Tuesday, October 26, 2010

20 ways to 1

Morning’s start I carried that wood in I hadn’t done so evening last. Right turn and going right on by the shop drive I headed for the Home Dispirit. Can’t buy one side sanded finish 3/8” exterior plywood. What? I picked what I needed and about to get underway when my cell comes in. Pickup some that box barn door tract. Okay. None available at Home Depart I was on the road again driving further and further from home. A once handy lumberyard that was closer to home had been consolidated with another one on Bristol road which I think goes by Flints international airport. Then I was to find out nobody around here carries it any more. There was the time it was all a body could get. Nobody carried the better cannonball barn door tract back when. NOW, it’s the other way around. I had the choice to take it of leave it cannonball. Celled again Bro’ encouraged me to drop my search. He’ll phone around. He also told me I’d better be heading back as a storm was moving onto me any moment. Wind, rain, even higher winds. Listening to radio, an unusual pastime, weather alerts: tornado watch until 6 o‘clock. I’m headed home and watching a dark ominous black cloud following me. Coming in from the SSW. Before I reached home a tornado had been sighted the two immediate counties just west of this Genesee Co. By the time I arrived shop mist in the face I covered what I had to cover and put lumber off truck into shop. Then took a few minutes to play with the Haulster.
Note: I’m renaming the common term Cushman to rest for two very different same named machines for their independent usefulness’s. The old Cushman shall be ever more be known as my Truckster (what it was work horse built for with additional low speed uses). The new Cushman shall for evermore be called the Haulster (for it’s higher standard gears for over the common road use).
That cleared up I think I’d ungummed the started drive, put it back together, and have it started back into the haulster engine. Raining acceptionally steady and my soul hungry enough I headed for home. I promised myself I’d be back. I want to hear that machine’s engine run before dreaming up any further body repairs or appearance changes.
I did make it back to the shop and played mechanic upon the Haulster for awhile, more or less, accomplishing nothing. Tom come by to tell me I had better go home before the weather worsened. He was telling me trees were coming down under these winds. It’d be better I were home before our road could well be blocked.
Hating to waste the time I got into something I dislike even more. Office paper work taking care of bills, writing checks, addressing envelopes, licking postages, and suffering braving the sunny, breezy, elements to feed the mail box to keep our rural free deliveryman in his daily job. Speaking of the USPS I must have seen more than a dozen rural Jeep residential postal delivery trucks.
They seem to be more of them all around us lately as few and fewer mail carries are no longer driving their own cars. I’m supposing this is saving the USPS boo-co bunches of dollars. At one time the USPS used some Cushman haulster. They’d be an even more economical means of transportation with a couple simple modifications with a lift kit and bigger tired modifications for better getting around in winter snows. Personally I don’t see much advantage these new postal trucks will have for moving about in our winter snows. The one big difference built into these vehicles a difference in tread width between the front and rear wheels. This’ll result in the little light weight truck cutting two tracks through snows and muds. Thus look to a still lower priced three wheeled Cushman haulster’s making but three easier negotiable tracks through the same winter snows. There’ll be lower initial vehicle and operating costs saving the USPS still more dollars.
Now that I have managed to have managed to waste your time reading my drivel, I’ve got to think about laying it down. Supposedly nice tomorrow’s forecast I’ll likely be preparing equipment for our winter rye planting. Then I’ve got to manage some time for replacing some rotted off gate posts. The next projects will to soon be here. Good night.

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