Saturday, October 16, 2010

I didn’t finish nothin’

‘Twas a beautiful day all day to day, although it couldn’t make up its mine whether it were marginally warm or cold. Managed to bring shelled corn load home without incident. Tried making Cushman go, to no avail. My timing remains to be right on. Found two fuel problems. One a leaky gasoline line perhaps sucking air instead of gas. Also found fuel perhaps to low having used what was in the tank on so many false starts. Engine failing to fire although spark is plenty hot. When I broke for lunch I slipped over to Ottsville for a couple new dry sparkplugs to play with tomorrow. My thought is, “Tomorrow will be the charm.” During an extra long dinner break I took advantage the ladies being a half mile and more from home. I threaded another bale feeder ring out of the holding pen into the barn’s backside barnyard. I spirited away the ring I’d been sing for a welded repair later this week. I fed them gals another bale hay and transported two more sitting them in the barn’s front barnyard for emergency feeding under shorthanded conditions.
{Now, here’s where a rub comes in. should I falter or fail to make my appointed rounds, your can bet your sweet bibpity some kind hearted volunteer (including Bro’) will take away and feed my
I used most of my day cleaning the 1014 mower-conditioner and 554 hay baler. What had happened, in bringing the loaded gravity wagon home Greene couldn’t manage the lower drive, the whole rig becoming stuck in my Shorthorn country mud. The hitch pin pulled I at least had wheels. My mind’s thought was I take 4010 JD to shop, clean MC and park it for the winter to free the JD. What the heck, might just as well clean off the 554 baler so I can take it along for it’s lower barn inside winter storage. The afternoon’s hours near slipped by unnoticed, right up until I hit my wall along about 5:00 0’clock. Having to figure my moves it was time to tidy things up for the evening. All what had started today will still be right where I had left it come another morning’s sunrise.
Worst part of my day? Slipping inside Greene, ignition turned, I got hit with a double barreled headache. A-bought roughly four minutes drive I’d be home able to hit my Tylenol bottle. In retrospect, it was a good day. I made a couple headways. And celebrated a couple disappointments. Yup, a one fine day!

PS: What I see through my windshield traversing up and down my two miles between farms.
A picture driving east.
North side my gravel road quarter mile west my home.
Driving north, half way between elevator behind me intersection, my road just ahead.
Some the scenery across the fields from our backyard.
So much color to have to put up with day after day for a couple/three weeks. A squaw winter with one good rain and snow mix leaned on by some spirited winds and it’d all be gone.
This has been another passing Fall day in Shorthorn country. Hope you’ve enjoyed the short tour.

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