Thursday, October 21, 2010

Minor Ill Time

3:30AM I’m awakened with or more likely by a pain in the neck. I’ve had it with varied levels of annoyance over the last three days. A half hour or so ago a awakened for the usual middle of the night haul of the water away I found myself blessed with this time with my day time pain in the neck. Its been an on again off agin nuisance when I should want to look to my left, ouch. No problem the most usual twisted to the right seated upon a tractor seat keeping an eye on watch a working implement in tow. This time coming back to bed it wasn’t going to easily let me go back to sleep. I rose again taking an ice pack from the freezer wrapping it in a towel. Everything below my neck comfortably blanketed, I packed the ice pack over the left side of my neck. I then tried to emptying my mind on purpose like I have no difficulty doing with any effort each daylight day somewhere between 3:30 and five o’clock daily.
A wee bit of a side tip here the kitten is testing me how far she may go bugging me over/around this keyboard on my lap. Between the pawing be it with one foot or all four plus some teeth nibbling on the side on my thumb, she’s a delightful part time distraction just short a many the total attributes of a new young bride, with no relief insight. Argh! What a nuisance! But, fur her in her way. (hehehe)
Me thinks its time to retry the ice pack again laying my neck on it this time. Bye…..zzzzzzzzz
8:30AM Wakey. Wacky. Three hours sleep later and doing it laying my neck on the cold pack, I’m still alive to see another day. Ho boy, I got to eat something while trying to get it all together. First thing this morning I have to assist Raymond running the girls through the chute. I believe he plans on delivering them to the sale site today. I’ll be staying home this trip. I just don't have it in me the hustle’s stamina for these things anymore. And a great big besides I want to/have to stick close to Frieda.
I’ve certainly have got plenty to do: See to it the batteries are replaced in the 2150 Ollie, and work up some ground, pickup rocks, half way down the road for winter rye planting; for the predicted Sunday rain. Then of course get back see to it I move the new Cushman inside the shop.
Thinking ahead of myself evening last I put a log on the fire to last all night. Well, it certainly did. It was still there this morning almost unscathed proudly holding its space. Frieda cleaning off her table-desk through a bunch of loose papers into the stove what re-livened the coals. My passing the cussed lazy good for no this morning’s heat I felt it barely warm, looked, saw some flame maybe enough, retrieved one of my bottled fire starters, reached in a pour some on that stubborn log, and turned away to make me another cup tea. On my way back the stove door I had left a mite-ajar, I looked in, I commented to Frieda. “Well, at least the ashes are burning.” What kind a stubborn chunk of wood had I put in there? It was supposedly dry?
A heavy low pressure system hanging over our heads delivering rain showers over night as well as throughout the day, didn't slack any providing me with an all day headache. Most of my day’s time I spent it in the shop. Greene’s loaded with three pair saw horses to go into the lower barn’s storage. Making the day more interesting I was called away from the shop to assist here in putting the girls through the chutes and loaded for travel on truck to sale site. Bro’ gone most the day I got a lot done. The shop wont look like it, for I’ve gone much deeper into this cleaning room for the new Cushman activity. Interestingly enough I come across some misplaced tools. I consolidated still more parts, packed groups of parts by like kind, vehicle, or project. For sit down rest periods I sorted and/or dismantled unneeded items many of them their separated parts junk saved and trash packed. I repaired several livestock halters and leads to get rid of them, the lot belonging up in the barn. If they’re not taken away soon I may just reacquisition a couple for myself. I emptied a half dozen two bushel tubs, through six 55 gallon and more barrels across the shop drive, and have the beginning’s a Greene’s truck load stuff to go down over the hill.
One these days I’d like to clean the apron off before we’re covered in snows. There’s got to be a near load of scrap steel laying on it dropped, thrown and forgotten laying out there. Between my cleaning barns and yards it is no wonder I never get to house cleaning. So tired……its zzzzzzzzzz Time.

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Paula said...

Its no fun when your neck hurts. Here you are with a fire going and we're in the 80's in the day and 60's in the night. They are promising a few days on low 90's next week and I can do without that.