Saturday, October 30, 2010

I know its early

IT IS 1:30 AM in the morning. I know it’s early, but I had a yen for it. Its almost liking sneaking into my old man’s booze when I was living another earlier life. Only, at that time I was sneaking it out and slipping it into the kitty cat’s milk. OMG, if that weren’t a belly laughing sight to see. Maturing kittens, young cats, swaggering, staggering, if the old-man ever saw this my hide might of been tanned, and then again it might of forgotten that part of it his laughing as hard as I had..
A couple things happen this early morning, I can’t ever-ever remember taken a drink this early in the day….oops….morning. But I’m enlightened. I’m the master of my castle. I’m slipping into my second childhood. I woke wise awake, with a taste for the grape’s red pop. And then when I went to find me a chilled bottle, I had lowered myself to my knees to see into the back, of the refrigerator, to see where had my choice of liquids I wanted for a 2:00 AM tranquilizing sleep aid refreshment.
Looking back a half hour I wish I could have had that red-pop before having gone down on my knees before sampling the nectar of the grape for down there upon my knees I was so proud of my kitchen cabinets their strength I had built into them to withhold my weight my using a corner to rise, pulling, leaning on, pushing, lift myself up off my pained knees having not donned my knee padded bibs first. The lesson, don’t go looken for trouble without the newly padded knees!
It’s half past 3:00 now. Half my sampler’s choice is gone. I haul some water: and, I’ll be more than ready to catch a few more zzzzzz’s.
I re-awoke at about the right…err…usual time. Out of my house at half way into my usual time I had some checking to do. Yes the ground feed wagon was empty. Taken in tow I went by the elevator for supplements. Must have been my lucky day I was given some questionable feed rejected by a lama customer. It is okay with me my mixing some each grind into the customary grinds. I‘m all for saving a few bucks wherever I may the way I‘ve been put that stuff into circulation.
To the grind the grinder mixed had to come out. The barn cleared some I put the silage baler away for a winter’s rest. A 4010 JD I’d just made available I moved the shelled corn supply wagon on higher ground than the muddy lower drive.
By and by the machines set, Barry helped me our finally gotten around to grinding the grain. These activities filling our morning. I were time close enough to fill our bellys.
Afternoon we delivered and spotted the feed wagon. Afternoon also saw us digging rotted off gate posts making new holes for setting a couple new ones. The new post anything but light. They’re heavy enough to last the rest of our lives, these ones. Not having remembered all the materials I needed for stapling fence wires and such; the gates posts, fencing and gate hangings we will complete tomorrow. Late enough on a Saturday night, I wasn’t looking to restart my day as late as it was moving into evening. Besides we’d done a fair day’s accomplishments. I’ll sleep good tonight.
Was a fine day today. While it were chilly I wore but one extra shirt and worked up a couple of sweats watching the machines do the work.
Two things upset me today!
(1) Rearview mirrors: by hook or by crook I‘ve simply got to rig a rearview mirror on each and everyone of these tractors. This twisting in the seat any number of times driven the roads, is raising havoc with my neck. I simply can not swivel it around and around as I used to anymore.
(2) I can’t keep my shoes tied all day and then can’t get them off come evening!


Paula said...

Ha ha good entry. Funny cats and yes I have to have help from the furniture to get up too. When John wants me to look back in the truck to see if a car is coming I aways tell him I don't have a neck like an owl.

Donna said...

Fernan, I think there are some entries that only us country folks understand. Paula and I "get it".
Of course, part of my "getting it" is that I'm over the hill, taking my rattlers and making sure Cliff takes his.

Oh, and my word verification for this comment? "Woods". Which is the plural for my last name.