttle and governor I’ve got to find the means for doing those separately also.
The damnable buggy and I fought it all after noon. Closer examination the projected carb & gov hook up revealed a carb problem. Just what I want to do, fix carburetor. Found me more than enough cables down in the lower barn for fixen parken brake and adding governor control. Now, where’ll I put the gov. control?
Five kids the oldest 17yrs, drinking and driving, lost control car out front, hit ditch, became air-born, slid sideways into rear the 4-180, while taking out my fence. Nobody thought hurt at first. An ambulance was later ordered.
PhotobucketFirst cop on the scene from TWP other side the road.
PhotobucketTheir car coming to rest behind 4-180 it slammed into it’s rear wheels broadside. My nerves blurred the picture.
PhotobucketThey’d hit a turkey down the road before getting here. Dig them skid marks in my field.
PhotobucketBefore it was over a TWP cop, a deputy Sheriff, a county Ranger, an ambulance, and 2 state troopers were on the scene, and not to forget a retrieval truck after total darkness.
PhotobucketThey’re lucky (as far as we know) no one was seriously hurt. Ambulance took one girl with back pain to hospital.
Getting dark, my information given I was dismissed.
Some night. Sheesh! This is the first accident coming to me as I usually go out and get into them. Whew!
Neighbors up and down the road gathered with me watching the scene all most all of them concerned for Frieda and my welfare. It was almost like old home week out there standing along side the road. BGKC.

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