Thursday, October 14, 2010

More the same

What can I say. By what grace of any God should I get a break today. First words off the lip of Her Mostess’s number on need, “My mask roke last night. Wonderful just flipping wonderful! The near next additional first words coming out over Her Mostess’s missing tonsils were, “The refrigerator has quit working.” Crapola! Just what I needed. I had spent a wad on last night’s purchase another Cushman. This day I suddenly needed those funds for keeping my grub fresh and my beer cold. Balderdash! Her announcement liking needing a new mask, (…I’m thinking, “For breathing or Halloween?“…) The Refig’ shot for openers, Her Mostess’s next move she’s calling “H”care for a new mask. An appoinmtment is made for 1:30 PM, then compounding her need she’s making a doctor’s appointment. Now on top all this I been told I need grind grain TODAY!
Turning left out of driveway, I deliver her to Doc’s office where the to on them can cut up riding Her Mostess of her Horny moles. Shed of the Old Lady I head for the empty gravity box what’s supposedly in need of a new grind. Getting there I find if still has grain inside it. I ain’t moving it (dribbling rain both ways two miles up and down the road. I left it. Another left turn I’m headed for the near burb’s appliance rebuild were in I purchased a like new refrigerator for mere pennies on the dollar over a new one. That near settled all I need do is call the store for delivery once we make it home.
I’m cell called failing in a desertion attempt getting rid of the Old Lady. The mentioning of where from my next meal was coming from had me abandoning a dreamed no good idea for a more meaningful satisfying full belly. (sigh)
Frieda beside me, our headed cross country for a distance way all the way around Flint to approach “H”care from the SW we headed in the general direction of where we had to be at 1:30. Only I was going to take advantage another stop at Harbor Freight for wagon covering tarps and heavy rubber hold-downs. I also picked up a couple other trinkets for my tool box’s stored use. Time to be at H-care less than a block away we were taken care of my Frieda’s tricked out fixes all her C-pak machine needs. (I was still thinking Halloween. };^))__)
On arriving home I needed lunch. We ate and I commenced to clear old refrigerator out filling a two bushel tub with spoils making them garbage. I had just managed this part at about the same time the ne icebox arrived. I’m not looking forward to getting my hands into that tub’s mess tomorrow before the contents ripen.
My last act for the evening was taken Handy over to the crossroads for prescriptions and a few other grocery items. It felt goog retuning home for my evening’s all well and good. It was an hour past dark I had my super. What a day!

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