Wednesday, October 6, 2010

9-5-2010 back to farming

Present mechanical projects must take a back seat to back to the making the last haying. So my job may involve the next two or three or four days field activity to harvest and bring in the last haying.
Now, a word from the absent minded professor, ME! Down in Raymond’s pasture, there exists an all white calf recently born. Smaller than the average new born calf’s weight it might have been born a couple/three weeks early. How this had come about two years ago we pulled the bulls in off (“Opps“) let me put that another way) or, the bulls were taken away from the ladies. The idea was to put a stop to late fall and winter calving. We wound up with more than a dozen open cows by the time that year’s calving was all over. That was a lot of feeding for a year (say) without a return or having a short crop. Alright, rethinking the two year old results, we changed our minds. After again removing the bulls a year ago, sum weeks later we put the bulls back into the game. Thus we’ve a good chance at having a fall calf harvest. Now, here’s to fall calves and their chances of surviving a winter’s blast without pre serious-weather conditioning. Sheesh, I can just see a barn filled with baby calves brought into the building’s protection from winter’s blasts of colds and wets, and pneumonia’s causes or leaving them out taking them their chances. It’s clear, a farmer needn’t buy a gambler’s lottery ticket to either win or inevitably loose. Now, I daily morning and evening checking on new bovine life out back.
It is 39* here. ‘Sposed to be nice the next six days. We’ll see? Having thought and mentioned starting last haying for today, I’m sure these words the root cause my sinus’s’ going nuts: wild sneezing itching eyes and nose running gallons. Got to be some sort of body’s self inflicting protest for whatever I know not why?
Latest mid morning development, must dig up and repair a water line before cutting hay. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
As I had written earlier, before leaving the house, the immediate preceding even that changed even more during the day. Balderdash! I never got to the hay making part. Nuts!
So today I’ll fit that hay-maken-cut in as well as my evening’s last informed needed grain grind. I might even get a look at the Cushman if I should take a walk through the shop?
The highlight of my day had to have been while I was looking for a short in the fence. There were so many shorts, had they been Hanes Brand, I needn’t have purchased a whole bag full briefs at a Dollar Store the other day. Regardless, it was as I walked along the inner barn yard lots fences, here come Grace speaking to me in those similar low loving tones she talks when she talks to her calf. This her today’s checking me out as everyday since. This all because threes days ago I gave her my banana peel. Now she’s looking for my giving her daily treat. She is something else. Drive a buggy out back into her pasture domain, you don’t want to stop anywhere to close to her. Grace is not the least bit shy about sticking her face into yours. She do likes to be scratched behind the ears. Silly Cow………
Grace BGKC.

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