Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-8-2010 Was a long day

Right off the get go, I took Frieda to town for her seeing and drafting vampire Bob to do the required draw for her prescription requested analyzing study. Leaving her at the blood sucker’s clinic, to save time I abandoned her where she sat. Up the street a couple blocks and right around the corner were a couple of my favorite lady acquaintances to check on my new remodeled bibs. No, she hadn’t done it. She had only started the modification wanting my thought and approval on the supposed knee padding. Her workmanship looked good to me and I urged her on. Next week I plan on having her sew me on a couple pockets over the knees into which I may slip in a couple sponge rubber pads.
On the way home I stopped us by the Sam’s Coney Island for an embarrassing breakfast. Seated at a table by the window our coffee poured, it only dawned on me then I had but one buck in my pocket. Oh No! The pretty girl standing over us ready to take our order, I asked her to first ask Sam if I could put this meal on a tab. His word was, “Sure, no problem.” We ordered the Crossroads omelet loaded with every thing, hash browns side, whole-wheat toast with strawberry jam. Was good as Sam’s a splendid cooker.
Back in Shorthorn country by e-lemon, I was back on the road to finish the haying I hadn’t finished evening last night. I was home finished an hour and a quarter later. Tea time I made myself a double. Myself unneeded I removed myself to the shop. Once more I tried installing a stubborn spring in my throttle linkage. I don’t know what it is supposed to do, but by this very evening I had it installed through unadulterated stubbornness upon my part.
Backing the Cushman up I was celled. Requests of me included check a couple satellite hay fields some miles away, also retrieve some forgotten machinery keys in my travels. While the hay was wrapped I was on my way to open another hayfield making eight rounds the whole acreage thing. Now that’ll keep me busy tomorrow afternoon raking and baling more wrap able-hay.
I pressured bulk-oil into quart bottles. I had also gotten that stubborn Cushman spring installed. My Greene was requested driveway blocker or clearer said a gosh awfully big driveway gate. By the time I walked in here at sundown my mind and body had had it. It was a good productive day. Oh yeah, the fall colors are heating up in every direction one looks. I got to lay it down, period. Night. BGKC.

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