Saturday, October 23, 2010

10-23-2010 Call it what is

Frieda said it first, “I slept all night.” ME, I told her, “So did I. Even has even let the fire go out.” I had already should have taken my medications by the time I was a half hour late for that by 6:30 the AM. Wrapped up my blanket as warm as a bug in a cocoon, I didn’t want to move, but the inevitable sooner or later catches up. Greetings gone around I checked my drinks for pill washes, fixed me a cup of tea. Already had setting by my chair a half glass unfinished juice.
When I had it all together I sat it in my chair first a-wondering from where all that H20 had come from a-watering my eyes were coming from. I’ve a feeling I hadn’t gotten to my chair any to soon enough with a couple fluids? Knowing I’d better be chucking down some replacement fluids before I dehydrate to become to dangerously light and be blown away by the next breeze to come along.
Pills sorted I swilled them down with some unsweetened grape juice. Uuuugh! That’s one sour drink second only to a sugar free lemonade if I may juice what I been drinken all my years. But I’m still gonna tell it like it is I just happen to have one of them sugared red pops in the frig for taping just prior to going to bed. Sometimes the barreled grape juice with hose off it into a jug of water for spell, it helps to satisfying my sleeping’s need.
Gosh, I don’t know what to write on this early in the morning? So, might just better look to feeding may face a dressing to meeting the day head on. One things sure, I’ve got me some unsolicited fixing ahead of me? Shucks!
My working on the RC has put on hold. The cussed grapevine as rabid as Hell everybody and his brother wanting to look at the damage before the fixing. I hope they all choke on their gasped air’s.
Looked at the Cushman figuring out how to remove that part of the body the seat cushion set on and left it that way. I turned trying to take a much better configure toilet bowel’s water closet apart. The tank made of plastic I lost to it, all the originally installed hardware badly rusted and/or corroded there was no way I could remove the tank’s mounting bolts. I’ve about given up on it, only short of already having thrown away.
Trying my best to come up with one total accomplish I turned to mixing salts. As it has been some time busy-busy in other areas for the farming enterprise I seemed to have a bit of time on my hands for a change. Raining return’s I put lids on the finished mixings. I’ll require boots to deliver two of these finished thirty seven pound mixes later in the day selfishly saving me more foot wear changes than I want to get in and out of, that delivery will be later in the day.
It has been miserable low pressured wet weather day. I have eventually owned up to headache. Sorting more boxes I found some orange cleaner supposedly advertised hard on greasy items. The bottle slit down one side I’m careful handling it. Just to see if the stuff was anywhere as near good as it has been hawked I tried some in each of three the grungiest five gallon buckets. To a good healthy squirt form the bottle in each pail I added about a gallon and a half water and let them set. Checking on them after an all night’s sitting outside I found one the buckets, the worst of the lot fairly clean, I mean almost clean. Some whipping out with some newsprint for rags those pails shall clean up quite nicely for feeding, tool, and parts buckets. It astonishes me all the pails good people throw out that had once had drywall joint compound in them, them go spend $4.00 dollars apiece for new ones from the hardware store. The latest favorites when I see one I walk the brakes for those square kitty litter, laundry soap, and cat food. These are elegant fines. Being square I can set a many a more of them in a row against a wall or under a work bench. These also make swell containers to holding automotive and machinery parts. Bulk oil buckets purchased with an assortment of lubricant’s in them I recycle-recycle them. Once emptied their contents the lids never loosened their spouts in tack; red pails are naturally for gasoline, yellow buckets are color suited to diesel fuel use. The white buckets make water pails, lids in tack sprayed with instant colors fill in for the red or yellow shortages. The spouts the weakest part of the pails use longevity when they’ve failed the lids come off for cleaning use as I’ve described before. Occasionally a drain gear case will be save and set aside for a number of years to settle out. It is inparitive to label these large buckets their contents as to product, original purpose, dated, origin. Once these oils have had sufficient time to separate I’ll draw the top four-fifths the contents off and filter for reuse. These saving’s may account for a $20.00 savings.
For some of the afternoon’s entertainment I got into the new Cushman. I removed the starter and lubricated the bendix as well as I could manage without disassembling for a first trial run. Sparkplug wires in deplorable shape I got out those ignition wire savings. They came in handy again. When I was all done the Cushman’s new copper wires plus two more useless wires for their assort wire ends contributions.
Headachy and at a loss as to what to do next I called it. Frieda needed some scripts picked up and I could at the same time deliver our November ballots in the TWP clerks mail box.
Want to join me for a spelling bee?
At the loss for a simple spelling my first typing come up “nesk,” close but no cigar (candy), then I tried “nest.” Nope defiantly wrong-o. Seriously thinking about it, I do believe a had gotten it correct with some assorted letters having come out and down as “next.” “Next!” Yup! That was the word I was after. Whew! I thought these silly twists finding the correct spelling entertaining, even if it was only for me.

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Paula said...

I'm all for recycling anything that we can. I buy the cheaper cat litter but was able to confiscate some of those square buckets that some hunters left in a shed on the ranch. Also we buy green tea in really good jugs that can be used anytime you need to carry water in your truck.