Friday, October 29, 2010

It isn’t easy

Frieda had been up since 2:00 AM; then she napped all morning long after I had excused myself.
I spent my morning doing things around here with the help of the truckster. The bale wrapper has been winterized and put to bed for a winter‘s rest.
The truckster running well is still needing some more attention. It’s behavior is not to unlike a leaky Oliver. Argh! Seems I need to replace some “O”ring seals between the pushrod tubs and basic engine block. Not a difficult fix, but for the shop is tied up with another couple projects.
I spent the afternoon trying my best to replace a couple gate posts. What I had thought, I had some prearranged help with them, my helper must have gotten tied up somewhere else. I did what I could manage by myself doing a good job of tying up the loader-backhoe fastened to a gate to remove its gate post portion that had rotted off at ground level. Another gate post is as clean an area as the fist one ready for its below grade’s part to be dug up. The second gate post has already yielded me two pieces at least one more chunk to dig up.
This about the gist of my day, I’m sure to be in more trouble tomorrow when Bro’ finds out I had just purchased another truck today, a dumpy truck. Was cheap, cheap, cheap, off Craig’s list it needing a front brake caliber to put it back on the road. I want to use it to haul horse manure, lime from the sugar-beet mills, some crushed fine concrete to fill some driveway holes, some fill dirt to level out my lower driveway. When I’m done with it, I can either pass a bargain on to someone else in need or junk it for my money back. I’m easy to get along with.
Tomorrow’s another day already loaded with what wasn’t done today, plus the good news I must grind grain. Yeah! After I move grind machines out of barn I must put the silage baler way back in the barn to free it’s tractor so I may use it to move the loaded grain wagon what’s been stuck in the lower drive’s mud the last couple weeks up on higher drier ground before I may even think about the grind. I also need to back up the tractor to finish some gate posts.
It was fish for supper with raspberry shortcake for dessert. The shortcake was the best!

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