Sunday, October 17, 2010


For an opener in the last 70yrs/80yrs yeah and as far back as the civil war which wasn’t at all civil. What am I talking about? it certainly isn’t there! I’m trying to get into medications and their effect upon our lives, more specifically Frieda and myself.
There are the anesthesia’s, antidepressants, Sulphadrugs, penicillin’s, and steroids. All these drugs in their many forms and combination's have lengthened and made our lives more comfortable.
I don’t know why I should even talk about this?
This very morning Her Mostess is telling me, “I’m going to take that last medication half in the morning and half at night.” (An anti inflammatory)
“Your supposed to cut that drug’s use in half, period!” I exploded, “Not a half the same pill twice a day. That‘s half for the whole day, period.”
Head strong she’s contrary to take her medications contrary to her lung physicians recommendations. “I trust Doctor George (primary care provider) not he other A__hole. (lung specialist).”
Your specialist hasn’t asked you to quit the drug. He’s recommended a compromise.
She’s on two drugs. The one Doctor George prescribed is control inflammation in her knees so she may walk pain free. It also retains more water in her body. The second drug her Lung Doctor prescribed has to ease her lungs so she may breath easier. The drug cut is supposedly to help her loose weight so she may carry less weight again breathing easier. There are times I don’t understand her thinking.
If none of this makes any sense….pucker up.
Bottom line one drug retains water while the second drug’s supposed to help her loose water. Cutting the retaining drug is supposed to help her loose weight. Sheesh!
I did my watery eyed best. At least for now. I wanted to get my idea for this story down on paper before it’d become another forgotten niche in the lives of an aged old couple. ROFLMAO And so goes the continued battle of the sees. Life is wonderful even if a bit batty in a husband‘s eyes. What the heck it’s the October month for Halloween.
On another front Iced TEA may be served in any way, shape, manorr, or form and be refreshing on any hot Summer day. However cool weather for now will be changing to colder weather. Oddly enough, in my mind hot tea tastes its very best if served and sipped from a fine china cup. And, We don’t have a single one in the house. I’m thinking its been some time since we’ve had a house filled with disruptive/destructive little savages either keeping or making anything unsafe particularly including a tea cup. Now, I’ve found for myself another quest! Tea service including saucers and tea pot.
Lunch time and it has already been a great day. Timed my way the Cushman’s running. Whooppee! Hot Dog! Halleluiah! Ka Zam! Holy completion Bat Man! Gosh, I wish I could find the words to express myself!!!!
The afternoon was back to ho hums shop and machinery yard moving tractors around and stuff. Yard doings involved reconfiguring the 4010JD for moving the 554 baler up the road either today or tomorrow. The day wearing on managed a ride back to shop for my taking overhauled Cushman home. I picked up, put away this’n’that, plus tool boxing tools. Hardly denting my mess Bro’ called it a day. That was alright with me. I already had a tentative appointment with the lady from whom I had purchased the second Cushman from. I was to take delivery the machine this evening. Finding Logan we went after said machine. He had the trailer made for it including an electric winch. Now that’s the way to load rolling stock. The following’s a dusk snap shot, slightly modified a lot so’s we may see the vehicles’ good side. What you see is all I got. I’ve already got an idea as to how I’ll customize the front.
It is so refreshing having another something different to bitch about it’s worked on (played with) when its thing’a’ling isn’t going right.
Cushman’s down in the barn. Supper was onion soup with corn bread a-long side plus a whole can apricots all to myself for desert. Life is good.

PS: Just as I was closing my day’s journal entry here come PIA kitten I had brought home three day ago. She is such a delight. So small, she can be hidden in just one of my hands, yet very intelligent. Already knows the word “N0!” and she’s using a potty box. She’s apt to staying out from under foot, after a couple close calls. She just might be a keeper.


Paula said...

Awww cute little kitten. Hope you keep her.

Owd Fred said...

We got three thing in common, my "her-indoors" also has lung problems, and secondly she will not make tea unless its in a china cup, and thirdly we have just had two weeks ago two kittens not unlike yours.
I have a workshop with all my tools, and can never find the one I want, and at least six part built projects (that what I call them)being buitl from scrap iron.
Imagination is starting to run wild.