Sunday, October 24, 2010

10-24-2010 Rains continue

Called out early to air a tire so’s Raymond could get it home I missed breakfast. While I was out and about just happening be over at the Crossroads I gassed up Greene and hit the supermarket for milk, ice-cream, and some decadent plain old fashioned high caloried donuts. Them decadents were my brunch. Into the shop I thought about looking at the Cushman Haulster, only looked mind you, for I had a flat tire waiting for me on the shop apron. A somewhat tired jack to old to hold it’s end up I armed myself with a jack stand. The idea is these days once anything’s high enough, put a jack stand under it for safety causes first and foremost important to our continued stand up health. Lug bolts easily coming of the rim stayed rusted to the trailer’s hub. I tried taking if with a sledge. Ha, it didn’t move. I tried it again a number of time, even to oiling it under rust busting penetrants. All to no avail. Along came Bro’ bringing out a short short-hydraulic-jack. We fooled with it along with some blocking. Failure to work I bowed out for a few moments to retrieve Barry as he had volunteered to give me a hand. Darned if I didn’t pass him with Tom already on their way. Back at the shop tom went into assisting Bro’ with the stubborn wheel. Barry and I grabbed a couple shovels. A corner of the feed room where a ground hog had pilled some subterranean sands around and about some barrels was going to be a real chore cleaning up as there was mixed in papers (litter) and halters, tools, water and feed bowls. I stayed with him for a while eventually leaving him doing what he could do better than I. My back at the shop the flat tire and rim laid on the shop’s floor. The air already let out I had to move a heavy 1850 Ollie up on Bro’s garage apron for a weight. Using a handyman jack I broke that tire down. Removing the chain link was only one problem while blowing away the tires dirt a screw was also found. Whoopee! It took awhile but I got the tire plugged and patched simultaneous both holes. That is one hard luck tire. The only tire on the whole trailer to go flat and it’s already a three time patched upper.
I sneakily managed to have made the haulster partially air-born today so I could get under it to clean both sparkplugs. How it happen is beyond me. I got caught up a last minute round up for a few select head to go here and there about the farms. I about the time I was read y to call it enough for a wanted to load and bring in more fire wood into my house. About then
I was delegated to fix the hot wires inside the bull pens.
Hunger overtaking all my senses, Greene loaded and backed up to the deck with a last chance tarp on the load for should I fail to carry it all in.
Writing things helps me remember them even if the scribblings misses the paper. Take for instance I need to go the library and see what can be had for how to take ‘98 truck door apart. The inside plastic door handle having broken I’ll make it a HM steel replacement to last.
Oh Lawd, I must be made of the right stuff. After supper I got up walked to door forcing my back to straighten along the way. Rain forecast for tonight I wanted be bring in as much of that loaded firewood off of Greene’s back as I could or right uo until I’d had enough. Would I believe it? I had brought it all in. The foyer’s wood space is half or over fire wood filled for the inevitable cooler weather a coming.

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Donna said...

After the year we've had, I thought I'd never say it. But WE NEED RAIN!