Sunday, October 10, 2010

a Pretty colorful day

Basic plan is my going a field today, man and machine, I’ll again get to watch the supple change in the fall colors. Another hay field opened with eight rounds a couple days ago, Barry raked yesterday, I get to bale it today. Once the hauling and wrapping is handed over to Bro’ I’ll be back to mowing about half or all what’s left.
No holding back, I get busy, I can slip in a couple hours buggy fixing time. {morning written}
{evening written}
Well, my intentions were honest enough. I did some of what I thought I had planned. I balled hay alright, eight rounds on that 20acre field and couldn’t make two bales. Enough is enough, that field isn’t worth the effort. Our haying for this season has come to an end. Quitting while I was ahead one bale, I took the baler back to the shop for cleaning before putting down in the barn. Two more trips the mower and hay rake will be somewhere at home.
Back to the shop I once more approached the Cushman managing to refit it’s old pipes and mufflers down under it as they had been originally made some ten years ago. Making headway I tried setting the timing, even as to using the suggested continuity light. I couldn’t make it work. Bro’ rolling by I asked him his help. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I showed him the text in the old Cushman manual. Read, he talked me through it. So simple the engine was timed my not knowinghe instant it had happened it. Son-of-a-gun! I didn’t even have a chance to bolt the darn distributor down, a cell call coming in. There was a fence problem up the road to home.
And was there ever. An over exuberant deer deep into the rutting season had caught the fence on a miscued jump and wiped out an eighth mile of wire, two posts, and three insulators. As badly entangled the wire I managed to untangle it’s length reusing it to mark the ladies boundary.
When I had finished the fence repair I called it my day as done as I was with it. There wasn’t time to really fill with any more adventure. Oh wait, I hadn’t checked on what’s for supper. “Rainbows.”

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Paula said...

Rainbows? I know what rainbows are but for supper? Sounds like that deer did some damage to the fence.